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BUSS101 Report Presenting Analysis and Findings on Illegal Drug Detection Test Assessment Answer

AT3 Written Report

The vast majority of security departments at airports test some of their passengers for illegal drugs. The passengers provide saliva samples which are tested by the security teams using an illegal drug test kit. One  company that makes illegal drugs test kits is  ABC Ltd.  ABC Ltd has made and trialled two new versions of an illegal drugs test, one is electronic and the other is non-electronic. ABC Ltd is now trying to find out which version of illegal drugs test is the most accurate. Furthermore, the Company has obtained metadata of previous illegal drugs tests conducted by security at the Darwin and Sydney airports. 

The Datasets

Dataset 1

Dataset 1 contains the results of a trial use of the electronic version of the illegal drugs detection test. The trial run was conducted to check the accuracy of the test. Unfortunately, not every sample containing illegal drugs  received a positive result and not every sample without any illegal drugs tested received a negative result.

The variables in this dataset are as follows:

Variable 1:  Drugs present?
Did the saliva sample contain illegal drugs (present or absent).

Variable 2: Test result?
 Did the Saliva sample test positive  (Positive or Negative).

Dataset 2

This dataset is the same as dataset 2, except it contains the results of a trial use of the non-electronic version of the illegal drugs test.

Dataset 3

Is metadata provided by the Darwin and Sydney airport security departments.

Variable 1: Location?
The location of Security Department - Sydney or Darwin? 

Variable 2: Number of tests? 

The number of drugs tests conducted in a certain period of time.

Variable 3: Number of positive results?
The number of positive results conducted in a certain period of time.

How to Download Your Dataset

The datasets are available in eLearning/Moodle in the "Assessment" tile under AT3 Written Report. The datasets are provided in MS Excel and the name of the file is "BUSS101 AT3 Dataset SS 2021". You will need to filter your dataset, copy and past your dataset in a new MS Excel Workbook.

. Do not use the dataset of another student. 

Your tasks

You need to process and analyse the sample datasets 1 to 3, provided to you in MS Excel. For each dataset, generate and analyse descriptive statistics to describe sample characteristics. This will involve, at least, the following analysis: Frequency (counts), proportions, means, standard deviations and correlation analysis. Then use inferential statistics to measure the accuracy of the descriptive statistics for the sample datasets. Based on your analysis of the datasets, answer questions such as:

Which illegal drugs test is better ? 

What is the difference between the amount Sydney uses the drugs tests and how much Darwin uses the drugs test?

Are there any unusual patterns in the metadata? 

You will write a 2,000-word report presenting your analysis and findings. The report should be structured as follows:

Executive Summary – Present the major findings and major recommendations from your analysis. This should be the first part of the report but you should do everything else first before writing the summary. 

Introduction – Outline the purpose of the report Provide a background of illegal drugs tests and explain the issues and problems with the accuracy of  these tests.. For the background, you will need to conduct research related to the datasets and rapid illegal drugs test . The purpose of the report should become  more clear after finding and explaining  the descriptive and inferential statistics. 

Methodology - Describe the methodology used for data analysis and justify your choice. 

Analyses and findings - Analyse the datasets to turn the data into useful information as follows:

Descriptive statistics: Sample characteristics will be described with descriptive analysis. This will include, at least, the following analysis: Frequency (counts), proportions, means, standard deviations and correlation. There have been many tutorials discussing how to summarize datasets with descriptive statistics use them as a guide. 

Inferential statistics: Inferential statistics will be used to measure the accuracy of the descriptive statistics used in the report. For example, for at least two sample averages find a 95% confidence interval for the population average and for at least two sample proportions find a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion

Discussion and managerial advice – Provide a discussion of the results. Discuss which illegal drugs test accurate. Also compare how often drug tests are used at Sydney and Darwin and make comments about any unusual patterns in the metadata

Limitations and directions for future research - Suggestions of how the research can be improved. You can suggest a very advanced study with many variables. You can propose new variables. You can discuss the problems with a small sample size and the different sample sizes.


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