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GDECE102 Assessment 2: Learning and Development (Birth - Two Year Olds)

GDECE102 – Learning and Development (0-2 years) Assessment 2 Guidelines
GDECE102 Assessment 2: Learning and Development (Birth - Two Year Olds)


Design appropriate learning and teaching strategies for young children with additional needs in early childhood.
Details of task:
• First you need to select a child with an additional need(s) (e.g., language development, socio-emotional development, physical development, cognitive development) and design appropriate learning and teaching strategies for this child.
• Provide a rationale that justifies your selected strategies using relevant theoretical perspectives.
• Connect your discussion to your personal and/or professional experience.
50% 2,000 words A-E

Learning outcomes:
On successful completion of this unit of study you will be able to:
A. Explain and apply theories of how children typically learn from birth to two years in relation
to language, social-emotional, physical and cognitive and spiritual development. Perspectives
from humanism, cognitivism and constructivism are included.
B. Compare theoretical perspectives and research about young children's development within
families and communities and the importance of responsive caregiving.
C. Synthesise the practical implications of theoretical perspectives and develop education and
care approaches to developmental domains.
D. Assess learning and teaching strategies to support development and learning for children
with a disability.
E. Design pedagogical strategies to support inclusive and engaging learning for children from
diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.


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