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HC1021 Interpersonal and E-Communication Assignment Tutorial Assignment 2 Answer

Assessment Task 2 – Tutorial Questions Unit Code: HC1021

Unit Name: Interpersonal and E-Communication Assignment: Tutorial Assignment 2

Weighting: 25%

Total Marks: 50 marks

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this HC1021 unit

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Students are able to appreciate differences in cultural diversity and their impact on communication in the workplace.

Students are able to appreciate ethical issues involved in business communication. Students are able to, apply theoretical and practical knowledge of Communication to formulate effective communication strategies in an organisation.

Students are able to demonstrate research skills, showing initiative in consulting the academic literature and integrating fresh ideas into the discourse in preparation for life-long learning

Students can demonstrate the capacity to write persuasive reports, in preparation for their career in bus

Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial questions for weeks 7 to 11 inclusive and submit these answers in a single document.

The questions to be answered are;

Week 7 Tutorial 6

Delivering bad news is hard especially when you do not agree with the decision you are communicating. Explain in details the appropriate channel and outline for a message that conveys bad news. Under what conditions a writer would be justified in choosing an alternate outline or channel? (10 marks)

Week 8 Tutorial 7

  1. Discus briefly how price can be effectively handled in a sales message?(4 marks)
  2. Zappos is one of the leading shoe and clothing retail companies. If you are hired by Zappos to develop an effective message to market their brand new handbags to potential online customers. In about 200 words describe any five attention-getting ideas you can use. (6 marks).

Week 9 Tutorial 8

  1. Briefly discuss the primary principles involved in writing an executive summary. What is the significance of other names given to this preliminary report part? (5marks)
  2. Describe the purpose of findings, conclusions, and recommendations sections of a formal report? Are they always distinct sections in both long and short reports? (5 marks)

Week 10 Tutorial 9

  1. Describe any five (5) graphic types and include the appropriate objective for the use of each. (5 marks)
  2. You are preparing to give a talk or presentation to an audience of people who have differing cultural backgrounds. Discuss any three important Do’s and Don'ts that you need to consider to ensure that your presentation is successful. (5 marks)

Week 11 Tutorial 10

  1. Differentiate between a chronological résumé and a functional résumé. (4 marks)
  2. Social networking is often considered the most valuable source of information about jobs. Discuss your opinion about this statement in 200 words. Provide at least two examples from your experience. (6 marks)


Interpersonal and E-Communication

Week 7 Tutorial 6

Explain in details the appropriate channel and outline for a message that conveys bad news. Under what conditions a writer would be justified in choosing an alternate outline or channel? 

The recipient of the bad news of any kind would not act kindly to the message and so the channel has to be chosen very carefully as well as the message that is being delivered. The choice of channel is dependent upon several factors such as geolocations, ease of communication and others. The most common channels that can be utilized for communicating bad news are direct channels and indirect channels (Smith, 2019). The direct channels include in-person delivery while the indirect approaches used include written forms such as emails, memo, telephone, circulars and other similar forms. However, the choice of the direct channel for the delivery of the bad news should be chosen as it elicits respect and brevity from the carrier. The message for delivery should also be surrounded around concise but smart reasoning for it, sympathy from the speaker so that the receiver accepts and understands the bad news. The speaker should also refrain from mea culpa so that the trust and respect can be maintained. The choice of an alternate outline or channel is supported in the case of the requirement of the bad new delivery changes. For example, repeated warnings to an employee about the performance at work or late having not been received or understood, bad news of cutting his salary or termination of work can be made without any explanation through an email or office memo.

Week 8 Tutorial 7

a) Discuss briefly how price can be effectively handled in a sales message?

The pricing can be effectively managed in a sales message through the use of the various comparative pricing techniques such as anchoring techniques, Weber’s Law and others in a fashion that relates to a better value for the consumers (Kienzler and Kowalkowski, 2017). The positioning of the products near to an expensive on utilizes anchoring while the visible differences in the features of the products can be well received and accepted by the consumers introducing parity in the pricing. Thus, the sales message should be very careful in handling pricing.

b) In about 200 words describe any five attention-getting ideas you can use.

Five attention to getting ideas that can be used are as follows:

  • The pricing of the handbag should be competitive and according to the industry standards. In addition to it, the price should be aligned with the quality to ensure consumer acceptance. The pricing is one of the biggest determinants of the effectiveness of the message delivered and thus the sales of the handbag as well. 
  • The celebrity endorsements are an efficient way of marketing and messaging the potential consumers and piquing their interest in the product (Armstrong et al., 2018). It also leads to dependability and credibility of the product as well.
  • The SEO, website, search engine advertisements, bloggers, fashionistas and others can be essential for driving up the digital traffic in the sales page of the handbag. This method can help the brand to reach a wider consumer base in a short period of time.
  • The company should also create and execute special launching events for the handbags such as promotional events, social media buzz, contests, fashion shows and other forms to generate positive traction about the brand and the product.
  • The marketing message should also include the range of products that are on sale. It should be able to showcase the variation in the product that are available as well as fit price ranges for all groups of consumers.

Week 9 Tutorial 8

a) Briefly discuss the primary principles involved in writing an executive summary. What is the significance of other names given to this preliminary report part?

The primary principles involved in summary writing are to pique the interest of the reader while informing them briefly about the purpose of the project. The major points should be highlighted and a description of the results and conclusions derived should also be provided (Graff and Birkenstein, 2017). The significance of the other names given to this report conceptualizes the spirit of the section so that the reader gets easily informed about its intended purpose.

b) Describe the purpose of findings, conclusions, and recommendations sections of a formal report? Are they always distinct sections in both long and short reports?

The purpose of the findings sections is to iterate the outcomes of the analysis of the information or the data that has been collected for the research while the conclusions describe the overall result such as the fulfilment of the objectives of the research (Börjesson, 2016). The recommendations provide actionable suggestions that can be used. They are generally distinct sections in longer formats of the report but on the shorter formats of the reports they can be merged for the concise body of reporting.

Week 10 Tutorial 9

a) Describe any five (5) graphic types and include the appropriate objective for the use of each.

The five graphic types are: 

  • Comparative graphics: For comparing products and services
  • Statistical graphics: For presenting the salient features in a nutshell
  • Timeline graphics: Presents a time mandated representation of the product 
  • Hierarchical graphics: Orderly arrangement with linked products and services
  • List graphics: Lists the message 

b) Discuss any three important Do’s and Don'ts that you need to consider to ensure that your presentation is successful.

Three important things to do are:

  • The speaker should be aware of the meaning of the words outside their native language so that no one is offended by their use.
  • Include all sections of the audience so that they do not feel culturally isolated.
  • Be careful in the use of metaphors while speaking.

Three important things to not do:

  • Be culturally not aware of the audience members which may hurt the sentiments of the listeners.
  • Don’t make culturally motivated jokes or references in bad taste. They would not be received well.
  • Speak in a neutral language for all of the audience members to understand and participate.

Week 11 Tutorial 10

a. Differentiate between a chronological résumé and a functional résumé.

The basic difference between a chronological resume and functional resume is that in the former the experiences are listed from recent to oldest and details the functions and responsibilities while the latter lists the relevant skills and then adds the jobs below them (Copeland, 2020). The main difference is in the presentation of the experience based on skill or employment.

b. Discuss your opinion about this statement in 200 words. Provide at least two examples from your experience.

I believe that social media can be a rich source of information and connection from a personal and professional sphere that can be leveraged by anyone for their benefits. Since the social media and the messages that are spread through it are hinged on the discretion of the user, the companies can also build pages to connect and communicate with their potential and existing customers. I believe that social media has also opened the doors to shorten the reach of the marketing channels and the so the job requirements can also be posted for a wider audience to notice. The companies can directly display any requirements on their company pages for candidates to notice and details of the requirements can also be found there. For example, while surfing Facebook, I found out about the job requirements in XXXX company as their page was liked by me and their shared post for jobs showed up as a notification.  In addition to that, the discussion between the members of the social media can also help others to gather critical information about the job’s requirements. For example, I was chatting with one of my friends and he told me about a job at the local YYYY which can be a perfect fit for my profile. Thus, social networking can be an effective source of information about jobs.

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