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HI6005 Managing Organisations in a Global Environment: Tutorial Question Assignment 2 Answer

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
T1 2020
Unit Code
Unit Title
Managing Organisations in a Global Environment
Assessment Type
Individual Assignment
This is strictly required to be your own original work. Plagiarism will be penalised. Students are required to apply the theories and knowledge derived from the unit materials, demonstrate critical analysis and provide a considered and comprehensive evaluation.
Assessment Title
Tutorial Question Assignment 2
Purpose of
the assessment and linkage to ULO.
Student is required to answer 5 questions from the pre-recorded tutorial questions every week from Week 7 to Week 11.
The following Unit Learning Outcomes is applicable to this assessment:
-Analyse complex problems relating to Management and Organisations

and their impact on the business.

-Comprehend how businesses benefit from understanding the role of

Management in organisations.

-Synthesise theoretical and practical knowledge of management of global

organisations, develop an in-depth understanding of the theories and

practical knowledge necessary for managers to formulate appropriate

Total Marks
50 Marks
Word limit
The word limited is 300 words for each question.
Submission Guidelines
  • All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Pa

  • The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbe

  • Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list, all using Harvard referencing style

Assignment Specifications


This individual assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of Organisational Behaviour in a Global context.


Answer All FIVE (5) of the following questions. The questions come from the pre-recorded tutorial questions from Week 7 to Week 11.

1. From Week 7 Pre Recorded Case Study (10 marks)

  1. Describe rational decision making. (4 marks)
  2. Cite 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against rebuilding Greensburg as a “green town.” (6 marks)

2. From week 8 Pre Recorded Case Study (10 marks)

  1. What is horizontal communication? (6 marks)
  2. How is the horizontal form of communication more prominent in Intermountain Healthcare? (4 marks)

3. From Week 9 Pre Recorded Case Study (10 marks)

  1. Where does Hewitt’s leadership fall on the Managerial Grid discussed in the chapter? (5 marks)
  2. What deficiencies or shortcomings would you identify in Hewitt’s leadership? (5 marks)

4. From Week 10 Pre Recorded Case Study (10 marks)

  1. Based on this case study, what issues with China-based suppliers require Numi’s managers to use influence and persuasion tactics? (4 marks)
  2. How does Numi get suppliers to comply with its policies? (6 marks)

5. From Week 11 Pre Recorded Case Study (10 marks)

  1. Does Honest Tea have more of an organic or mechanistic structure? (4 marks)
  2. How can you tell (Justify)? (6 marks)


Managing Organisations in a Global Environment

1. A case study from week 7 

A. Rational decision-making can be defined as the process of interpreting data logically and objectively. It can be argued that subjectivity and intuition play a significant role in interpreting data in regard to rational decision-making. However, the major factor is that a person needs to have good logical skills to solve a problem and achieve a goal. Rational decision-making plays a crucial role in the digital marketing industry nowadays (Chi, 2020). Some most effective ways need to be considered before solving a problem in rational decision making. The processes are first defining the problem. Then brainstorm to find out the utmost suitable solution to the problem. After that, set a benchmark to ascertain the pass or failure regarding the problem. Thereafter choose the best solution and test it in order to analyze the results. Lastly, implement the solution to meet with the goal.

B. Reasons against and in favour of rebuilding Greensburg as Green Town:

3 reasons in favour of the decision:

● The city of Greensburg can be used by people as a role model of suitability as the approach of the leader is to transform the entire city into an energy-efficient town.

● Apart from that, it is a real opportunity for people who want to live in a sustainable environment. New energy-efficient houses, power generation plants can open a new direction of operation for people. 

● Alongside this, the community was developed entirely in a new form that overcomes the hazardous impact of EF 5 tornado that destroyed the entire town overnight (Referred to City of Greensburg, Kansas: Leadership case study). 

3 reasons against the decision: 

● The local community has its own traditions that are blown away due to the decision to rebuild the town.

● Multiple people left the town and also various people left their job posts due to the decision to rebuild Greensburg as a Green Town.

● Moreover, it can be stated that people need to depend on the outer resources for living their life in Greensburg as the cost of living increased respectively to the decision. 

2. A case study from week 8 

A. Horizontal communication

Horizontal communication within an organization takes place when the information and data about a subject matter spread from a person to another person situated within the same level of a hierarchical structure (Bhasin, 2020). Horizontal communication is one of the most effective types of communication that can seamlessly flow information from person to person. Also, encoding and decoding of messages have become very easy with the help of horizontal communication. An organization can easily spread information amongst the employees without any sort of burdens. However, it can be argued that an information flow takes place in the same direction in the case of horizontal communication. As an example, a message spreads from one manager to another manager of different departments. It is a very effective communication way through which an organization can meet with a common goal. However, this informal type of communication has the chance of more chaos as compared to vertical communication. It can be stated that most of the time oral communication method is considered in regards to horizontal communication.

B. The prominence of horizontal communication in Intermountain healthcare

The horizontal communication is very prominent in the Intermountain healthcare because of the following reasons,

● Intermountain healthcare is very transparent amongst its employees. The authorities of the organization easily update information quickly as well as it keeps the employees of the organization informed every time (Referred to Intermountain Healthcare case study). 

● This method of communication helps the authorities a lot in informing every staff within a short timeline as the life and death of a person crucially depends on the information sharing among the departments of the organization.

3. A case study from week 9

A. Hewitt's leadership fall in the middle of the work leadership style as he took over the project in order to rescue the Greensburg town from the hazardous impact of the EF5 tornado that destroyed the entire town overnight. Therefore, it can be asserted that the leadership approach of Hewitt fell in the middle level as he was concerned about his actions regarding the project. On the other hand, concern about the aspects need to be rebuilt the city as Green town (Referred to City of Greensburg, Kansas: Leadership case study). Apart from that, it can be argued that Hewitt's leadership approach is very realistic as he tried hard to create a balance between his work and people's concern about the city. Moreover, the satisfaction of other employees and teammates linked with the task that depended on Hewitt's approach of leadership.

B. Shortcomings in Hewitt's leadership

The visionary approach of Hewitt regarding his job is appreciable. However, employee satisfaction level also depends on his leadership approach, which is not appropriately fulfilled by Hewitt due to which it can state that it is the major shortcomings in the leadership approach of Hewitt. The city workers gave Hewitt full marks regarding his leadership approach as within a short time, Hewitt went to his work in order to devise a plan that can help him to rescue people from the adverse effects of an EF5 tornado. However, he was a cold-blooded athlete who was not concerned about the emotions of his employees, along with the other people, lives in the city. Moreover, another crucial deficiency found in the leadership approach of Hewitt is not considering people's perception before making any sort of decision related to the project work. Also few times, a major problem is figured out in the leadership approach of Hewitt that he was frustrated when people did not agree to him as well as when local people of the region were unable to see his vision regarding the project. 

4. A case study from week 10

A. Suppliers' cost and wages need to be influenced by Numi in order to comply with their perspectives with the policies of Numi. Numi is a triple bottom line company, which represents that the authorities of the company concern about its profit, people and the environment as well. The China-based suppliers Numi worked with the largest customers of them by Numi itself (Refereed to Numi Organic Tea: Value Chain, IT, and E-Business case study). Therefore, it can be argued that Numi needs to put more money into the operations of its suppliers in order to overcome the issues. Better factory and employees can help both Numi and its suppliers to assess a massive customer base. Three major aspects about which Numi is concerned are the product packaging, waste management and treatment to the workers of the supplier. Although, the managers of the supply chain need to know that Numi is not trying to change their culture at all. These aforementioned issues with the China-based suppliers required to be influenced by Numi's manager. 

B. The managers of Numi need to urge to its suppliers about their concern about environmental sustainability and social wellbeing of the farmers. Therefore, by increasing wages of labours Numi and its suppliers can efficiently increase the number of products that help the organization to generate more revenue from the business. Apart from that, the manager of Numi should urge the products' packaging and quality of products in order to increase the sales volume. Numi is not just concerned about its profitability. Also, the organization is concerned about people who work for them, an environment in which the company operates.  

5. A case study from week 11

A. Honest tea is one of the most renowned organic tea companies that are in Bethesda, Maryland. The parent company of Honest Tea is the coca-cola company (Referred to Honest Tea: Organizational Structure case study). Honest tea achieved success through the business in the highly competitive market due to fair trade policies and the quality of products. The approach of the organization is a continual improvement that can bring success to the company by adopting the change in market trends. Thus, the flexibility present with the organization cans easily help the organization to get more organic structure. As organic structure can be defined as the structure which is flexible and allow adopting changes significantly. Along with that, communication amongst the mangers is very easy due to having flexibility in the organization.  

B. The flexibility present within Honest Tea Company is very significant about the change management. In the case of organic structure, decentralized decision making takes place within an organization (Leonard, 2018). Apart from that, the management has just a few layers which help a company to work flawlessly and also the business function seamlessly as Honest Tea flexible and concern about change management. Thus, it can be stated that the company can easily achieve a more significant organic structure rather than a mechanistic structure. In the case of mechanistic structure, decision making takes place within an organization in a more centralized way as compared to the organic structure (Study, 2020). Also, the TEO and the co-founder of Honest Tea concern about the innovation that can help the organization to adopt marketing changes. From the beginning of the business, Honest Tea's authorities willing to produce the product differently by having a symbiotic relationship with others. Apart from that, the authorities of the company discuss any factors such as distribution strategy to managers in order to adapt the changes and also to sustain the growth. This approach of the co-founder represents the ability of Honest Tea to get more organic structure.

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