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GDECE104 Learning and Development (Birth - Two Year Olds) e-Portfolio

GDECE104 assessment 2 e-Portfolio


In 104 Assessment 2, you will need to include two parts to complete this task:

1. 3 lesson plans from any age groups (Birth to Two years old/2 to 3 years old/ 3 to 5

years old) (appendix, not included in word count)

2. Reflective report (1500 words)

Lesson plans:

• 3 lesson plans should be well-structured and age appropriate;

• Each lesson plan should be developed for teaching one topic, for example “play

drama”; “colouring monkey”; “vegetable man”; “five fingers”; “a hungry caterpillar”

and so on;

• Each lesson plan should be designed with specific learning objectives that can be linked to

EYLF. Each lesson plan needs to meet children’s learning and development needs;

• Each lesson plan should include assessment strategies, learning environment arrangement,

classroom management strategies, safety, and inquiry questions;

• Use provided lesson plan template;

• Please implement these lesson plans with children during your placement so you can

have some feedback for constructing your reflective report;

Reflective report:

• Briefly introduce of your lesson plans (teaching content/acknowledgement of children’s

interests/children’s learning characteristics/ learning outcome and so on)

• Rationale of developing your learning experiences (why do you design lesson plans like this;

why children need to participate these learning activities?)

• Analysis of your learning experience in supporting young children’s development and

learning from different age groups including reflection on pedagogies, content, children’s

engagement, assessment, environment setting, learning outcome linking to EYLF, safe

practice and so on.

• Improvement and further suggestions.

• Student must use FIVE References to write the critical reflection and follow APA style for

in-text citation and reference list.


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