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Essay on NSQHS Standards for Safety of Patient and Its Importance for Nurses Assessment Answer

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Assignment topics

Please choose one topic from the choices below.

1. There are eight National Safety & Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2017. Choose three (3) of these Standards and discuss how they relate to nursing. Your discussion should explain why it is essential that nurses are aware of the quality and safety frameworks that govern nursing practice. 

2. Nursing research generates disciplinary knowledge, which underpins and informs nursing practice. Drawing on the Standards and Codes of nursing and the scholarly literature, discuss the ways in which nurses can use research to inform their practice and improve patient care. You may use the work of one or more influential nursing theorists to illustrate your argument. 

3. Social media has brought enormous changes to the way in which we communicate with each other, both professionally and personally. Drawing on unit content and the scholarly literature, discuss the benefits and dangers of social media in the clinical setting, and the appropriate behaviour that nurses must observe when using these. 


NSQHS Standards


The standards set by the national safety and quality health services by the Australian Commission on safety is a predetermined way of ensuring the safety of the patients and delivering them with the best of the medical outcomes that would formulate towards better health and a safe lifestyle. These standards were solely developed by the commission taking in the views of the Australian government, private service sectors, states and territories as well as the patients and the careers (Flanigan, Kathy, BN, MNurs, & JP.ACORN, 2016). The sole motive behind the development of these standards is to devise better policies and upraise the standards of health and safety practices and thus to ensure the least possible ham towards patients. The report further discusses the three main clinical standards developed by the Australian Commission and how these standards would be quite essential in nursing practices. The main agenda of the report is to understand as to why nurses should be quite accustomed to these quality standards and how essential are they to enhance their operations.

Clinical Governance standard 

This standard is particularly aimed at formulating a proper clinical governance framework which is synchronized in ensuring that patients receive the safest and highest standards of health care. The clinical governance standard has been improvised to improve the reliability, quality and safety among the health care procedures. This particular standard is effective in well implementing the policies of governance, leadership and the importance of the patient’s safety in nursing and other health care practices (Braine & E, 2006). The procedures of this standard are aimed at establishing relationships and responsibilities by health service providers like the nurses in ensuring high-quality operations towards their patients. This also claims that everyone among the faculties like the nurses, stakeholders and other health service provides is accountable towards the safety of their patients and operate them with high-quality standard services. 

Importance for nurses 

It is thoroughly important for nurses to be quite well accustomed with the clinical governance standards as because this would ensure that the patients are provided proper care and given high standard the health care operations. The clinical governance standards also ensure that the practices of nursing are kept under strict vigilance as well as nurses should well accomplish with the bounds of these standards which would undoubtedly make them accountable for every necessary step they take for the safety of their patients. Nursing is quite benefited with the actions of the clinical governance standards as it helps them facilitate with cultural safety and quality improvement and thus accomplishes them to implement the best cultures into their operations (Cashin et al., 2017). The nurses are also determined to maintain an optimistic partnering with the patients in according with the standards of clinical governance. Nurses as well as other health care operators should be aware as this standard reviews all polices, protocols and the actions implemented by them upon their patients. With the help of the clinical governance standard nurses are able to identify the necessary safety precautions and well monitor their performance. Clinical governance as set forward by the Australian Commission also receives regular feedback from the patients and their families and this helps the nurses to enhance their operations and improve the quality of service (Cashin et al., 2017).    

Blood management standard

The blood management standard ranges also among the most preoccupied standards that are essential to ensure the safety and a synchronized procedure in handling the patients both by the nurses as well as the other health care operatives (ACSQHC, 2012). The blood management standards outline the identified risks that are related to the availability of the patient’s blood and thus ensures that the blood or the blood products that the patients receive is safe and appropriate towards his health. The blood management standards are governed under specific protocols like the RBCs, platelets, frozen plasma as well as albumin and cryo-depleted plasma. The blood products are the most vital sources and thus it is this standard is applicable to the necessary safety of the patient during the transmission of blood products apply standard health practices to remove the chances of allergy, adverse severities, infections as well as immunological complications and incorrect blood transfusions.

Importance for nurses 

The blood management standards are quite well important for nurses to ensure that the blood transmission of necessary patients is done in the most legitimized manner and with proper safety guidelines. It is also quite crucial into the nursing practices as because it enhances the knowledge of the nurses with the necessary guidelines that will help them develop proper knowledge of the blood management system  (McDermott & Kitchener, 2017). The action plans into this standard are also quite important for the nurses as because it monitors the activities of the nurses participating in blood component transformation in patients and helps them to take safety measures to avoid the risk of accidents. The standards help the nurses to understand the protocols they need to follow during blood management procedures as to how as well as the steps required to endure to legitimize risk management. The standards of the blood management not only helps the nurses in understanding the policies and the procedures but also helps in sustaining risk management during blood transmission. Nursing is been quite enhanced by the regular monitoring of the blood management system as put forth by this particular standard. Nurses according to this standard has to continuously involve with the patients and thus it helps them in understanding their weaknesses. One most important tactic which helps in better evolving the practice of nursing with the help of the blood management standard is to look out that the nurses optimizes the patient’s own red blood cells, hemoglobin and iron. This ensures that the nurses carries out their work in a proper manner. This standard also helps the nurses to take necessary precautions and handle risk in an optimized manner by reporting adverse related to transfusion in accordance with the national guidelines (Halcomb et al., 2017).   

Medication safety standards 

The most crucial among all the other standards upheaved by the commission is the medication safety standards. This particular standard is delved into monitoring the safety measures that are undertaken by the nurses and the other health operatives while delivering proper medication to the patients. It is aimed to ensure clinical safety procedures to dispense and administrate proper medication and monitor their schedules. This falls among the most common method of treatment to upraise of the standard of health in every particular patient ( Action 4.10 | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care). Yet this particular standard has been formulated by the commission as because of medicines are the most commonly used substances into improving health. Errors are inevitable and so the standard aims to minimizing such errors and take proper safety measures and upheave the standards of health practices (Cashin et al., 2017).

Importance for nurses  

The medication standards are quite crucial for the nurses during the practice of nursing as because actions of the standards provides a relevant idea on the side effects of the medicines and the necessary steps that nurses should endure to prevent risk factors  (Action 4.6 | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care). The standard also helps nurses to understand a proper schedule in which medication should be given to the patients and the standard governs the action of the nurses while delivering medicines ensuring proper safety of every patient. One of the most symbolized reasons as to why nurses should be quite well aware of the medication standards is to accustom them in a proper way of monitoring the patient’s health after receiving the medication and to check-in for any side effects if possible. This standard helps in monitoring the actions of the nurses while providing medicines and ensures that they do it in a proper manner (Halcomb et al., 2017). The actions of the medication safety standards enhances nursing by making the nurses to understand the medical history of the patients and thus to keep a sharp vigilance on the risk of allergies and infections. Nurses are also made to observe the patients for any side effects of any medication provided to them. Nurses ensures the recovery rate according to this particular standard by monitoring the health graph. Nurses besides other health operators should analyses their scope of clinical practice before prescribing, dispensing or administrating medicines (Cashin et al., 2017). The medication safety standard engulfs reviews from the patients and their families upon the medication provided with evidence of the best practice. This helps in ensuring an honest review of the working of the nurses and discover the places they have went wrong and redeem future mistakes.   


Thus the standards formulated by the Australian commission has been well discussed and formulated giving a proper insight to why the standards are important for nurses and other health care operatives ensuring the safety of the patients. The standards also devise necessary monitoring upon the patient’s health as well as the activities and the operations of the nurses and the other stakeholders. Nurses should be quite well accustomed with each of the standards devised by the commission as it will surely enhance their nursing practices and empower in providing high standard services to the patients.         

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