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HI5014 An Analysis Upon The Coca-Cola Case Study: Tutorial Questions Assignment 1 Answer

Assessment Task  Tutorial Questions

Unit Code: HI5014

Unit Name: International Business Across Borders

Assignment: Tutorial Questions Assignment 1 

Weighting: 25%

Marks: 50

Words Limit: Up to 2000 words.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit

Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of pre-recorded tutorial questions for weeks 2 to 6 inclusive and submit these answers via the submission link in Blackboard site (HI5014: Menu Item Assessments) in a single word document.

The questions to be answered are

Week 2:

Read the case “Appendix_Week_2T_Case_1C_Coca-Cola_Dives_into_Africa”, and answer question 2.2.

Question 2.2. What are the challenges that Coca-Cola is likely to face to grow its business in Africa?

Week 3:

Question 3.3. Assume you work for a Norwegian company exporting a container of salmon to Azerbaijan or Haiti. The customs official informs you that there is a delay in clearing your container through customs, and it may last a month. However, if you are willing to pay an “expediting fee” of €200, he will try to make it happen in one day. What are you going to do?(10 marks)

Week 4:

Question 4.3. You are the PR officer of a major MNE in the chemicals industry. The national press in your home country alleges that your company is covering up an environmental disaster caused by your subsidiary in India, in which several people died. How do you react?(10 Marks)

Week 5:Read the closing case “Appendix_Week_5T_Case_6C_Politics_and_FDI_in_Argentina”, and answer question 5.3.

Question 5.3. Some trade unions fear that the free movement of people depresses wages of ordinary workers because immigrants from other European countries are willing to work for lower wages. Should the free movement of people thus be restricted for some countries, or for certain time periods?

Week 6:

Question Number 6.2. You are an IMF official going to a country whose export earnings are not able to pay for imports. The government has requested a loan from the IMF. Which areas would you recommend the government to cut: (1) education, (2) salaries for officials, (3) food subsidies, and/or (4) tax rebates for exporters?


An analysis upon the Coca-Cola case study

Week 2:

Question 2.2: The challenges that Coca-Cola is likely to face to grow its business in Africa?

In Africa there are a number of rural areas which are not fully developed, there are many paths and village areas where the reach is not possible for which manual transportation of the orders is also expected but in the long run it might not be possible for the company because if the transportation activity is considered within the long run then it is going to incur huge cost. Besides, the confirmation of poverty a reality at the rear of the horrendous infrastructural enchantment in sure segments of the terrain renders a couple of segments inaccessible and along these lines preventing the association's reasonability (, 2020). Regardless, paying little mined to the impressive extension commitments by utilizing the association, there are a couple of issues about the serviceable framework blames that may likewise lessen the association's key expect to show up at each territory of intrigue and niche of the terrain. The quintessential issue turns round the correct channels of scattering and political strength. The fanciful examples in the African universal areas have a full-size check to the degree that economical political power is a concern. The African financial framework is covered a more prominent relationship of duty structures. "Coca-Cola" business undertaking faces an assortment of trouble with acknowledge the sugar cost perspective, which is exorbitant in Africa. The "Coca-Cola" The organization has proposed a 20% assessment on candy drinks that will is requested with impact from 1 April 2017 (, 2020). The danger of contention can if in all honesty render the undertaking an abuse of effects needs to something vindictive show up in the wake of the hypothesis. This can basically upset the reasonability of the association's assignments. The association faces assessment from exceptional corners of the territory, which sincerely should degenerate its title and affect its arrangement that may moreover propose lost the theory (Cheptegei et al., 2016). This enchantment ought to have a multifold influence, no longer for all intents and purposes on Coca-Cola's amount offers and future improvement plans in South Africa, however in addition on the country's customary venture condition. Also, the way that the business stood up to a magnificent arrangement of assessment of having brought to the several instances of chubbiness in America, the measurements have notwithstanding an uncertainty unfurl in all spots during the world and a couple of people should pull again their use of the Coca-Cola objects provoking a reduction in bargains. Coca-Cola objects are an alternatively accessible usage and people are tanked them out of their own volitions. The assessment deferred by method of the African colleagues of depleting substance water, extravagant and normally unfriendly refrigeration, and hurting near to soft drink contenders is certainly not, at this point an official case (, 2017). The Coca-Cola ice chests are earth warm and regularly are a humble and immediately reachable proposal for all outlets and wholesalers. Likewise, the opposition is a basic exercise in any promoting situation and makes a recommendation to the client of more prominent invaluable, step by step strong, and trust-honorable things.

Week 3:

Question 3.3. Assume you work for a Norwegian company exporting a container of salmon to Azerbaijan or Haiti. The customs official informs you that there is a delay in clearing your container through customs, and it may last a month. However, if you are willing to pay an “expediting fee” of €200, he will try to make it happen in one day. What are you going to do?

For major proportions of the companies their net profits relies upon the total amount of sales volume that is achieved. In case of any such delay in respect of the product delivery within the course of the route with the fulfillment of the objective to reach their desired market it may affect the company financially. Thus, paying an “expediting fee” of €200 will a good strategy to reduce the waiting time, and it will be in the best interest of the “Norwegian” company. As a business official the concentration and focus should only upon the marketing objectives of the firm, the primary aims is to attain the required commodities safely and within the specific time frame as within the business context time matter massively ( 2016). The core value should be maintained at the first most place. Controlling thoughts mentor customers and practicable clients about what the partnership is about and give a clarification to the persona of the association. Especially in this genuine world, having a ton of express basic convictions that tackle the more extensive people is really a higher hand. Fundamental convictions are what reinforce the vision, structure the lifestyle, and mirror what the office regards (Muli, N.D., 2019). They are the exemplification of the association's character the principles, feelings, or thinking of characteristics. Various organizations center for the most stage round the specific abilities however normally disregard what are the basic capacities that make their gatherings run without issues essential convictions. Basic convictions help organizations in unique techniques. For example, in the competition that one of your principal convictions is to remain in the rear of the idea of your things, any contraptions done showing up at the tasteful favored are normally cleared out.

Week 4:

Question 4.3. You are the PR officer of a major MNE in the chemicals industry. The national press in your home country alleges that your company is covering up an environmental disaster caused by your subsidiary in India, in which several people died. How do you react? 

As a PR an understanding exists that it is about the name, fame, goodwill and about the reputation of the firm. There is a need to evolve with the time in order to understand the manner in which the society changes and also an individual is required to be update in regard to the various statements that takes place within the society. However, as a PR the primary role is to take care of the company norms which means that any issues arising out of the company’s activities are to be dealt with within the first most priority (, 2020). The reality is to be brought so that it does not goes on hampering the name and reputation of the firm. Besides, media plays a very vital role in influencing the mind of the consumer market. The fundamental factor any PR personnel is to handle in a crisis and to review the specifications and give bespoke appeal on what the producer should do to stay close-lipped regarding the issue. To gracefully the correct bearing, PR pros need to analyse the premise of the association, the nature of the present fiasco, and the enveloping setting, with the point that they can give a piece by utilizing bit control on managing the event. For instance, a PR expert can likewise illuminate a real which swarms they have to handle first when making an open assertion, which phrases they should go without using, and how they should think about on consideration getting their message out to the ideal people (, 2017). After trouble opens up to the world, and advertising authority will start working extra "responsively". This infers they respond to what's happening in the media and give reliably boost preparing on the most instructed procedure to manage the condition. For instance, they may likewise draft support substances and clarifications in the pastime of the buyer with the reason that the office is sorted out to answer any requests conveyed through appropriations or writers related to the business. Of course, a PR master may moreover hope to control overcoming clarifications for the business endeavour totally, while at the equivalent time holding social occasions and meetings with the correct press to confirm that the organization tumbles off in the absolute best light. At the equivalent time, a PR handle overseeing crisis the officials will give encounters on how a producer can keep up the endurance of its customers, financial specialists, and theorists (, 2020). After the basic crisis has gone, there will even now be a huge amount of cleaning up to do sooner than an organization can recover its exceptional reputation. This is the spot a showcasing undertaking will begin to make intends to recuperate the harm that used to be finished all through the fiasco. For instance, they may likewise make a relationship for an advancement strategy that reasons more prominent to watch the hopeful segments of the brand's character (, 2020). A PR handle will in like manner set up large trustworthy explanations and gatherings to help remove the greater part of the open thought from the commonness that occurred and help the organization in coming back to "the indistinguishable recorded thing". Some PR experts can even set up plans that give their customers a way to depend on if a near commonness of issue ever happens again.

Week 5:

Question 5.3. Some trade unions fear that the free movement of people depresses wages of ordinary workers because immigrants from other European countries are willing to work for lower wages. Should the free movement of people thus be restricted for some countries, or for certain time periods?

The advancement of representatives from particular nations suggests that more prominent openings for work for them. They attempt some work for an exact organization which clearly infers that there is an improvement segment for the set up monetary framework by means of expertise of procedures for GDP factor (, 2020). In any case some of the wage shape should be restricted and uniquely designed through the nature of capacity and aptitudes that a man or lady persona have internal itself. In any case, this free stream improvement of representatives isn't generally to be hampered in mellow of the truth that all individuals has a decision to work and win for its determination and living. There must a beautiful conventional thankfulness between the near to experts with acknowledge to the labourer’s that are being move (, 2020). In some other inverse, a transient worker may moreover have some relationship of aptitudes which likely may not be reachable inside the neighbourhood workers. Thusly, an abstract body for the affiliations who utilized such character. There are each enormous feature and poor feature like the unique parts of a coin. The individuals' possibility of progress is one of the 4 prospects of progress guaranteed through the "European Single Market" (, 2020). In any case, the new people from "Central and Eastern Europe" cannot yet absolutely make the most it.

Week 6:

Question Number 6.2. You are an IMF official going to a country whose export earnings are not able to pay for imports. The government has requested a loan from the IMF. Which areas would you recommend the government to cut: (1) education, (2) salaries for officials, (3) food subsidies, and/or (4) tax rebates for exporters?

A state in a difficult circumstance, unfit to deal with it’s built up tabs, manages reachable issues for the strength of the worldwide budgetary system, which the IMF was once made to guarantee. Any stage country, whether or not or not rich, center compensation, or poor, can go to the IMF for financing on the off danger that it has a balance of portions need that is, on the off hazard that it can't discover enough financing on viable balance in the capital markets to make its worldwide portions and protect up a shielded certificate of stores (, 2020). In the event that there must happen a predominance of making cuts on supper’s allotments, they simply bode pleasantly then again they don't look good. They had should help lower-pay families yet rather it makes issues of missing vitality for youths and chaos heaviness up as well. Thusly, such activities just absurdly serves additional recipients and augmentation the charge of government. Those errands should be left for the non-open establishments. In like manner it will help the farmers with delivering extra and addition its creation. It will particularly affect the budgetary framework through creation more noteworthy occupations in the agrarian part. With appreciate to, I perceive government should now not diminish its spending on direction as it is the one of the tremendous segment to place sources into and examining the compensation expenses of specialists, it is the benefit of the specialists to get paid for the organizations they give to the council and in the match that it has been lessen off they may likewise be de-enlivened. In like way, cost discounts for exporters should be never again be disregarded as it will manage up the money related framework in an indirect manner (, 2020). On the off hazard that exporters are certain that the cash they paid will be deal they will be implored to take stage in worldwide business.

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