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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise Tutorial Questions Answers

Assessment Task  Tutorial Questions

Unit Code: HI5019

Unit Name: Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise

Assignment: Tutorial Questions

Weighting: 50%

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this uni

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.:

  1. Critically evaluate the purpose and role of accounting information systems in today’s business environment.
  2. Articulate the various transaction cycles, financial reporting, management reporting systems and e-commerce systems to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  3. Evaluate systems development methodologies and the role of accountants in system development projects.
  4. Appraise the risks inherent in computer-based systems/ERP, including the role of ethics and the various internal control processes that need to be in place.
  5. Critically evaluate the range of cultural, security, privacy and ethical issues facing individuals and organizations as a result of information systems.

Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of difficulty. The tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder, for each week, on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills, and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial question for weeks 1 to 11 inclusive and submit these answers in a single document.

The questions to be answered are:

Question 1:  [Words Limit: Up to 400 words.]

  1. Internal controls play an important role in reducing the risks of fraudulent activities in any organization. Further, advanced technology helps accountants in reducing fraud. Explain how an advanced technology transaction processing system reduces fraudulent activities from any organizing.[4 Marks. Words Limit: Up to 200 words]
  2. Refer to the given system flowchart, and we have discussed the control weakness and the risk associated with these control weaknesses. Based on these control weaknesses and the associated risk, what types of frauds are possible in this business environment.system flowchart

[3 Marks. Word Limit: Up to 200 words]

Question 2: [Words Limit: Up to 400 words.]

The flowchart below illustrates two alternative inventory ordering methods. Answer part 1 to 3 based on this flowchart.inventory ordering methods


  1. Some organizations prefer using alternative two. What are the advantages of using alternative two instead of the alternative one? Be specific. [2 Marks]
  2. What is the difference between purchase requisition and purchase order? [2 Marks]
  3. Under what circumstances can you envision management using alternative one rather than alternative two? [3 Marks]
  4. Some accountants argue that the receiving department should be eliminated. Discuss the objective of eliminating the receiving function. What accounting/audit problems need to be resolved. [4 Marks]

Question 3: [Words Limit: Up to 300 words.]

HARDA Limited employs 650 workers in ten different departments. These workers work in various capacities, including the manufacturing workers, technician, and janitorial workers. Each department has a supervisor who is responsible for supervising departmental activities. In addition to supervising operations, the supervisors of the departments are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and firing workers within their areas of responsibility. The organization attracts casual labour and experiences a 20 to 30 per cent turnover rate in employees per year.

Employees clock on and off the job each day to record their attendance on time cards. Each department has its clock machine located in an unattended room away from the main production area. Each week, the supervisors gather the time cards, review them for accuracy, and sign and submit them to the payroll department for processing. Besides, the supervisors submit personnel action forms to reflect newly hired and terminated employees. From these documents, the payroll department signs the paychecks, which are drawn on the general cash account, and sends them to the department supervisors for distribution to the employees. A payroll register is sent to the cash disbursements department where it is filed.


  1. Discuss the risks for payroll fraud in the HARDA Limited payroll system. [3 Marks]
  2. What controls would you implement to reduce the risks? [4 Marks]

Question 4:  [Words Limit: Up to 300 words.]

Marketing system provides some useful insights regarding the sales order. Different departments use this information. For instance, the production process uses this information to forecast the expected sale for next month. The production clerk uses this to create an online production schedule. From this schedule, the system automatically prepares weekly online work orders to be used by the production department.

The production supervisor assesses the work orders from his terminal and prepares the necessary paper-based move tickets and materials requisitions. Then, the move tickets and two copies of 


Question 1

a) Transaction processing system is regarded as collection of information that focuses on processing of data transaction in system called database for monitoring all programs (Berente and et. al., 2019) . Such system is important for business as it divided work on basis of individual and operators called transactions. This is used by all business over internet to make simplicity and effectiveness in their work. It includes managing sales entry, airline reservations, manufacturing, employee’s records, shipping and others. It mainly collects, modifies, stores and retrieves data transactions of business. Internal control is important for firm as it reduces risks of activities that are fraudulent in nature. The adoptions of an advanced technology lead to decline in fraud. Here, transaction processing system reduces fraudulent activities in following ways:

  • In advanced technology, excess control is required for modification and alteration of record and data.
  • All types of data and information are recorded for making easiness in enterprise and leads towards success and growth.
  • The system possesses inbuilt backup system of recovery to be implemented at software.  

b) Business activities and operations are running at competitive market which carries weaknesses and frauds that impact them (Du and et. al., 2019). Here, these frauds incurred due to several reasons and leads towards negative impact to enterprise. The different types of frauds happening at business environment are as follows:

Payroll Fraud- The payroll fraud is in terms of sales and productivity or hours worked for higher pay. This affects small businesses as they possess anti fraud systems as well as measures. 

Invoice Fraud Schemes- Such fraud happens when fraudster creates fake or false invoices in order to steal money from enterprise. This is made for invoice to product and services which were never taught, creating fake supplier and so on. 

Tax Fraud- It is defined as fraud which happens when individual or company earning and expenses of business due to misreported to IRS in order to take advantage of low tax as well as special assumptions. 

Money Fraud- It is type of fraud where customers are using fake bills in order to make real purchase. If it is not checked regularly then they are not noticed by enterprise. 

Question 2

1) The alternative two is used over alternative one due to following reasons:

  • It is simple and easy to use and apply (Dwipriyoko, Bon and Sukono, 2019).
  • There are few procedure in alternative two in purchase department.
  • Alternative two helps in saving time and cost of individual due to avoidance of extra documentations.
  • Data processing department has all documents that has mentioned in alternative one purchase department to make work easy. 
  • In addition to this, the presented diagram shows that all documentation are performed in alternative two by following of all records and documents. 

2) This is essential to identify about difference among purchase requisition as well as purchase order. They are as follows:

Basis of Differences
Purchase Requisition (PR)
Purchase Order (PO)
This is defined as document in that one department is asking other for product and services buying (Hung and et. al., 2020).
This is made after requisition and is used to purchase products or service from outside. 
Document type
It is internal document
It is external document 
PR has purpose to provide permission for purchasing of products or services. 
PO has purpose to make confirmation of an order.
Receiver is purchasing department 
Receiver is vendor

3) The different circumstances under which envision management are using alternative one rather than alternative two. They are as follows:

  • The performing of long procedure and documentation leads to provide accurate results and leads towards success and growth.
  • There are different documentation performed under alternative one that work as evidence in future and make business successful (Hunter, 2020).
  • Alternative two is working in short cut manner and may have chances to incurred issues as many documents are not performed in purchase department. 
  • Envision management provide benefits in terms of different aspects and lead towards success and growth. 

4) The main objectives of eliminating receiving function are as follows:

  • This helps in reducing number of suppliers for preparing other stages.
  • Training supplier’s delivery products directly to production line of business. 
  • Providing efficiency to make high quality and effective production.
  • This deals in adding costs for business as well as triggering lags of production.

The various accounting or audit problems that need to be resolved are as follows:

  • Making proper financial statement and recording of data and information for business
  • Provide relevant and accurate information to auditors. 
  • Recording of all transactions, information and data to maintain future evidence.

Question 3

a) HARDA Limited has supervisor department to work for recruitment, firing and hiring of employees of multiple locations (Ibrahim and Abou Naem, 2019). Respective department is varies from one other due to nature and working policy. The employees have to follow system of clock on as well as off job for every day so that all attendance record is maintained on basis of time cards. Such division need to maintain clock machine as located away from areas of production. Each week, this is essential for superior to gather cards for reviewing attendance of their employees for payroll. They need to ensure about accuracy of staff for payroll department. Different frauds are time taking for employees to make attendance due to away from production areas. This record is provided to authority and in case of any issues or lack of working hours leads to cut their salary. 

b) It is significant for HARDA Limited to implement control to reduce risks. This consists of electronic attendance system for saving of time for reaching areas of production to make attendance (Kitsios and Kamariotou, 2019). In this context, implemented controls include launching of app that should be online and offline where they could make attendance at entrance gate. These all aspects lead to decline or avoid fraud and accomplish desired goal and objectives. In addition to this, finger system should be used by respective organisation so that other person could not make attendance of others.

Question 4

The different types of risks related with following business processes of manufacturing company are mentioned below:

Types of Risks
Supply chain
  • Evaluating practices of lean manufacturing
  • There should be use of leverage technologies for cost reduction to lead productivity and profitability (Kitsios and Kamariotou, 2019).
  • Assessment of all types of working capital and level of inventory

Logistics as well as transportations
  • Inventory management
  • Assessment of cost, time and resources
  • Measuring transportation in emergency situation
  • Monitoring of all types of returns as well as warranties
  • Re-negotiation of vendors for making contracts

Regulatory, trade and policy
  • Protecting intellectual property in terms of trademark, copyright and others.
  • Preparing policy for climatic change
  • Understanding impact of trade and tariffs
  • Review of control for grabbing opportunity

  • Evaluating exposure of debt at international level
  • Hedging of commodities as well as currencies
  • Delay to record transaction of enterprise
  • Assessing both traditional and non-traditional leaders
  • Considering policy of interest as well as interest rate.

Question 5

The CEO of organisation is David Savage who has planned for implementation of ERP at their workplace (Komarova and et. al., 2019). As a CIO of organisation, it is essential for determination of risk and issues connected with consultants. It is important for me to understand about consultants who are the individuals focus on providing of expert opinions and advices for success and growth along with implementing and developing new ideas for enterprise. The business environment is competitive in nature due to organisation need to make better decision by taking expert advices and gain success and growth. The CEO of enterprise has decided to adopt ERP system for providing better consultants advices for review in terms of knowing advantages, disadvantages, objectives, importance and many more. During the time of consultant’s selection, experts should be required in particular areas for better advices and accomplish desired goal and objectives. Moreover, different risks related with consultants are in terms of lack of knowledge, may provide irrelevant information and many more. Also they provide that information that are not relevant to enterprise and failure may arise. The procedure should be used as guide to select consultant are as follows:

  • To provide equal opportunity to all candidate for high results.
  • Consultant leads to rise in identification of probability and choosing right candidates
  • It is important to check past record of consultants whether they are relevant to business or not (Qu and et. al., 2019).
  • Consultants should be experts in specified areas for taking of correct and accurate advices.
  • For consultants, they should be transparent to reduce criticism in terms of nepotism, corruption and favouritism. 

Therefore, it is significant for David Savage to determine all types of risks related with consultants. This helps in identifying to guide for selection of consultant for enterprise to gain high results. 

Question 6 

a) It is important for business to understand about TELOS as it provides guidance to access feasibility of project work. They are mentioned below:

Technical Feasibility- This involves about evaluation of software, hardware and other type of technical requirements of particular system in most effective manner (Sabherwal and et. al., 2019). While preparing report, it is important for enterprise to analyse about all aspects of feasibility and accomplished desired outcomes. 

Economic Feasibility- This is type of cost benefit analysis in order to examined project work that assesses to implement project work. The report should be feasible enough to understand about economic aspects in terms of earning high profits in given time period. 

Legal Feasibility- This is defined as investigations in which project aspects should be identified with legal requirements in terms of data protection acts, employment laws and many more. 

Operational Feasibility- It is defined as measurement of solving issues and problems through new proposed system (Shao, 2019). This helps in grabbing opportunities as well as fulfilment of requirements as identified with help of developing project. This is important for business to operate all activities and operations in better way. 

Schedules Feasibility- This is defined as probability of project which should be completed within given deadline and gain high probability to be raised through completed on given time period. 

It is important for business to understand about cost benefits for economic feasibility as it is process which is applied to take benefits to make decisions and minimize cost for action plan in prompt way (Steininger, 2019)

b) Accountant is responsible for process of software development lifecycle (Winter and Aier, 2020). They are known as experts and design data process for making frequent system and develop better outcomes. They need to move forward for identifying all data and information to implement strategy to solve issues.

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