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Customer Satisfaction in Market of Smartphone Assessment Answer

For this assignment, due at the end of week 6, you must use the contents of your blogs to date, in particular also the feedback from A1.1, to prepare a project proposal. The proposal is an individual assessment, to be written in professional report format, and contains the following:

  • Title page (with a clear project title), executive summary, table of contents
  • Background, problem statement and research question(s). This section functions as the introduction to your report. It needs to provide a clear overview of the project in the context of its background, why the problem needs to be researched, and the research question(s) your project will answer.
  • Literature review. A short, preliminary literature review that demonstrates your ability to critically review literature and theory relevant to your project.
  • Research methodology. A clear presentation of the data source(s) you will use, as well as a detailed description of how you will collect and analyse the data. You should attempt to also explain why your chosen approaches to data collection and analysis will be suitable for your project. Remember that you may only use publicly available secondary data.
  • Reference list. All sources, which you have used in the text of your project proposal, need to be referenced correctly in the text AND within a reference list at the end of your proposal. You are required to use a MINIMUM of 10 suitable peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

Note: The required length for this report is 1,200 words (+/- 10%), excluding preliminaries, reference list and appendices. Appendices are optional and should be used for supplementary material only. You must use common font (e.g. Arial or Times New Roman) with font size 11 or 12, as well as appropriate margins and spacing.Assessment criteria (click here to view the detailed marking rubric):

  • Background, problem statement and research question(s) (25%)
  • Preliminary critical literature review (20%)
  • Proposed research methodology (30%)
  • Quality and appropriateness of references, and accuracy of referencing (10%)
  • Professional written communication (10%)
  • Blogs from weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 (5%)

TOPIC : "Customer Satisfaction in Smartphone market"

The asignment should most contain the secondary raw material and research question should be qualitative



Executive Summary:

This proposal will discuss the topic based on the importance of customer satisfaction in the market of the Smartphone. It will discuss the significance of customer satisfaction to increase the sale and revenue of the business of the Smartphone market. It will review the literature based on this topic to collect more relevant data based on customer satisfaction. 



In this assignment the proposal for conducting a research on the topic of importance of satisfaction among customers in relation to Smartphone industry is presented. It will discuss how the Smartphone organization enhances the customer satisfaction level and establish a strong brand image. It will identify the research question based on the chosen topic to critically review the topic more efficiently. In the second stage, it will review the literature based on the satisfaction among customers and its importance in the Smartphone industry to collect more in-depth information about this. Finally, it will demonstrate the importance and suitability of the secondary data collection in this process.

Problem Statement:

In the proposal, it will discuss the significance of a satisfied customer base in the Smartphone industry. The Smartphone industry is a highly competitive market and also it’s a brand conscious market. The most challenging task of the Smartphone market is to develop a strong brand image of their organization in front of the customers. Customer Satisfaction linked to the brand image of the company. The effective satisfied customer plays an effective role in the Smartphone industry (Yang and Shim, 2018). Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of the Smartphone, features, and sustainability of the products offered by the Smartphone organization. Customer satisfaction plays a significant role to maintain and improve the organization’s profitability. It plays an important role in creating a competitive business environment within an organization that increases the repeat sales of their product, increases loyalty among customers, and enhances the positive word-of-mouth among customers, etc (Kumar and Menon, 2017). It is the main reason to research this topic through review the literature.

Research aim:

To examine the impact and importance of the customer’s satisfaction level in the market of the Smartphone.

Questions of the research:

Following research questions developed by the author to fulfil the research aim

  1. Why the satisfied customer base is important for the market of the Smartphone?
  2. How the Smartphone industry enhances the customer satisfaction level towards their brand?
  3. What is the significance of having a satisfied customer base in the Industry of Smartphone?
  4. How the satisfaction level of customers increases sales and revenue of the Smartphone industry?

Literature review:

As the literature by Dunuwille and Pathmini (2016), customer satisfaction linked to the brand image of the Smartphone industry. The company’s brand image includes the highest quality, loyalty factor of the brand, effective brand associations, and brand awareness. The Smartphone organization should keep their focus on positive brand awareness to increase the satisfaction level among the customers (Rehman, 2016). The organization should establish a strong brand image of the Smartphone Company by satisfying the customers’ needs to keep the attention of customers towards the Smartphone brand (Mostert et al., 2016). As the literature of Díaz (2017), customer satisfaction is an important and significant factor in the market of smartphones. A satisfied customer base strongly enhances loyalty among customers that plays a significant role to retain the customer base for the Smartphone Industry. The satisfaction and expectation of customers depend on the following factors such as effective customer care facility, effective packages of discounts, plans and tariffs, innovative and creative features in the Smartphone, quality, and sustainability of smartphones, etc. These factors influence the positive categories of satisfaction levels among the customers. These factors also enhance the customers’ loyalty factor that increases the repeat sales of the Smartphone industry. It helps the Smartphone market to increase the customer retention factor that also helps the Smartphone industry to overcome the barriers in the market (Chen et al., 2016). The effective customer satisfaction level helps the Smartphone industry to maintain a competitive position around the market. As the literature by Lai and Nguyen (2017), the customer satisfaction level directly creates an impact on the business profitability factor. Based on this literature review, the organization should implement effective market strategies that help them to increase their market share. The organization should keep its focus on the choice and needs of the people to develop smartphones according to the customers’ needs. It helps them to meet the satisfaction and expectation of customers that increase the customers’ engagement level with the Smartphone industry. Based on this literature review, positive and effective customer service quality creates a positive effect on the satisfaction level of customers. Customers always compare the customer’s perceived and expected customer service from the Smartphone Industry that develops customers’ satisfaction level towards the Smartphone industry (Kim and Park, 2019). Customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty highly correlated with each other. Customer’s satisfaction level increases the loyalty among customers that influences the customer to repeatedly purchase the Smartphone from a particular brand without any type of commitment between the valuable customers and brand. The high level of customer loyalty influences the sustainability of the Smartphone business in the competitive market. The high level of satisfaction and loyalty among customers positively influences the spread of positive and effective marketing through word-of-mouth among the other non-customers (Garga et al., 2019). It influences other non-customers to purchase products from a particular organization or brand. It indicates that the positive word-of-mouth and repeat purchasing intention increases the sale of the Smartphone industry that enhances the revenue of the business. As a review of the literature by Muhammad et al., (2016), the satisfaction level of the customers creates an effect on the relationship in the organisation between the good quality of the services and customer loyalty and also the relationship between the business services and values perceived by the customer and customer loyalty. In the recent era of marketing, the Smartphone market should also consider the social media platform to provide the highest efficient services to their customers that enhance the customer satisfaction level more efficiently (Kim et al., 2016). Social media platform helps the Smartphone industry to instantly connect with their customers (Saha et al., 2016). It helps the Smartphone industry to develop positive brand awareness among their customer that increases word-of-mouth marketing. Positive word-of-mouth by loyal customers on the Social media platform helps the Smartphone market to attract huge customers for their brand (Pumim et al., 2017). It helps the Smartphone industry to enhance its brand image in front of the huge customer base. Conceptual framework

Fig 1: Conceptual framework 

Source: (created by author)

Proposed research methodology:

Collection method of data:

This proposal would use the secondary collection method to collect information and data regarding the satisfaction level of customers in the market of the Smartphone. This proposal collects the data through a review of the articles and journals based on this topic. This secondary collection method will be beneficial for further research to collect in-depth information about the importance of the customers’ satisfaction and how it influences the business of the Smartphone market (Ellram and Tate,  2016). It is more flexible to collect information from the research paper, journals, and articles developed by the other authors. It indicates that the secondary collection method would be suitable for collecting the information and data regarding the customers’ satisfaction level in the market of the Smartphone. 

Method of analyzing data:

The qualitative analysis method will useful for conducting further research based on the above-chosen topic. It will help the researcher to analyze the collected information more efficiently and elaborately.

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