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H16005 Managing Organizations in Global Environment Assessment 1 Answer

Unit Code H16005
Unit Title Managing Organisations in a Global Environment
Assessment Type Individual Assignment

Assessment Title
Tutorial Question Assignment 1
Analyse complex problems relating to Management and Organisations and their impact on the business. - Comprehend how businesses benefit from understanding the role of Management in organisations. - Synthesise theoretical and practical knowledge of management of global organisations, develop an in-depth understanding of the theories and practical knowledge necessary for managers to formulate appropriate strategies.
Submission Guidelines
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers. • Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list, all using Harvard referencing style.
Assignment Specifications
Purpose: This individual assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of Organisational Behaviour in a Global context.

Assignment Specifications
Answer All FIVE (5) of the following questions.
1. Question 2 (10 marks) (a) What are the four critical management skills? (2 marks) How do Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan apply the four critical management skills in their roles at the company? (3 marks — 300 words)
(b) Which of these skills do you think is most important skill for a manager at Camp Bow Wow and why? (5 marks — 300 words)
2. Question 3 (10 marks) (a) How would you describe Black Diamond's ethics in terms of how it treats its employees at the company's factory partners in Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh? (5 marks — 300 words) (b) Do you think that it is appropriate for firms like Black Diamond to scrutinize its partner factories like this? Why or why not? (5 marks — 300 words)
3. Question 3 (10 marks) (a) Besides the "Shop," how else does Barcelona try to maximize employee fit? (5 marks — 300 words)
(b) What other suggestions do you have for the company to improve new hires' fit with the job and organization? (5 marks — 300 words)
4. Question 1 (10 marks) (a) Explain goal setting theory of motivation. (5 marks — 300 words)
(b) Describe Brad's motivation in terms of the goal setting motivation theory? (5 mar0 words)

5. (a) Describe the "norming" stage. (5 marks — 300 words) (b) How might Nathan Decker lead effectively as the team starts "norming"? (5 marks- 300 words)


Managing Organizations in a Global Environment

1. From Week 2 Pre Recorded Case Study

(a) Critical Management 

As identified how people can collaborate and how they can work depends on the better responses and it is impotent to follow the four main critical steps the communication skills, time management skills, delegation skills, along following the problem-solving skills (Ternes, 2020). Depending on the leader or manager it is also important to understand how the employees would be better sync ways and how it can help in determining the set agendas that can manage the managers. Overall, when the employees are unable to follow the deadlines, the main problem is how the deliverables, mainly the efficient ways and how it can engage with the employee ways. The company can work in the motivational ways and how it would be important to manage the roles and even think of the issues which can be impacting. The company can think of the managers and the leaders, who can face the problems and how they can resolve at with the higher efficiencies. The company main rights, is to understand how to collaborate and work with the better-motivated people who can think of organizing the ways and how to damage the team management. The main roles of the company are to think about matching with the organization's goals, motivation, and how it can help in delivering the sources. In the given case, how the Sue Aryan, being an owner was the champion mangling and even understanding the ways, it can hazel the customers. It is important as to how they can treat the employees, who would in return handle the employees. The main role of the owners is to understand the integrity and the motivating factor, but for the Candace, it was all about how the managers would be able to attain the best services, Both the Candace and the Aryan aspire to be the better rolled and positioned within the set management goes. The company main focus was on the flexible team schedule and how it would effectively team with the four-set skills (Stewart, 2019).

(b) Skills 

As per the case, the manager has to think about the scene where his styles such as the communication skills along with problem-solving skills, can be used. Further, it would be important as to how it can be handled with the better placed working styles and how the company cane manages the staff. As the role of the managers is to think compassionately and even ethically, it is important to adopt a good interpersonal style, better communication, and even think of the ways of handling the customers. The company has to focus on the employees and transitioned inline to the set expectations as to how to handle the employees and how to manage the challenge. The company core goals, such as the Candace would gain the experience from the customers have to manage the queries and work influent the better-oriented roles, it was important to undertone dhow third can be a better way to handle the course of action and how to devise the plans (Oliva, 2019). The problem-solving skills have to be managed in accordance with the common goal’s The company also has to understand that all the employees play a vital role and how the company can think of managing eh chaotic situation, has to be as per the common goals. In the case, it was obvious as to how the communication ah hiked to manage the case. The company also has to think about the understanding of the lack of communication and how it can be handled, with care without causing any confusion or any overlapping foot he roles.  Subsequently, there has to be a better understanding and coordination with communication skills (Lacroix, 2019).

2. from week 3 Pre Recorded Case Study

(a) Ethics 

In this case, the company has to think about the practice ethics and how through the adoption of better high-quality principles to would be an important step that can help to handle the business. Overall, with the company's approach to the organization's values, would help to improve the brand image, reputation, and even help to expand globally. Overall, with the rapid movement, the company can think of positioning within the market with an effective approach and how with the rapid decision making prices, it can collaborate with the vendors, clients, and the suppliers. The leadership team also has to work coordinately on the common goals, objective and it is important to transition with the diver’s goals (Maravilhas, 2019). If the company progressing at a rapid pace, it is important it has the set practices common goals and the orientation towards the main objectives. As the company as created a niche in the market globally HR company can explore the ways to create a mark successfully. For example, the command workers have come from the farfetched places, such as China, Vietnam and even the Bangladesh, the company can ensure, that there is proper ventilation set up, it has a proper provision of the adequate faculties, includes a good training and the learning centers for the employees to grow and even help to grow with the professional goals (Lacroix, 2019). The company can provide a better-ventilated facility, hygiene condition, and even help them to grow, with their common vision. Apart from safe practices, it is important to have good policies and a better frame of working. The company can think about the more innovative approaches, investing in the employees, and making them loyal long term. Overall it would help in the long run to derive a successful path.

(b) Partners Scrutiny 

The company can think about the ethical practices such as the use of the low aged labor, paying the fewer wages, increasing the working hours and even using the unethical practices The company needs to grow and scrutiny every factor and ensure, a basic working condition such as the well-ventilated place, good ethical practices and even giving a comfortable working environment is there. The company can invest in its partners and provide them an incentive to grow. With the investment and the monitoring of the policies, it would help in deriving the best comfort, practices, and also allowing the ethical steps to grow and collaborate. By making checkpoints on the quality services and with the collaboration practices the company can think of expanding, can grow, nurture and even help in delivering in the line for the works practices The company bring flexibility approach, work with the precautionary measures, and overcome the unethical or the cruel ways of controlling the employs (Ternes, 2020). With this, it would help in bringing the long term collaboration and better growth perspectives for the company. The combat can align with the common goals of the salaries, wages, working styles, employee’s practices, and developments and also bring out the efficient ways of growing. The nurturing and the better environment can help the company to deliver the better output and even help in delivering as per the partner expectations. TO further understand the company can have a positive environment, where the employees grow and so does the customer's market shares grow and even the company's long term vision of the better-integrated practices can be achieved. It would help in the malpractices, facing the consequences of any repercussion effects and also having good partner coordination fostering the same working culture can be achieved.

3. from Week 4 Pre Recorded Case Study

(a) Maximize employee fit?

In the restraint Barcelona the main focus should be aligning the job recruitment, selection, and the training which can help the employees to best fit into the framework... As observed, the company main approach is to serve the customers with the full of gratitude and better-delivered services, the employees can be treated similarly as it would further reciprocate the same emotions (Lacroix, 2019). The company can think of the healthy practices, think about the dynamic approaches of hiring the employee's hitch can fit into the framework. The working of the company also has to think of how there can unique approaches which can help the employee to maximize. The company can be trained envelop and also maximize the employee's expectation to best match with the organization's vision. The company can also take considerable interviews, understand the employee attires, and also adopt the practices that can foster their own culture, and make the employees adaptive. The company can hire the effect employees through the interview rounds such as telephone, face to face, and with the best fit identification by the experience skills and the necessary common goals (Bullock, 2019). The company always feels keen to have loyal people, but if there is any incident, where the employees are observed to be complaining then there is also the potential issue of not proving the adequate response and the steps to overcome the problem. As observed, the company is disciplined in noting the time in and out; it would lead to complications and also have to face the major issues. The human resource can scrutinize the new employees who have the set skills, experience, and even provide training to blend them as per the company model.

(b) Suggestion

The company can also find the suggestion such as hiring the people where there can be conflicts, understanding the candidate's candidature, relatively understanding the best fit orbs and even ensuring all the desired qualities and the approaches are the in the similar context. The main role of the company is to focus on the energetic crow, which can be from the college and then assigning them a job and understanding the challenges. For example, the energetic college like the crowd would have the low experience, can be naïve, but with little experience, guidance, mentoring, and training, they can easily blend and understand the reworking environment. The best way to treat customers is to handle your employees well. If the employees are harshly treated and they are not provided with the best facilities, they would intron be less reciprocated to the other customers. The company can focus on the choosing the positive employees smiling, confident and even can foster the new enthusiasm (Bullock, 2019) The company can think of hiring the regular housewife's, roadside vendors and even the some of the people who need the job and have the equates skill sets The company can overlook the employee's cultural background and focus on the social skills, required qualification and the adequate steps under which the employees can deliver. The company can think of making the employees to be treated form the long term vision and also include the social skills that can help to follow the devised plans.  The professional skills along with having a refreshing attitude would be the best ways to look forward to it. This would help to have a better employee’s frame of mind who wants to collaborate and work for the common goals. It would foster a work-life balance and the valuable ethics, by making the engaging employee plans, during the interview, hiring and the duties obligations process (Bullock,  2019)

4. from Week 5 Pre Recorded Case Study

(a) goal-setting theory of motivation.

The theor7 details how the employee’s attributes are the way more engaging and even oriented toward a common goal. As observed, the employees have to be motivated with the common goal factor, which an aim to achieve the overall goals, has to think about the profession motivation successful growth and even bring out the best efficiencies to overcome the challenges As every employee have the personal the professional goals along with the intrinsic and the extrinsic factors of the motivation, the common has to focus on the set goals and how it can be achieved step by the step. The company can think about the goals such as providing the monetary regards or even think of the good working life balance hours, which can be the personal and the professional goals of the employees (Bullock, 2019). The other can be the preface based rewards, accolades, and even the good suggestive measures such as training, offshore training that can help the employees to achieve the set goals. The commonly devise the plans that can help in the set oases and how it can be achieved with the common output success and through the considerable amounts. As per the goal-setting theory, there can be a step by setting goals, which would be t steps that can help to achieve the goals. For example, getting promoted, getting monetary gains, bonus, and more recognition and even rewarding the employees for their sprits. It is important to have the self efficiently based employee’s evaluation of the goals and how to project future goals. This would be the sort stages that can help to overcome any sort of commitment and achieve high productivity and the quality results (Al-Mullah, 2019)

 (b)  Brad’s motivation? 

Brad, who is the owner of the firm, has to think about the motivational theory as one source that could help to achieve the common goals. As observed, the company has to observe the common goals such as the employees personal the professional goals, which can be to be part of the decision making, to get listened or even attain the monetary rewards, for this the brand has to take ideate steps and focus on the employees short term and the long term goals. The company can lose investment in understanding past accomplishments and how it can be achieved from the long term vision. The company can devise the set gains, understanding the key motivational goals, and how to achieve the common degree of the personal connection. Overall with the Brad engagement plans, devising the motivational plans can help the owner to know what the employee expects and how to make them grow. By closely focusing on evaluating plans, the company can think of progressing as the employee's progress. As the employees achieve the small professional goals such as 10% in the first month, then the 20% in the next month, it would help the company to grow and experience success as the employee has invested time and the measurement. The company can even collaborate with common goals such as rearing the employees, prompting, and even giving them more work, responsibility, and accountability. Through the motivational goals, the company can understand the long term vision of the employees can make the employees loyal, long term oriented, and even devise good plans. It would help to achieve success and grow (Al-Mullah, 2019).

5. from Week 6 Pre Recorded Case Study

(a) “Norming” stage. 

As per the model of the norming stage, it helps to understand how the team collaborates, grows, and even builds a good relationship with the mutual based understanding. In the norming stages, there are common stages such as the common company measures, how to have the long term perspective, the appreciation, values, and also respect. The team leader's authority and devising the plans can help the company to grow and collaborate. Overall the company can bring out the best desire, set members, and even devise a team that can cover the opportunities into the long-lasting incentives. The company can also explore with the common personality, talent, having the set perspective can help to achieve the goals. With the regular stages of the common goals, the process of the teams, individual and how it is growing, can help the employees to grow and nurture. The noting process helps the individual to transition from the common goals to the long-lasting vision. It can help the employees to grow, derive success, manifest the common bonding, and even achieve the overall objective (Al-Mullah, 2019). The personality has to be similar to the key objective and how the goal would be focused on the long term vision.

(b) Nathan Decker and the “norming”?

As per the case study, naming can help the elder like. Nathan Decker to grow and even explore the potential attributes, such as how the leaders can have the common language, can have the common set practices can focus on the long-lasting relations and also integrate the best practices, growth models and even align how they can be feedbacks and the common orientation. It would be important as to how it can be handled with the better placed working styles and how the company cane manages the staff. As the role of the managers is to think compassionately and even ethically, it is important to adopt a good interpersonal style, better communication, and even think of the ways of handling the customers. The leader can think of finding the ways, of how the employees can grow and overall prosper. The company can think of the managers and the leaders, who can face the problems and how they can resolve at with the higher efficiencies. The company main rights, is to understand how to collaborate and work with the better-motivated people who can think of organizing the ways and how to damage the team management. The main roles of the company are to think about matching with the organization's goals, motivation, and how it can help in delivering the sources. In the given case,

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