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ENG203 EA Registration and Report on Useful Resources: EA myCPD Assessment Answer



Students are required to register on Engineers Australia (EA) and access various services/videos/articles. You are required to write a short report and comment on which resources you accessed and found useful. Please insert screenshots of the website of completed forms and/or viewed resources as evidence that you have interacted with the platform. Provide useful suggestions on how EA can improve their platform for future engineers.

Report guidelines and some key considerations

  • Your report should be typewritten and formal both in style and content. It should address each point clearly and concisely. You can provide references to support any claims.
  • Reports should not exceed 800 words in length. Students can submit the assignment any time before week 13 if they wish, but students can only submit the assignment ONCE. When the assignment is submitted, it will be treated as assessible.
  • Ensure your assignment has a signed plagiarism page on the front and please report your word count.
  • You can provide references at the end of your report which will not contribute to your word count. Please conform with university policies regarding proper referencing material.
  • You can use of figures, diagrams, photos and tables in your report. Please ensure descriptive captions. Illustrations produced by others must have their source cited and acknowledged.
  • Students who submit their report after the deadline will not have their report assessed




Engineers have the skills to turn products of the imagination into real-world innovation. As humanity's knowledge and needs increase, the demands on engineering grow. This means the future will be full of new opportunities for engineers. Inventing tools and technology for the betterment of humanity is a special task.

For the EA role in exploring the performance of how the platform would help to connect with the engineer’s link communities and how the individual would fit in the society. To understand how the role of the engineer would approach the given environment and how they would be placed inline to the Australian environment. Through the EA, within the Australian, what kind of requirements are there and how they would be justified with the given working environment can help to correlate. The importance of the Engineering community can help to understand, where they would be positioned, how much they would be demanded and they can grow (Rosano, 2016).


The website also details, how much the Engineers can earn on an average and what can be the core role that can help to transits from one position to another. The Engineers demand and the median pay for the averagely experienced engineers McBride, 2017). Further the website discussed about the below upcoming events-:

Reconciliation Week: We really are in this together (Fri 29 May 2020 - 12:00 pm)

During this week, the Reconciliation Week 2020, Engineers Australia which has shown how their can be identified the join our panel of Indigenous engineers to discuss the topic of inclusion in the engineering profession and how to work for the better working environment. It would be an environment that can help to work over the multitude of professionals that can be due to the varying degree of stages of their careers in this open discussion. The expectation, culture, and how the Engineers would fit into the Australians community. For example, it was seen, how much the Software Engineering and the Aeronautical Engineering would have a better pay scale, in comparison to Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. What kind of job roles are expected and how much they would fit into the core role of the company.  The job roles and the future projection of the job role are also detailed (Aircraft such as how they would play a vital role in the planes and helicopters for example, how there would be a demand of the Propulsion systems include the jet engines and rockets or the expected Avionics systems that help to function in the aircraft system.(Ho, 2018).

Building a Career Plan – Webinar-> Registration Closes

Wed 03 Jun 2020 - 8:00 am

Planning is also the success in any career and  can also be including the installment of 'New Skills' . The focus is on the effective career plan  which can help to create the early-career engineers and to have the set expectations as per the career goals sets and also  no matter what they might be. To further understand how the 4-pillared Career Plan Template can help to map out the viewers that can work alongside with the  practical template that can further be established the reaching that can scouted with the career goals To also understand how it can represent the new types of fuel. To have the new propulsion systems this can consistently be making the flying cheaper and safer. Subsequently, the technology would further allow streamlining vertical takeoff and landing. Lastly, how to have the simulations can also help to transits the train pilots. Due to this, all the current and the aspiring that can represent can identify the ensure what is expected out of them and how they can be placed within the travel in safety and comfort. It would also be important to transits the defense, that can align Australia’s country expectation and the job role.

Transport after COVID” scheduled  on the Wed 03 Jun 2020 - 11:30 am

In the event the discussion is  in-depth about the impacts of the COVID 19, can help the organization came with the lockdown measurements and how they have introduced the new certification, courses, and the key learning’s, that can help the engineers and the employers to be adaptive. Under the one platform, at a low cost, to relate the engineer's community and how to do a career plan  (Coulter, 2019).. The employers by looking at the candidature profile can scout out what are the engineer’s aspirations, preferences, and how they can be placed well (Rosano, 2018)


The role of the engineers in Australia can help to note how they are placing themselves in the Australian, what the expected future is and how they can play a vital role in shaping the future. By placing the profile in the EA site, for the employers it would be easy to scout the engineers, the ad also gives them job opportunities under the one platform. The goals and the aims of the company, the engineers can search well. While the engineer job seekers can connect with the company and for the company, they can check and compare the suitable candidature. The employers can connect with the engineers (fresher and the experience) and also understand, where their job preference is location and their relative background. The company can even scout the most experienced, culturally fit and take a quick check on the candidature. The entire website has been built for easy access for the Engineers (both aspiring and current) to visualize, where they can be placed in the organization and how much they can expect with the job duties and the salary (Simon, 2018).


Apart from this the EA website also helps to provide the current news and the events, that can allow the engineers to communicate, know what are the changing dynamics, trends and how to well versed with the changing environment. The future new job roles, expected outcomes, and how much it would transit from one role to another

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