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Developing Professional Practice: CPD Record for Last Twelve Months Assessment Answer

  •  the submission should be portrait format. This is an update to your originally submitted plan demonstrating the progress you have made since the last submission, please highlight updates you have made
  • CPD record for the last 12 months in its full original format landscape (see attached) This is all of the learning, training, development you have completed over 12 months
  • Reflective statement on what you have learned from each unit of study and how you will apply the learning to an HR/L&D role, there will be 8 units and 200 – 250 words for each of the 8 units, 1600 – 2000 words in total for this section.


Developing Professional Practice

Unit 1 (3RAI)

This unit was mainly about the strategic, operational and tactical decision-making. The process of decision-making needs a collection of data. In this unit, I have learned the type of data collected for example absence, sickness, redundancy, recruitment and select, pay and reward as well as health and safety data for decision-making purpose. Moreover, I have learned the way of storing collected data namely using a manual and electronic method (Both internal and external). I have come to understand that while collecting and storing data, I need to be mindful about the General Data Protection Regulation-2018 to ensure I am maintaining the confidentiality of personal information whereas, for required information, I have the right to ask for information for any government body or local council regarding any aspect.  

The learning from this unit can be helpful for making proper decisions when I will be positioned as an HR or L&D manager. Using the collected data from different sources, I will be able to make strategic decisions. Not only that, using charts, graphs and visual aid, but I can also be able to present information that can help the stakeholders and the related departments and teams to make proper decisions. Presenting the data into rich report format combined with visual aids, I can be able to make decisions in favour of the human resource department regarding the training, motivation, recruitment policy as well as strategies on reducing employee turnover.  

Unit 2 (3RTO)

I have learnt about the methods involved in recruitment and selection. I had no idea about the criteria for recruiting a suitable candidate. Therefore, I needed to learn about this method. We learned that planning and effective function in this method helps to recognise the deserved candidates. I needed to be more proficient in recruiting the intellectual candidates for the welfare of the organisation. I believe that the recruitment process must be fair and need to follow a systematic way to hire an efficient candidate because the proper way of recruitment can eliminate bias. This unit was also helpful in understanding the step-by-step process of conducting an interview. I have learnt that for a job role, the roles and responsibilities need to be identified at first. After the HR team identifies the roles and responsibilities, person specification is developed. In a similar manner, internal and external advertisements are used to find out the suitable candidates for the job role. The next process is a screening of the CVs and applications and then conducting the interview using different types of questions like open questions, probing, leading questions, hypothetical questions. This entire process is about recruitment and selection through various stages. Using the learning from this recruitment and selection methods, I will be able to recruit suitable candidates as an HR manager. I can be able to develop job roles based on company requirements and person specification for setting criteria for candidates to be selected. 

Unit 3 (4DEP)

There were mainly 3 things that I have learnt in this unit. First, I learnt how to the knowledge and skills required for being a good HR/L&D practitioner.  Secondly, I have come to know about the way of delivering timely HR services to the users for meeting their needs and thirdly, I understood the need for development plans. I found out that for being a good HR/L&D practitioner, I need to develop a learning strategy and plans, design solutions, evaluate learning impact as well as manage talent. In order to develop such skills and knowledge, I need to curious, collaborative and a decisive thinker. I come to understand the role of communication as a means of providing timely HR services. I understood that I need to be a team player. I came to know about the Belbin team roles and identified my role as per the Belbin team roles. 

Using the knowledge from this unit, especially regarding the need for communication and different communication techniques and team development strategies, I will try to fulfil the basic criteria of an HR manager which is to communicate the need for the team and to form a team that helps organisations achieve their business goals. Moreover, being a decisive thinker and collaborative in nature, I will act as an HR manager who knows how to solve employee conflicts.  

Unit 4 (3PRM)

Here, we learnt about performance and reward management and its impact on the performance of the team members. Paying attention to the employees is what I need to focus on. I think that providing a reward is one of the most effective ways to motivate the employees and the relation between the reward and performance is well known. Albeit, I was highly responsible for taking a glance at the performance of every individual. I learnt that motivation in the form of providing rewards is instrumental in ameliorating performance management (PM). In this respect, I have learnt Maslow's hierarchy needs of the model. By studying this model I can say that it is a very essential model to elaborate on the needs of the employees and how it helps in developing the performance by providing basic needs. I think that it is the basic responsibility of the management to providing sufficient opportunity for the employees to get their needs. I need to learn motivating others to accomplish their work with spontaneity. As an HR practitioner, I needed to pay attention to the activities of my work in the HR team. We also needed to listen to the queries of others attentively. In addition to that, we needed to assess their queries, issues with concentration.

For the development of paying attention skill, human resources are inevitably needed. The staffs, managers, HR practitioners play a vital role. We were required to reading such books to enhance the patience of paying attention to the queries of others. We conducted a role play in a small group. Then, we were provided with the first chance to present their issues or any queries. In this sense, I paid attention to every area which belongs to active participation in self-development. Through my strong network of communication skill, I also communicated with the members formally and informally in order to pay attention to their suggestive guidelines by showing frequent participation.

Unit 5 (3HRC)

We finished a course of understanding L&D role. We confided in the significance of Learning and Development and we genuinely work hard in order to enhance our skills and abilities.I learned that I needed to develop the L & D skill in order to build capabilities within myself and as a result, I have learnt core knowledge and core behaviour. I utilised my new-developed skills and abilities in performing with a proper professional approach for meeting the goals and requirements of the organisation. 

We also learned about the operating environment. I am very poor in research and analytical skill. Therefore, I needed to study such external or internal factors that play a vital role in creating a great impact on the business activities of the workplace. We have learnt that PESTLE through which political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors make an effect on the operation of the business. As a result, the workplace environment also becomes adjustable with the changes in the outer world environment. I have gained this knowledge through operating the environment. I will be able to bring such changes in accordance with the condition of the environment and as a result, I will not have to encounter any major issues from the consumers. I will help in setting a new organisational culture and structure for having the profits in terms of creating a strong relationship with the workplace and the environment. 

Unit 6 (3MER)

I learnt about the employment relationship and its impact on the performance of the employees. As an HR practitioner, I needed to know the policies, regulation for building a strong relationship with the employees. I learnt about the employment status that had helped me in knowing their strengths and weaknesses. I had also learnt about the importance of the Employment Rights Act 1996I am not efficient in making a proper time schedule to communicate with the employees. I have also come to understand the employment rights like max 48 hours working a week, break of 20 minutes in every 6 hours and also 28 days annual leaves a year. Further, I came to know about the benefits for employees like maternity and paternity leaves. The knowledge gained regarding this benefits of employees can be helpful for me to act as a knowledgeable HR manager who can grant leaves or provide the benefits to the employees as their fundamental rights as per employment laws. I have come to know about the employment rights act 1996, which details the policies and procedures for employment rights as well as termination rules. Using this knowledge, I can be able to make proper decisions as an HR manager regarding whom to recruit, appraise, and give benefits or who to terminate albeit providing evidence of termination like qualification issue or redundancy. 

Unit 7 (3LCM)

Here, I learned about the role of the coaching process. Being unable to lead the team conveniently with leadership style, I had to gather knowledge regarding coaching process. I learnt that mentoring involves various aspects respectively skills coaching, interview coaching, workplace coaching, career coaching as well as presentation coaching.  It has helped me in becoming more efficient, knowledgeable and bold in mentoring the staffs with highly modified skills. I will use the coaching process through conducting such meetings with the employees and set such courses of actions in order to mentor them with proper guidance. 

Another aspect I learned in this unit is mentoring. I understood that mentoring is about helping others to help them progress through their work. I found that mentoring aims to provide advice, to help in personal and professional development related to skills and knowledge. Using the mentoring techniques, as an HR/L&D, I will try to help the mentee to develop self-confidence and esteem, reduce stress, and reduce isolation and providing opportunity to reflect on their issues related to personal or professional development. Using mentoring models, like one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring as well as online mentoring, I will try to help in the proper and personal development of the mentee. 

Unit 8 (3SCO)

Here, we learned about the change management process in a business organisation. As a member of the HR department, I needed to know about the organisational change. Therefore, I learnt Kotter’s Change Management Theory. I learnt that changes in the organisation make the staffs, functional departments more productive and attentive. I will be able to engage myself with convenience to the new ambience of the organisational culture without any complexities. We were required to gather all the information and styles of leadership approaches. Besides this, we also needed to enhance such qualities of a team leader in order to utilise the leadership approaches accordingly and vigorously. 

Internet sources and my anterior leaders are the essential resources in order to achieve this skill gap. Stories of such influential leaders with their prominent experiences are also essential resources for fulfilling the skill gap of leadership styles. After the recruitment session, as an HR practitioner, we were required to take the responsibility to lead my team with proper guidance. Attending such business cases with leadership qualities had demonstrated the potentiality of a leader within me. We had also been required to conduct proper research on a leadership subject. The training session along with the experts is essential resources. Besides this, internet service had also been a vital resource for the conduction of the management skill.
Development Plan

What do I want/need to learn?What will I do to achieve this?What resources or support will I need?What will my success criteria be?Target dates for review and completion
Enhancing proper knowledge regarding budgetIn order to have a proper understanding of the budget, I need to spend more time with the finance department. Besides this, I also need to develop a good relationship with the experts in the finance field in order to listen to their experiences.  Active participation in the course and learning activities in this specific area needs to be focused by me.Holding workshops with the financial team will also enhance my skill  

December 2019, I have conducted two mini projects with all other HR practitioners along with the Finance Department. I have also implemented such budget schemes for the respect of the project that could be evaluated by the end of August.  

Developing research and analytical skillFor achieving this skill, I need to take such training sessions regarding this research and analytical skill. The training session along with the experts is essential resources. Besides this, internet service is also a vital resource for the conduction of the research skill.I will work with the General Manager of the company in order to provide him with such relevant information through conducting proper research on a particular chosen subject. Ongoing 
I am currently involved with the Department Manager and have accomplished many tasks through the conduction of proper research.
Developing leadership styles and techniquesI need to enhance such qualities of a team leader in order to utilise the leadership approaches accordingly and vigorously. Stories of such influential leaders with their prominent experiences are also essential resources for fulfilling the skill gap of leadership stylesI will take the responsibility to lead my team with proper guidance. On-going
From March 2020, I have involved myself through several projects that hold me in the major role. This will further could be evaluated by the end of September.  
Developing time management skills For the development of time management skill, I need to prepare a proper logbook in order to record all my work. Apart from that, I also need to keep a diary along with me where my allotted tasks and time schedule will be inscribed. For the improvement of this skill, logbook and diary are the essential resources in order to behold my time management process.I will conduct some research proposal or mini projects with a proper time schedule. Apart from that, I will assign tasks with designated time for my activities that culminate in the succession of my time management skill. On-going
From February 2020, I have been attending such business cases with a proper time management schedule and as a result, I can notice my improvement. Apart from that, I am handling such training classes for motivation with an allotted time schedule. As a result, all the training sessions are achieved prior to the time or within the time schedule. 
Developing active participation skill As an HR practitioner, I need to pay attention to the activities of my work in the HR team. Reading books enhance the patience of paying attention to the queries of others. I will conduct a small group of 4-5 teachers. Then, I will provide the first chance to present their issues or any queries. In this sense, I can pay attention to every area which belongs to active participation in self-development. Through my strong network of communication skill, I will also communicate with the tutors formally and informally in order to pay attention to their suggestive guidelines by showing frequent participation. On-going
From May 2020, I have been summoning such meetings with the tutors in order to pay attention to their issues.
Ameliorating active listening skill I should take such classes for meditation in order to keep myself calm and attentive. Proper meditation classes are essentially needed for the development of this active listening skill. I will actively listen to their points of views that may sound different or similar. I will demonstrate the importance to their every perception attentively.On-Going
From June 2020, I have been setting goals to listen to the lectures and listening workshop activities clearly to disburse the roles effectively. 

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