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DATA4300 Monetisation of Data Case Study: Data Security and Ethics Assessment 1 Answer

Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Data Security and Ethics
Assessment Title:
Case Study: Monetisation of Data
Assessment Type:
Written Assessment
Word Count:
30 %
Total Marks:

Your Task

  • This assessment is to be done individually.
  • Students are to write a 1000-word report on the monetisation of data.
  • You will receive marks for content, appropriate structure and referencing.

Assessment Background

Data monetisation is about using data to create or increase existing revenue. Using direct monetisation means selling your data to third partieswhereas indirect monetisation is about making revenue from insights from the data, such as understanding existing customers, gaining new customers or finding cost savings, business opportunities and avoiding risk.

Assessment Instructions

Choose one of the following industries,

  • Healthcare
  • Retail - clothing
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Motor vehicles
  • Fast Foods

Research one example of a business using data monetisation within the industry you chose above and complete Part A-D.

Part A: Introduction and use on monetisation (350 words, 10 marks)

  • Introduce the idea of monetisation.
  • Describe how it is being used in by the company you chose.
  • Explain how it is providing benefit for the business you chose.

Part B: Ethical, privacy and legal issues (350 words, 10 marks)

  • Research and highlight possible threats to customer privacy and possible ethical and legal issues arising from the monetisation process.
  • Provide one organisation which could provide legal or ethical advice.

Part C: GVV and code of conduct (300 words, 8 marks)

  • Now suppose that you are working for the company you chose as your case study. You observe that one of your colleagues is doing something novel for the company, however at the same time taking advantage of the monetisation for themself. You want to report the misconduct. Describe how giving voice to values can help you in this situation.
  • Research the idea of a code of conduct and explain how it could provide clarity in this situation.

Part D: References and structure (2 Marks)

  • Include a minimum of five references
  • Use the Harvard referencing style
  • Use appropriate headings and paragraphs

You will be given a maximum of two marks for this section.


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