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ECOM4000 Identifying Market Structure Using Macro and Micro Economics Assessment Answer

ECOM4000 T3 2021 Individual Assignment (20%)

This assignment is worth 20% of your final mark. The assignment has two sections. Section A (worth 20 marks) is on microeconomics and Section B (also worth 20 marks) is on macroeconomics. This assignment must be completed individually and submitted using Turnitin on the portal before the due date.

When doing this assignment, you might like to consider the following points.

  • Answer each question directly and fully, using the minimum number of words. You do not need to write an essay. The total word limit is 1500 words for the entire assignment.
  • Where necessary, make sure you explain your diagrams. You can insert diagrams by drawing them in programs like “paint” and pasting them into the document, or by drawing them by hand, scanning them and then pasting them as a picture into the document. Do not copy pictures or graphs from the internet- you must draw them yourself (it’s ok if they are a bit messy...).
  • Reference your answers if you are using information from another source using in text referencing and include a reference list at the end of the assignment.  You do not need to reference subject material given to you in ECOM4000.
  • Because the assignment is to be submitted using Turnitin, any plagiarism will be identified. It is possible that you could get zero for your assignment if you copy someone else’s work.
  • Consult the Academic Success Centre resources on the portaland on campus for assistance with referencing and plagiarism.

Section A: Microeconomics (20 marks)

Question 1

Identify the market structure Coles and Woolworths operate in. Make sure you justify your choice of market structure using all of the market characteristics used to classify markets. Using your own independent research, provide some facts and brief comments on this market (for example you may like to discuss metrics like the concentration ratio). (6 marks)

Question 2

Because of their market positions, Coles and Woolworths exhibit a great deal of interdependence and actively advertise against each other. In particular, Coles has been successful with their “Down Down” campaign. Briefly explain what this campaign is, and explain the effect you think it has had on the market position and profitability of both Coles and Woolworths. Draw appropriate diagrams for this market showing the market outcomes for Coles and Woolworths.  (6 marks)

Question 3

Consider a “game” between Coles and Woolworths that the supermarkets may participate in. The rules of the game are:

  • If both Coles and Woolworths keep prices low, then they will both make a profit of $5,000m.
  • If both Coles and Woolworths keep prices high, then they will both make a profit of $8,000m.
  • If one supermarket keeps prices low and the other keeps prices high, then the low price supermarket will make $9,000mprofit and the high price supermarket will make $4,500mprofit.

Using these rules, solve this game for the Nash equilibrium (make sure to include your diagram and the logic you followed to solve the game). Is your outcome the best one for both Coles and Woolworths? Explain your answer. (8 marks)

Section B: Macroeconomics (20 marks)

Question 1

Using your own independent research, summarise the effect the coronavirus has had on the Australian macroeconomy. At a minimum, your answer should include commentary about the effect on Australian GDP, unemployment, inflation and other aspects of the Australian macroeconomy. Support your comments with appropriate economic data. (Make sure you use reputable economic sources and reference your sources.) (6 marks)

Question 2

Draw a diagram of the Australian macroeconomy using the aggregate demand and aggregate supply (AD/AS) model before, and then after the virus. Clearly show on your diagram(s) the before and after effects for the macroeconomic variables discussed in Question 1. (7 marks)

Question 3

The Federal Australian Government was very aware of the effects of the virus on the Australian economy. Using your own independent research, explain the fiscal policy actions the Government undertook to combat the economic impact of the virus. (Make sure you use reputable economic sources and reference your sources.) Using your diagram from Question 2, show how the government action affected the Australian macroeconomy. Comment on how successful the government action has been, and identify any weaknesses associated with it. (7 marks)


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