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CTEC 104 Diversity in Teams Increases Organisational Performance Assessment Answer


COURSE:Bachelor of IT
Communication and Technology
Unit Code:
CTEC 104
Type of Assessment:
Individual Written Theory (Essay)
1000 Words

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
  • Understand communication as a complex process and the role of different factors and elements in that process
  • Understand the importance of effective intercultural and technological communication in the global professional IT environment
  • Write academic, business and IT documents
Assessment Task:
  • Diversity in teams increases organisational performance.
  • Communication skills in the workplace are more important than technical expertise.
Total Mark:
100 Marks


Write an argumentative essay on any one of the statement given below.

  • Diversity in teams increases organisational performance.
  • Communication skills in the workplace are more important than technical expertise.



Thesis statement: This essay addresses the concern whether or not workplace diversity enhances organizational performance. Workplaces are subjected to high level of complexity in structure and subsequent functions where diversity in cultures talents and backgrounds due to globalized working takes place. With the aspect of diversity, intercultural performances are possible get enhanced (Dello Russo et al., 2017). When cross cultural interaction is carried out through IT environment acceptance of talents and cultures from different skill aspects create performance benefit impacts.  Globalized communication is established growth in personal knowledge and helps companies better in successful productivity. Some cultures speak of new products, some about new techniques and skills. When these ideas blend due to diversity workplaces like IT benefit in performance excellence with creative and new solutions. Acceptance to multiple skilled employees, creating transfer of learning and exchange in cultural values across multiple diversities in knowledge ideas help to create innovation and better evolved creative outcomes that foster performance of employees and companies at large. 

For a contemporary day workplace organization in twenty first century, multicultural workplace through communication effectiveness is necessary. Turning the intercultural operation at workplace to reach a global paradigm needs blend of communication equipments to foster the organization. Professionals from the Information Technology (IT) environment require to be empowered with communication tools so that globalized conducts are carried out through the organizational workplace (Roberson et al., 2017). Diversity at workplace are depicted through knowledge backgrounds, talents or skill sets, races, religions or genders which require the barriers to be mitigated through the mediator, communication. Asiaan cultures foster skills and labor to know all intricate innovation and research in IT whereas European have new ideas of products. When diversity through cultural inclusion take place between them some innovation gets invented in IT prospects. 

Diversity at workplace is inevitable when intercultural attributes are embraced to include global operation on professional levels. Communication is the key to device performance synergies with workforce professionals operating from diverse backgrounds (Wu et al., 2017). Strategic procedural mapping as an onboard method to grab new employees to enhance diversity in workplace culture adds finesse to performance standards. For coordinating across IT professionals on global platform, unified workplace station is identified where exchange if ideas, knowledge transmission from diverse employee experience, backgrounds helps foster performance productive outputs (Kundu and Mor, 2017). It is the ideal location where integration of employee trainings and dynamic programs are collaborated which is possible for each new person to accomplish. Rather than perceiving diversity as a challenge at workplace, it needs to be conceived as strength of the workplace to work with multiple talents, intercultural mindsets and operate on globally dynamic regions. 

For a company to excel in performance skills with rewarding results the workplace diversity needs to be channelized using smart communication infusion (Weiss et al., 2018). Working within culturally diversified organizations in IT firms engage multinational interactions where innovation, evolution are discussed. This necessitates multiple cultures to work on common medium which requires a general communication standard to be followed. Working with multinational diversity is facilitated in performance through technological support of mails, texts, and Skype video conferences to foster work setting to generate progressive and improved working outputs. The greater diversity in skills, talents, knowledge and understanding across cultures throughout IT firm, the better and refined becomes the performance. This makes multicultural or multi-talented dynamism work in smooth and efficient way to reach solutions faster and error-free manner with diversity embracing inclusive culture at workplace where skill levels of different employees create better learning possibilities. Acceptance towards diversity in gender, race, culture, talents, experiences and knowledge backgrounds within IT firms result in reaching to unique and creative solutions (Hijal-Moghrabi et al., 2017). This empowers employees to connect across global professional skills with background and skill diversity to get the final output enhanced in quality dimensions. It is the extreme popularity of this communication approach that grows exponentially which works for performance results to support in favour of business aspects getting strengthened where diversity acts as a strength point to facilitate overall firm’s performance among employees. 

Performance across workplace where diversity is perceived as strength requires rich exchange of dialogues which is two way in natures. An honest interactive system between managements and employees make the internal workplace bond fostered. Enhancing comfort level of the employees is the major concern that global-based organizations operating with IT environment thrive for. Hence, organizations that adopt an open door policy for communication make changes in positive manner to yield productive performance outcomes in organizations which are globalized and induce multiple cultures (Alqahtani and Uslay, 2020). Employee communication their attitudes and team working behaviours are enhanced through multicultural effect where staffs and professionals are oriented to diversity inclusion. Skills and talents of diverse knowledge streams interact and exchange of ideas evolution of thoughts and enrichment in wider perspectives develop (Ali and Konrad, 2017). These collectively contribute towards better performance outcomes when workplaces try to reach globalized interventions involving employees from diverse backgrounds. 

For a diversely structured workplace organization with professionals belong from global skill levels and knowledge backgrounds in workplaces environment internal documentation needs to be make available very easily. Surveys and assessments among IT firms have indicated that industrial performances are enhanced with the multiple cultural blends at workplace to bring better objectivity in performance. This can be assured with strategic culture reformation through development of inclusive workplace design. This helps foster communication through understanding and taking perspectives of others to consideration.  (Duchek et al., 2019). The more the diversity the higher gets the performance excellence through diversity fostering programs keeping the goals under consideration. 


The greater the diversity in talents, skill sets and cultural mix the IT firms get acquainted with better exposure, capabilities and development opportunities (Garcia Martinez et al., 2017). Hence, performance excels with diversity encouragement. For the communication tools to be used to build up strong ties among diversity at workplace, the globalized platforms are created through better performance. Promoting diversity becomes a fundamental responsibility so that positive perceptions get developed among the workers through diversified employee initiatives. The greater level of acceptance would be created, the higher would become the employee strategic hiring from multiple cultures. IT industries have used diversity in recruitment so that performance level accelerates effectually to drive productivity and positivity. The common shared goals strengthen through work oriented conversation so that performance interests are motivated. 

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