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COM101 Creating Resume Template, Cover Letter And Linkedin Profile: Portfolio Assessment Two Answer

COM 101 Business Communications-Assessment Task Two Portfolio (Individual) 
Course Name
Bachelor of Business (Accounting) 
Unit Code
Unit Title
Business Communications
Trimester 2, 2020
Assessment Type
Individual Assignment
Assessment Title
Assessment Task Two Portfolio (Individual): CREATE A RÉSUMÉ TEMPLATE, COVER LETTER AND LinkedIn PROFILE 

Portfolio (Individual) Assessment Task Two Description: Create a Resume Template, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile  


The purpose of this task is to provide you with an opportunity to rehearse preparing a job application.  You will create a professional Resume and Cover Letter in response to a Job advertised on SEEK. You will also create your general Linked-In profile. You will demonstrate your knowledge of formal business communication skills.

1. Search for a relevant Job on-line. 

Search for a job, advertised in the last few weeks. Copy the job description and include in your portfolio as the first page of this assessment task. 

2. Résumé   

a.  Click on FILE > New then select from the Resume Templates offered by Word.

b. Save your chosen template in a folder especially created for items such as this and complete your template after considering the following: What will you include in your Résumé? A Résumé should generally include the following sections-

  • Education and qualifications.
  • Work and volunteer experience skills and qualities.
  • It should also include your full contact details and state that references are available upon request.

c. Writing your Résumé

  • Complete your contact information. Provide your full contact information at the top of the first page. Include your name, address, telephone number and email address. For resumes more than one page long, place your name in a header on every page. Your email address should be appropriate for a job application.
  • Consider including an objective. You might include a one-line objective that states you career goal. Employers have mixed opinions on this, but if you do so make it short and closely focused to the position you are applying for. 
  • Outline your education and qualifications. Detail your education qualifications as appropriate. List the institutions and schools you've attended, in reverse chronological order. Give the date you achieved your results. You might include a bullet point or two to provide further information on your specialisation, if it’s appropriate. This section normally comes after your work history unless you're a recent graduate, in which case it will generally precede it.  Include any honours or awards you achieved as part of your studying or training here.
  • Provide details of your work experience. List the positions you have held in reverse chronological order, with the start and end dates (month and year). In a chronological resume, the dates should be listed first, while they can be listed after the position title in a functional resume. Highlight the key tasks and responsibilities you had at each position, your achievements, and what skills you developed there. Use bullet points to make sure it is easy to read or scan through for key words. Include volunteer positions if they relate to the job you are seeking.
  • Have an extra skills section. Most of your skills will have been covered in your education and experience sections, but it may be useful to have a separate skills section where you can highlight any skills and knowledge you have that are relevant but does not fit in anywhere else. You can title this section as 'Other Relevant Skills', or just 'Skills'. This could include proficiency in foreign languages, knowledge of computer software and programs, and any other specific skills not previously mentioned.
  • Should you provide references? You should only include named references with contact information if they are specifically required for the application process.  Often references will only be taken up later. 
  • Formatting:  Once you have listed your information, format it as desired. Choose an easy-to read font. All text should be 10 to 12 point, except for your name in the first-page header, which can be 14 to 18 point. Bold your name, your section headings, and your job titles. Allow reasonable margins around the edges of the page. Word's default settings are usually enough for this. Left-align your section headings. You can use single-spacing after a heading and before the section content and double-spacing before a heading. Reduce your resume to one page if possible. You could adjust your line spacing, but don’t lose your neat formatting trying to get it down to one page. Check your wording and try to be concise. 

3. Cover letter 

Write a short cover letter, to go with your Résumé.  You are asked to relate it to the specific job opportunity you found on 

  • Briefly, your cover letter should make clear what position you are applying for, and give at least one reason why you believe you are an applicant worth considering.  It should be consistent with what you say about yourself in your Résumé.
  • Your Cover letter must be no more than a single page in length. It must follow the conventions of formal letter writing, even though you may intend to send it electronical.
  • Refer to numerous examples provided in your textbook, and readily available in many locations online.

4. LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become the most popular worldwide site for people to make professional contacts: to seek out potential employees, business partners and professional collaborators of various kinds, and for potential employees to build their social media profile at a professional (not just a personal and social) level.  

You should be guided by what level of content you think will tell your ‘story’ about yourself concisely and appropriately. However, as a minimum you should provide a photograph of yourself, indicate what career area you are interested in and what qualifications you are pursuing. You will be able to add to it over time. 

It is useful to look at what some already-successful people do. Check out some other profiles before doing yours.

Take a screenshot of your newly created LinkedIn page and place it in the document you will be uploading for assessment.


Personal Details

Name: Zubaer Sayed;      Email: [email protected];          Phone: 07670141103

Career Objectives

A full time student looking for a job where require a dedicated, young and enthusiastic employee. Very keen to work in an active environment and know how to contribute for the company’s benefits. If you need any evidence of my previous job experience don’t be hesitate to call my referees. Also, I can show my previous jobs payslip as evidence if you need. 

Personal Skills
  • Excellent client relationship and client focus services 
  • Effective communication skills; multilingual ability 
  • Flexible - adaptable working in different shifts and work rotation
  • Tremendous conflict resolution, negotiation and time management skills 
  • Organisational, trustworthy & effective team member 
  • Fast learner: can get used to jobs quickly
  • Excellent computing skill with MS office
Tertiary Education

2015 – to-dateBachelor of Prof. AccountingSt. George College, (TAFE NSW)
2012-2014GPA (Year 12)Dhaka Imperial College

Current Employment

May 2016 – August 2018

Grocery Retailer and Customer Service,

Coles Supermarket, 694 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay North, NSW 2030

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs
  • Filling Shelves
  • Open and close cash registers
  • Compute sales prices, total purchases and receive and process payment
  • Maintain records related to sales
  • Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise
  • Ticket, arrange and display merchandise to promote sales
Employment History (previous)

August 2018 to Till Continuing

Customer Dealing and Alcohol Retailer

Dan Murphy’s, 767-779 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serving customers
  • Convincing the customers 
  • Stacking shelves with Alcohol 
  • Ticking off sheets to make sure everything has come in on the load. 
  • Cleaning up each night and completing paperwork by counting money in the till.

Ahmed Shams           Susan

Team Member, IGA, Summer Hill                 Store Manager, Dan Murphy’s, Rosebery                                                  Phone: 0474707889                                      Phone: 0416364752                                                                  



A full-time student and a customer-focused professional with more than four years of expertise in optimising customer service, sales and maintenance. I am looking for the right job, which could provide an active environment and a platform to learn how to contribute to the service of customers while maintaining the interests of the company.  I am Keen on developing a comprehensive knowledge of customer dealing strategies, administrating and markets to strategise the sales goals of the company. Builds immediate rapport with customers to sustain results-driven communications to produce long-term partnerships. Continuously leverages strengths in analytics, leadership, and creative problem solving to identify new opportunities, expand the customer base, deepen existing relationships, and satisfy corporate objectives. 
Key skills include:
  • Customer service approach
  • Sales/Marketing Strategy
  • Market Analysis                                            
  • Team Leadership                                                            
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Customer Service 
  • Key Account Management 

Executive Summary
  • A full-time student graduating in Professional Accounting from St. George College.
  • An extremely agile professional with a substantial understanding of increasing sales revenues, maximising sales, developing profitable and productive customer relationships. 
  • An impressive communicator with honed interpersonal,  negotiation, convincing and analytical skills
  • Highly impressive in customer dealing and satisfaction.
  • Capable of managing stock and perusing related paperwork. 
Current employment
Dan Murphy’s 
767-779 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018
Job Title: Customer Dealing and Alcohol Retailer
Key task and responsibilities
  • Establish healthy communication with the customer and provide customers' services
  • Understanding the requirements of customers and convincing them
  • To understand the taste of the customers and try to maintain the stocks accordingly
  • Strategies to attract good customers
  • Maintain the display of alcohol in the stacking shelves 
  • Checking the inventory and maintain the records of the sales and available stock. 
  • To maintain the cleaning after every each night and maintenance of the paperwork
  • To keep the maintenance of the records related to the amount
  • Introduction of the new strategies and offers to improve sales and customer satisfaction
Achievements and skills developed
  • This work provided me with an opportunity to provide excellent customer service
  • I have learned to develop an individualised customer-based approach to fulfil the requirement of each and every customer
  • I am learning to understand the choices of the customers.
  • I am learning to maintain the money related records
  • I am learning how to develop the brand value
  • I am learning how to develop customer relationship to improve sales and customer satisfaction
  • This work is improving my communication skills, management skill and administration skill as an alcohol retailer to create a chain of satisfied customers to increase the sales

Past Experience
May 2016 – August 2018  
Coles Supermarket, 694 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay North
NSW 2030
Job Title: Grocery Retailer and Customer Service
Key task and responsibilities
  • Greeting the customers and to provide the items according to the requirement of the customers
  • Response to the queries of the customers and try to understand the choice of the customers 
  • To provide the information of new products to the customers
  • Maintain the display of items in the shelves
  • Maintaining the cash registers
  • Receive and processing of the payments
  • Maintenance of the payment records
  • Calculation of the sales prices and keep a record of the total sales 
  • Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise
  • Ticket, arrange and display merchandise to promote sales
Achievements and skills developed
  • This work provided me with an opportunity to work towards the satisfaction of customers while keeping maintaining the dignity of the company.
  • I have learned the maintenance of records of sales and purchase in a proper way, display of goods in-store in respective shelves, answer the queries and providing quality of customer services.
  • I have learned prioritisation of task as per requirement.
  • I learned to develop a healthy professional relationship with the customers
  • This work improved my communication skills, management skill and administration skill in a positive way as retailer and customer service.
Professional Education
Dates of Attendance :   2015  To to date
University/College: St. George College  TAFE NSW
Degree obtained: Bachelor of Prof. Accounting
Academic Education: GPA (Year 12)
Dates of Attendance :   2012  To 2014
Dhaka Imperial College  Dhaka
Other Relevant Skills
  • Excellent client relationship and client focus services 
  • Effective communication skills; multilingual ability 
  • Flexible - adaptable working in different shifts and work rotation
  • Tremendous conflict resolution, negotiation and time management skills 
  • Organisational, trustworthy & effective team member 
  • Fast learner: can get used to jobs quickly
  • Excellent computing skill with MS office

References are available on requests

Job searched

Job Description: Customer Service/Admin Assistant

Company: Pro- Tential Pty Ltd.

4 November 2020, Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs,

Full time

Administration & Office Support, Administrative Assistant


 Dear Sir/Madam, 


With great interest, I am writing for the position of Customer Service/ Admin Assistant in Pro-Tential Pty LTD. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Prof. Accounting from St. George College, (TAFE NSW). I am a full time student and looking for a job which may enhance my learning process. I am looking for a job where I could work along with my studies and I am available to work in different shifts.

Presently, I am working as Customer dealing and Alcohol Retailer at Dan Murphy’s for almost two years. Earlier I had worked as a Grocery Retailer and Customer Service at Coles Supermarket for nearly two years. 

During my work experience, I have gained imperative sales skills like customer service, impressive communication skills, individual and team working, quick problem solving and keen learning skills. I have also developed competence in Microsoft Office and am well versed with Word and Excel. I also have a handful experience of working on PowerPoint Presentation. 

My education and my job have transformed me into a well behaved, skilled and well-versed professional, who is capable of prioritizing tasks and achieving goals. My detailed resume is attached herewith for your kind perusal.

I hope that I will be able to apply my expertise and experience towards the betterment of your company. I am confident that I will perform at the highest level if given the opportunity. 

Thank you very much for your kind attention and consideration. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

With warm regards, 

Zubaer Sayed

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0479141103

LinkedIn profile

I am Zubaer Sayed, an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Prof. Accounting, and I am currently studying for my graduation at St. George College (TAFE, NSW). I had completed my high school education from the Dhaka Imperial College in 2014, after which I joined my college for under graduation in 2015.  

I am a dedicated full-time student at college and am currently looking for a job with a vacancy for a young, enthusiastic and diligent worker. I have always been a very proactive person by nature, and I like to work in an environment where many active individuals like me surround me. I always take it as my prime motive to do, not only for my benefits but, for the uplifting of the business I work for. I can confidently say I would be a punctual and devoted employee and would constantly contribute towards the welfare of the business as I immerse myself into the job. 

I am gifted to be able to communicate well with people, build a good rapport with them and thus establish a good relationship with my clients. I always strive to provide my best services to my clients. Another benefit that comes from my communication skills is that I can resolve conflicts smoothly and negotiate well with my customers. I come from a different home country, and I speak in a different native language. However, I am fluent in many languages, so I believe it is one of my greatest strengths that I am multi-lingual so I will be able to have a good outreach with different types of clients from different cultural backgrounds. My best strength is that I am very flexible and can easily adapt to change in environments. I can mould myself according to the situation, so I seldom have a hard time adjusting myself to the work conditions. I can flexibly adapt myself to work in rotation and different shifts of the day. I am an organised, punctual and trustworthy individual and am good at maintaining a proper work-life balance. Apart from being a fast learner, I have proficient computing skills with MS Office. 

I started my first job in May 2016 as a grocery retailer and customer service provider and worked till August 2018. My responsibilities included filling shelves, maintaining cash registers, computing sales prices, total purchases and processing payments, maintaining sales records and also promoting our sales. I am currently working as an alcohol retailer and have an experience of 2 years in this job. My current job requires me to serve my customers, stack shelves with the alcohol along with maintaining a proper record of every bottle that comes in the load and maintaining the cash register as well.

I believe I have a good deal of job experience and I have two referees who would be more than willing to have you contact them in case you want to know more about me and my job history: Ahmed Shams (0474707889) and Susan (0416364752)

Customer Testimonials