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Demonstration on Different Styles of Business Communication From Donald Trump Assessment 2 Answer

Weight: 30 % Word Count: 3000

You will be required to provide a folio of different styles and forms of Business Communications (10 in number) from one of the listed well-known communicators. This folio may be electronic (audio-visual hyperlinks and MP3/MP4 files) or hard copy (screenshots, downloaded documents, etc). There must be no more than five (5) audio-visual hyperlinks. This means you must have at least five (5) hard copy examples in your appendices.

This task will require you to observe, listen, analyse and critique the many modes they communicate with (e.g. speech, interviewer, interviewed, writer, tweet). The folio MUST include examples of each and every one of the forms of communication explored in class and a paragraph (250 words) from week 1 to week 5, critiquing each form of communication. Your analysis must refer directly to each example in you folio.

You must include all ten (10) examples in your appendices; this is a FOLIO. You are strongly recommended to use a Mahara ePortfolio to do this. The only exception is audio-visual examples that you are unable to download and supply as an MP3 or MP4 file. For these you must supply a hyperlink that can be accessed by your marker. Any folio that does not meet this requirement, will be automatically graded as a fail.

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Assessment 2: Business Communication Folio

1.0 Introduction

The concept of business communication refers to a specialised division of basic communication that is particularly related to the business activities. However, their main differences is supported with their very own areas of application. In the field of business, communication plays an important role in the procedure of guiding and administrating the workforce of the organisation. The purpose of the folio is to provide a demonstration on the different styles and forms of business communication from the given well-known and famous communicators. In this folio, the communicator that has been selected and referred to, is Donald Trump who is the present 45th President of the United States of America. As the main subject for effective business communication, the selected well-known communicator is worth studying as the different styles and forms used, resonate with the core followers. In this folio, a set of 10 relevant and diverse range of business communication styles and forms will be provisioned. Additionally, an extensive analysis of every form of communication will be demonstrated along with the different relevant styles. 

With the help of the technological advancements, the globalised business world has experienced a supportive business communication helping in enhancing the goodwill and value. The concept of business communication is categorised as external and internal, where external communication is concerned with the written forms such as emails and messages. It can be said that poor business communication results in various uncertain risks and challenges, including blurred productivity, delayed projects, disgruntled consumers. 

2.0 Main Body 

The concept of business communication proves to be important for any business organisation in relation to developing alignment and implementing strategy. However, it is important for additional reasons including increased productivity, enhance consumer base, improve business partnership and smoothen the business innovations. In general, there are different forms of business communication including internal communication, external communication, face-to-face communication, verbal communication, phone & electronic form of communication, written communication and web conferencing. The 6 different forms of business communication in relevance to the well-known and famous communicator Donald Trump  have been analysed below as follows:

Internal Communication – This form of communication includes the information exchanged with employees and potential stockholders and in this, the information is kept confidential and supposed to be updated to known base of individuals. This particular form of communication needs to be updated prior and meant to manipulate the attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of the team. It tends to drive innovation., productivity, belief and loyalty, so that even the workforce or the individual plays a contributing role in achieving success (Bovée et al., 2016). The primary principle of Donald Trump i.e. “Distill it to a short and media friendly sound bite” states the president’s regard for precision and additionally, a great marketer also (, 2020). In today’s partisan world, a razor-sharp message giving absolution is meant for large amplifications through Trump supportive media. Trump is always acclaimed as the center of activity, and it is common for some business decisions, foreign decisions and personal moves to not appeal to the respective aids. The communicator adapts to a both horizontal and vertical communication form for communicating internally within the different units of the government. 

It can be said that in order to rationalize the internal communications, it is important to apply the appropriate tools as helps in connecting with every individual units and encouraging them with a specific voice on problems. According to White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “All White House personnel have been instructed to use official mail to conduct all government related work” and, also ordered for all the work-related internal communications to be forwarded to official mail account (, 2020). 

Face-to-Face Communication – This form is one of the primary forms of business communication and this is done. In the presence of two or more parties where the matters are appropriately understood. In today’s modernised world, the significance of face-to-face communication seems to be out of trend as the dependence is mainly in terms of social media, e-communication and messages (Drago, 2015). Although, it is important to ignore the vitality of the different platforms and the procedure via which communication has been revolutionised, additionally, it is important to balance the communications with this specific face-to-face form. Some of the various advantages related to this form of communication includes non-verbal indications, effectiveness and personal touch. For example, nearly 73% of the population assume that face-to-face form of communication to be invaluable, as these help in enhancing the relationship existing between the clients and team bonds (, 2020). It can also be said that the value of this communication form is blurring in the transforming digital era and the advantages to analyse the body language and behaviour of the individual cannot substitute this form of communication. 

For example, Donald Trump has reached beyond remarkable limits to safeguard the information of the communications with the Russian President Vladimir Putin (, 2020). This is because during a recent occasion, Trump started writing notes of his own translator and pointing towards not exposing any other important details to the administration officials. A majority of the international organisations rely on this form of communication to achieve profitable sales, efficient performance and effectiveness. 

Non-Verbal Communication – In general terms, non-verbal communication is defined as the procedure of communicating via exchanging text messages and that too, without using words and just emoticons and signs. This form of communication has been termed to be the critical aspect of business communication as it can help in expressing different feelings more definitely, when compared to verbal form of communication. (Phutela, 2015). For example, Donald Trump is one such individual who has understood the great utilisation of the body languages to effectively communicate feelings and emotions and influence it. According to Euro News, the President of the USA utilises great body language and tactics including upper-body gestures to appeal to the listeners (, 2020). The non-verbal form of communication adapted by the selected communicator helps in expressing a sense of authority and power instead of adapting a more coordinative approach. Some remarkable occasions where Trump relied on non-verbal communication to prove the point includes The OK, The OK + L, The Point, The Open Palms and many more (, 2020). The first non-verbal gesture, “The OK” pinch between the forefinger and thump demonstrates accuracy and power. 

“The OK + L” non-verbal gesture connects with another L-finger pointing upward and this is used by Trump to demonstrate the accuracy gesture as a specific counterpoint to the source to emphasize the third party. The communication through eye contact tends to evolve as an effective channel of effective interpersonal communication, as it helps in regulating the pace of the communication level. Conventionally, it is debated that non-verbal communication underlines the probable impact of the exchanged message and this is because in a particular social situation, 93% of the overall information is exchanged via non-verbal communication (, 2020). 

Electronics Communication – With the latest advancements in the technological sector, the procedure via which the businesses communicates itself has altered. The constant evolution and trends in the field of technology tends to exert a thoughtful impact on the processes via which business communication takes place. Some electronic forms of business communication includes web conferencing, text messaging, online blogging websites and many more (Yanagihara, 2014). A majority of the today’s generation relies on electronic forms of communication to exchange relevant information not only just to local entities, but also to the concerned individuals and companies. During the USA Presidential Campaign, every commentator belonging from all political backgrounds requested Trump to deactivate the Twitter account but, what Trump did was bypassing a mainstream media in influence of a specific technology that helps in delivering the direct messages (, 2020). It is said that Donald Trump’s respective tweets tend to be proactive in nature as it strikes nerves and needs to talk boldly on the specific themes related to sexism, globalism and nationalism. The well-known and famous communicator uses Twitter to appeal to the targeted followers as single individuals and the tweets are considered to be unfiltered, revealing and spontaneous. 

The primary lesson for budding business leaders in this part, is to acknowledge that authenticity does matters and it is something that converts the one-to-one relationships and one-to-many messages, with numerous benefits for the equity. It can be concluded that a majority of the organisational CEO’s adapt to the relatively safe approach of initiating intimacy via personal disclosure instead of provocation to appeal to the targeted audience (, 2020). 

Emails – Email is an inexpensive, simple, and swift method of communicating and this is the reason it is utilized by President Trump. Nevertheless, messages must be composed cautiously to maintain a strategic distance from any errors between the different beneficiaries and the sender. Thus, these are a portion of the notable types of communication in the US Senator house (Kellner, 2016). They may utilize both of these or the same number as they need to, yet before that see every one of them, and choose which one will help pass on your message in the most ideal manner. President Trump thinks that its simpler to communicate thoughts and systems recorded as writings than to manage touchy or troublesome issues face to face. Due to its speed and directness, electronic mail, or "email", has become an advantageous method to speak with government bodies, media personals, and US Senator. The email can be utilized in numerous manners by the US President Trump, it has demonstrated to be a powerful publicizing and special medium. President Trump uses it to advance an item or administration. Inside an association, email ready framework is being utilized to transfer time delicate notices, for example, occasion updates (Kellner, 2016).

Written Communication – This written form of business communication consists of bulletin boards, letters, memos, advertisement and many more. It is said that this communication form is possibly utilised by those who want to exchange the same information to other individuals in varying locations (Prabavathi & Nagasubramani, 2018). As per business terms, business organisations monitor their written documents in such a way that these can be used as a source and evidence of transaction anytime. For example, the recently signed letter by Trump to the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) violated the federal Hatch Act (, 2020). 

Business communication in the work environment plays a fundamental role it not just assumes a significant job in accomplishing day to day objectives, yet it additionally significantly affects your profession. Seeing how individuals convey is significant for recognizing territories for development and functioning admirably with our associates (Hwang & Park, 2018). 

Analytical communication Style – Some well-known and famous communicators like President Trump want to speak with information data rather than feelings. They are regularly incredible at shaping strong contentions and come to their meaningful conclusions rapidly and unmistakably. This business correspondence style is regularly viable in a business domain and these individuals frequently hold upper administration positions. Analytical communicators can be viewed as definitive and educated as they regularly have elevated levels of information and expertise. President Donald Trump like to have explicit, quantifiable proof when coming to a meaningful conclusion, frequently utilizing numbers as proof. This permits them to move toward issues from an impartial perspective and can settle on them extraordinary chiefs. They utilize exact and practiced language to come to their meaningful conclusions. The logical correspondence style can be an exceptionally powerful one in business settings. Systematic communicators are not commonly the best conversationalists on the individual level. Casual conversation to discuss viably with expository style communicators (Ahmadian et al., 2017). The diagnostic correspondence style is a famous and powerful one in business settings however can be viewed as somewhat indifferent to those that impart utilizing different styles. 

When speaking with a analytical communicator you ought to consistently incorporate hard information, genuine numbers, and explicit language. Attempt to keep sentiments and feelings out of your contention and present data with realities. They may incline toward composed correspondence with the goal that they can pour over the information introduced. When talking with them, abstain from skirting the real issue and come to the heart of the matter. Dodge such an obscure language and guarantee you are clear about what you need the logical communicator will bless your heart.

Intuitive Communication Style – This specific style of business communication tends to be something i.e. contrary to analytical communicators. They lean toward a more easygoing, enormous picture way to deal with pass on their focuses and acknowledge when others do the similar. Subtleties aren't as critical to them and they favor out-of-the-container thinking. Intuitive communicators don't have to hear things in direct request to get ideas and favor a wide outline. They need an expansive outline or bit by bit directions, without the entirety of the interruptions that little subtleties can introduce. When speaking with individuals that incline toward this style, limit what you give them just to what in particular will relate straightforwardly to them. They need to know why you have picked this way in a major picture way. They  are open to framing and working with large thoughts. They lean toward unpredictable speculation on occasion. Offer them the chance to communicate their thoughts and have them paid attention to, and they will be more joyful in the work environment (Block & Negrine, 2017). 

They like to have the thoughts they are talking about pictured. Utilizing Origami to make organization graphs can be an incredible method to picture the structure of an organization for natural communicators. Working with intuitive communicators necessitates that you make a stride back and assess the subjects that you talk about from a presence of mind viewpoint. They are alright with huge thoughts yet may favor a visual portrayal of the subjects that you talk about in gatherings.

Functional Communication Style – Some communicators like President Donald Trump like to emphasis in on the cycle in general. This will set aside the effort to assemble a bit by bit plan for their assignments and ventures to guarantee that nothing gets skipped. In the event that you need to convey in the functional style or work with individuals who do, remember things realities to customize your communication to their style for a viable result (Abu Bakar & McCann, 2016).  President Trump prefer to have the complete strategic plans spread out in their reach, ideally bit by bit. Give them an opportunity to audit a cycle before you start executing it. They need to have a total comprehension of their obligations, courses of events, and other data to guarantee that they have a total handle of the task. This will pose a ton of inquiries, will interface with authority styles that permit them to pose inquiries and get insightful replies consequently. This will surely depend on input from the companions to improve after some time. This requirement may request input from those that utilization different business correspondence styles to see things from another perspective. 

A connection is tied in with building up a total comprehension of tasks before they start. This might create likewise incline toward questions and criticism, which can help other people better comprehend the ventures being referred to. When working with President Trump you ought to guarantee that they have all the accessible data forthright (Havránek, 2014). Giving them a composed timetable or rundown of desires before examining an undertaking gives them an opportunity to detail questions. Responding to these inquiries is significant for their prosperity.

Personal Communication Style -  This form of communication set the listener’s attention and focus on connections and feelings. They construct relation with associations and their partners to comprehend more likely what they are thinking. There are rare things to focus that should be considered when working with personal communicators to guarantee an effective result. They respond even more decidedly to individual interchanges, they need to know how you think and believe and are less worried about the subtleties (Nai & Maier, 2018). Conveying through email can be an irritating encounter for them. They feel better when they know how you are feeling. Try not to be reluctant to offer them a straight response with respect to how you are feeling about a venture or subject. Set aside the effort to give them access to your considerations to build up a superior association with them. These individuals will tell you precisely how they feel and anticipate that you should do likewise. 

This can be viewed as amateurish to a few, yet an enthusiastic association encourages them impart viably. They adore to tune in and are ordinarily acceptable at streamlining clashes. They are worried about the strength of their relationship so will make a special effort to ensure everybody engaged with an undertaking or errand feels heard. While toiling with an personal communicator it's essential to set up an association before jumping into the subtleties of a task. Utilize enthusiastic language and consider getting some information about specific feelings or choices (Nai et al., 2019) 

3.0 Conclusion 

In this folio, an analysis of every individual style and form of business communication has been conducted in relevance to the communication style and form of the well-known and famous communicator Donald Trump. A brief knowledge of business communication has been provided in this folio, in order to provide the learners with the extensive knowledge of types and styles of business communication analysing every element critically. The outcomes  and experience gained from this task has helped in observing, listening and analysing every modes used by an effective communicator to communicate with the appealed listeners. Business correspondence styles appeared by the workers and individual is a significant part in fruitful coordinated effort. Seeing how it imparts about the communication styles of people around you are in a distinct advantage. It incorporates our non verbal communication and the conduct that follows our words. 

To adequately interact with people around you, it is useful to realize the distinctive correspondence styles. While different style is innately better than the other, picking the correct style for the correct crowd is basic. It is important to comprehend that genuine words are only a little segment of how a communicator speak with its associates consistently. A lot of what is imparting is imbued in the different business activities, non-verbal communication and conduct while conveying.

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