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HSSW 304/504 Explanation on Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act Assignment 1 Answer

HSSW 304/504 Assignment 1

Weight: 20%

Must Complete: Yes

Word Length: 500 words

Notes: Written assessment

Look at the Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 (NSW).

1. Examine Section 8 of the Act and, in your own words, briefly explain the aim of the Act

2. Examine Section 9 of the Act and, in your own words, explain the over all aim of these principles. 

3. Examine the principle in subsection 9 (2) (c) and explain how  it is informed by UN Convention on the Rights of The Child.


Children and Young Persons Act 1998(NSW) is aimed to the young person and the children for the protection and care that is important for their safety, well-being and safety by considering their power, right and duties of the different person such as parents who are responsible for them.
This act also ensures that every institute, facilities or the services that are responsible for protecting and caring young person and children provide an environment that is violence free and foster development needs, health, dignity, spirituality as well as self-respect ( Alderson & Morrow, 2020).
The other aim of this act is to secure appropriate assistance for parents and other persons who are responsible for taking care of children and the young person so that they can promote nurturing as well as the safe environment ( Alderson & Morrow, 2020).
The aim of the principles in Section 9 of the ACT is to develop necessary action or taking necessary decision to offer wellbeing, protection, safety and health to the young generation and children
The other aim of principle is offering an opportunity to the young person and child to express their idea if they develop it regarding their welfare (Dworsky, 2015). This is because, it must be considered as the capacity of development among children and young.
Aim of other principle is considering the disability, culture, religion, language, along with the gender of young and the children during taking decision or action for them. If it is relevant then it is also important in considering the parental responsibility of the target people (young person and children) ( Graham et al. 2015).
Protecting target people from any kind of harm is the aim of principle. Moreover, arranging development opportunity for target people is other aim. 
Principle that is mentioned in Section 9 is aimed to offer protection to target people who are deprived in their social environment. This principle offers protection to those children who are not allowed to live in environment where they wanted to live. This act offers special care to that young person and children who are deprived.
This act ensures an effective and close relationship among the young people or child with the person that takes care of them.
UN Convention of the Rights of the Child informs Principle 2 (c) by….
As per the article 9 2(c), action or decision that are made under the act by following administration and legal process affect the young people or children. During taking this action, concerned people must consider the religion, disability, culture or sexuality. UN convention on the rights of the children satisfies the article (Hallett, 2016). This is because; this principle is associated to consider every child or young person from every language, religion, culture or sexuality for wellbeing, protection as well as health. The convention of right of children helps to transform the living of children around the world so that they can enjoy their childhood without any issues. Now, this principle perfectly supports this treaty so that it can be said that it is informed by the right of children.
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