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BUMGT5978 Individual Think Piece on Knowledge Presented in Course Assessment Task 3 Answer

Course Description (Higher Education)


Course ID BUMGT5978

Assessment Task 3: Individual Think Piece based on the knowledge and skills presented in this course

The following should be provided for each learning task:

This task is an individual task that can be undertaken in a number of modes. The "think piece" is a genre of writing “a bit more thought out” than a free write, but not a formal essay that must be revised.

Ways to consider the think piece:

  1. - as a carefully considered letter written to an interested friend, a new or veteran say, who is a big supporter of your journey... You'll want to convey our ideas to this friend* or colleague in no more than 2 pages).
  2. “a piece of writing which is meant to be thought-provoking and speculative that consists chiefly of background material and personal opinion and analysis.”(No more than 2 pages)
  3. a negotiated mode – i.e. using technology or a verbal presentation

This is the major piece and should be underpinned by knowledge & skills developed in the workplace or in class and of an academic standard that reflects a deep understanding of the importance of critical and creative thinking.


Critical thinking 

Critical thinking can be defined as the ability of a person to think with absolute clarity and rationality. Critical thinking increases a person’s ability of reasoning and allows the person to judge rightly and select the right over wrong (Nasifoglu et al., 2020). The skills that enable a person to think critically include the person’s observation power, analytical power, capability to draw inference, evaluation and interpretation of factual evidences, explanation, problem solving and decision making capabilities. Precisely, critical thinking ability of a person depends upon the effective utilization of the cognitive function of the brain. 

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is the ability to look at things with different perspective and finding innovative ways to solve a problem. Usually creative thinking is considered as a combination of thought and skills that are usually being associated with artistic endeavours such as painting a picture, composing music, and writing a novel (Rajoo, 2020). Although these are associated with creative thinking, not all creative thinkers are artists. Creative thinking ability is a prerequisite to master many professions and workplaces. Creative thinking helps in innovation and progress, in short it is indispensable for all professionals. The aspects of creative thinking are expressive abilities, inventive factors, productive abilities, innovation, and emerging alive. Creative thinking opens up new horizon to visualise an ordinary thing in a novel perspective. Some of the examples of creativity are exploring musical notes to create a person’s identity, and creating a handicraft using trash (Imanirad, Yang & Yeomans, 2016).

Significance of critical and creative thinking 

Critical and creative thinking are two essential psychological processes that help to give an in-depth understanding of an individual’s self-thought and how it impacts the personality of that individual. Both these psychological processes help in enhancing the cognitive ability of a person, one of the biggest signals of which is alertness of mind. 

These two processes in conjunction allow a person to analyse a situation neutrally. While critical thinking allows approaching a problem or situation rationally and sensibly, creative thinking using its imaginative power allows conceptualising innovative solution to a complex problem. Both these pattern of thinking contributes in strengthening a person’s power of reasoning. This in a way allows a person to find solution to any problem suiting best to one’s ability which consequently helps in boosting the self-confidence. As an example, learning about different concepts and ideas helped in enhancing my knowledge, while applying them with logical reasoning to solve my problems increased my confidence level.  

Maturity is one of the most important skills of self-development that contributes to have an effective life. Maturity increases with the level of experiences that one gathers through active participation and is dependent on one’s thinking process. Critical thinking helps in having logical connections between ideas that add up to gather real-time experiences eventually helping in gaining maturity (Lassoued, Awad & Guirat, 2020). Creative thinking on the other hand allows overcoming the issues with innovative ideas thus contributing to gain maturity. For example, applying critical and creative thinking for conflict management enables the mind not only to actively deal with similar circumstances in future but also helps with options to deal with the same. 

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