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ENG203 Preparation of Job Application Package: Resume Preparation Assessment Answer



The objective of this assignment is to prepare a job application package. Your task is to search current media sources and find a current engineering job advertisement of your choice, and then create a job application as if you were seeking employment with this company/institution. The application will include:

  1. Resume: 1-2 pages
  2. Letter of Application (Cover Letter): 1 page
  3. Response to Selection Criteria: 1-2 pages. Students should address all selection criteria for current position. Please note only the first two selection criteria will be assessed.

Report guidelines and some key consideration

  • It is recommended you use recommendations/guidelines provided in workshops.
  • Your job application should be typewritten and formal both in style and content.
  • It must include the job description of the position students chose to apply for when they submit the assignment. 
  • Students can submit the assignment any time before week 13 if they wish, but students can only submit the assignment ONCE. When the assignment is submitted, it will be treated as assessible.
  • Students who submit their assignment after the deadline will not have their report assessed unless approved school policies are followed when requested extensions.

Resume Preparation Assessment Criteria


Presents a Resume containing relevant information and professionally presented
Provides a professionally presented resume, that is clearly expressed and concise, identifies relevant key strengths and experience, is grammatically correct, correct spelling and punctuation, is of appropriate length, and with
professional formatting.
Provides a resume that is not in a professional manner, that is not clearly expressed, less than concise, identifies less than relevant strengths and experience, is not grammatically correct with many spelling and punctuation errors, or
with many formatting errors.

Drafts a Cover Letter clearly and concisely identifies intention, applicant’s strengths and experiences, and is professionally presented.
Provides a professionally presented cover letter, that is clearly expressed and concise, identifies relevant key strengths and experience, is grammatically correct, correct spelling and punctuation, is of appropriate length, and with professional formatting.Provides a cover letter that is not in a professional manner, that is not clearly expressed, less than concise, identifies less than relevant strengths and experience, is not grammatically correct with many spelling and punctuation errors, or with many formatting

Responds to selection criteria in a relevant and professional manner.
Provides relevant and professional responses to selection criteria with concise writing and identifies key strengths and experiences, is grammatically correct and correct spelling,
Provides irrelevant and unprofessional responses to selection criteria with less than concise writing and identifies less than key strengths and experiences, is not grammatically correct with
many spelling or punctuation errors.


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