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BSBWOR404 Skills Audit and Evaluation for Developing Training Plan Assessment 2 Answer

BSBWOR404: Assessment 2

What you have to do

In this assessment you will complete a Skills Audit in Task 1 as indicated in the example below then use this to develop a training plan in Task 2. In Task 3 you are required to discuss how you will monitor your progress.

If you are currently working and have recently completed a skills audit and now have a current training plan, you can supply these as evidence of your competence. The skills audit must have taken place in the last 6 – 12 months.

Please note: You will need to write two pages for Task 1 and Task 2. In Task 3 you are required to write 1-2 pages.

Task 1 - Skills audit and evaluation for developing a training plan

Conduct a skills audit by listing all the skills you have gained through your work and life experiences. (You can narrow these down to a specific job or organisational situation with which you are currently involved.)

Next, think about how these skills apply to your job or to the organisation that you are involved with and evaluate which skills need developing and would benefit from training.

If you are not currently employed, consider a suitable position you would like to work in for example, Office Manager, then find a job advertisement for that position. Identify all the skills and knowledge required from the information in that advertisement and your understanding of this role. List them in the skills audit table below and then add your own personal skills and knowledge to the list. Rate each of your skills, knowledge and attributes.


The example below is an indication of the types of skills to include. Create a table like the one below with your information and submit it for marking. Be sure to indicate how you rate in each area, as shown in the example.

Example of Skills Audit:

Knowledge and skillsThis is my strong pointI’m OK

I need to improve
Word processingü

Using Excel to prepare spreadsheet

Time management
Conflict management

Communication skills (written, oral, interpersonal)ü

Decision making

Working in a teamü

Other knowledge and skills…

Examine your completed list and briefly discuss the skills you identified as requiring training. Why do you feel you need to improve in these areas?

Task 2 - Developing your training plan for the next 12 months

It is important for you to consider training and personal development that will bring the best results in achieving organisational goals as well as those that will achieve your personal goals.

By identifying the skills gaps you are able to put into place a plan for training or development of the gaps.

You are expected to examine your skills to find gaps that would be addressed through training. (If you cannot identify gaps with your current role then you should examine one that you would like to have in 3-5 years time then use the gaps to develop a plan for training that will assist you to secure that role).

If you are not currently employed in an appropriate business position, use the Skills audit you completed in Task 1 or another appropriate Skills audit.

Prepare a training plan like the example below by listing all the gaps you identified in the Skills audit and determine how you will achieve those skills and knowledge to assist you in performing your current job more efficiently or obtaining your dream job.

Explain the importance of a Skills Audit and Training Plan when considering personal training and development. How do they contribute towards achieving your personal goals?

Example: Training and development plan for the next 12 months

Skills I need to learn/ improveLearning activitiesWhenWhat I hope to achieve
Motivating my group
Enrol in course ‘Promote team effectiveness’
Attend team meetings
MayStrategies for team building
Ideas and strategies for increasing team motivation
Innovative ideas from team members
Problem solving as a team
Using Excel to produce spreadsheetsEnrol in Excel course at TAFEJuneTo be able to create simple spreadsheets and enter formulas
Other skills….

Task 3 - Monitoring personal training and development progress

Discuss how you will monitor your training and development progress over the next 12 months. What tools will you use to ensure that you meet your plan?

Task 4 – Store and maintain records and documents relating to achievements and assessments in accordance with organisational requirements

Discuss why it is important for organisations to keep training documentation and where would these documents be kept in an organisation, also discuss the types of records/documents held and how you would maintain security of these files.


BSBWOR404: Assessment 2

Task 1 - Skills audit and evaluation for developing a training plan

The skill audit is needed as it can help me identify the skill which I should work on to be better skilled individual and better prepared for real work life situation. The training plan is needed so that there is proper direction about what skill improvement and why it should be achieved. These skill audit and training plan will contribute toward achievement of my personal goals by making me better equipped to fulfill all the criteria effectively and efficiently using those improved skill. 

Knowledge and Skills This is my strong point I am ok I need to improve 
Communication skill 

Use excel to analyse data 

Time management 

Conflict management 


Analytical skill 

Decision making 

Technical knowledge 


There are three areas in which I have identified as the areas which needed improvement. The first area is conflict management, and in this area, I have assessed to be required improved as currently, I am unable to give positive input to resolve the conflict in the workplace due to lack of experience.  Therefore, I needed to gain more experience and observe how others resolve the conflict in the workplace.

The second area is proactiveness as although I never deny or disown a duty or responsibility given to me by the organization, but I needed to be more proactive and should take more responsibility or give suggestion on my own without anyone other initiation. Therefore, proactiveness is another area which required more training. 

The third area is the problem solving, and I have assessed this as another area which required improvement as I cannot resolve the conflict which forms a significant part of the problem solving and also,I sometimes panic in time some problem arise. Therefore, I have assessed that needed more training so that I could remain calmer in such situation. 

Task 2 - Developing your training plan for the next 12 months

Skills I need to learn/ improveLearning activitiesWhenWhat I hope to achieveWhy it needed to be improve 
Conflict management Experience and observation about how the senior deals with different conflict. Taking consult from different senior By October 2021 Better skill in resolving conflict in the workplace which involve not only me but also those in which I may not be part of. This skill needed to be improve as the conflict management is needed to finish team project which involve most of my project currently it can be seen that in situation, I fall to effectively resolve the conflict
Proactiveness Listening to management training about how an employee can improve productivity by becoming more proactive in my work By  July 2021 Having a better idea about the ways by which I can improve productivity in the workplace by being proactiveness without being intrusive.  This skill is needed as the current business environment is very dynamic in nature and to be able to keep up with this dynamic environment, it is important to be proactive. This skill needed to be improved as sometime I feel I miss opportunities due to lack of my proper proactiveness. 
Problem-solving Taking some leadership course and also try to consult the senior as much as possible By October 2021 Having an improved skill and calm mind to solve the different issue which arises in work. This skill is needed to be improved as to complete a task, there will be several issues faced by me which may not be foresee by me. So in that case problem solving skill can be very useful for me to be able to finish different tasks. This skill is needed to be improved as currently in time of issue, I sometime panic and fail to resolve that problem more effectively. 

Task 3 - Monitoring personal training and development progress

The monitoring of the training and development over the 12 months will be done in different ways and different tools. First of all, I will try to evaluate my progress in three areas which are problem solving, proactiveness and conflict management daily through reflective logs. In these reflective logs, I will record all steps that have been taken by me in those areas to better these three skills of mine. 

Also, these reflective logs will record any event which involved using these skills and also record how I have performed in term of those areas. This reflection will give an idea to me about the progress which has been made in those areas, and the mistake still made by me in those areas(Self-Assessment Methods, 2020). Therefore, these reflection logs are one of the tools which will be used to give direction about the progress of the development of this skill. 

Another tool is feedback from the supervisor and seniors about the progress that has been made in three areas by me by comparing how I was performing in those areas before and how I am is performing now after using different methods to better these skills. Therefore, these individuals who have high experience will be able to give unbiased judgment about the progress which has been made by me in those areas. 

So, under this tool, I  will ask for review or feedback after each event in which I have used those skills from those seniors who knew me before and also have attended those events. Therefore, these individuals’ feedback will be used as another method to monitor the development of these three areas or skills which, according to me needed development. 
Task 4 – Store and maintain records and documents relating to achievements and assessments in accordance with organizational requirements

It is important for the organization to keep training documentation so that there is proper evaluation of the effectiveness of the training programs of the business and also so that more steps can be taken to better the training programs of the business. The training documentation will be able to evaluate the training programs as these programs can be reviewed after some period to assess whether the training objective is reflected in the working of the employees in the organization or not. Also, the feedback of the employees and trainer will able to identify the limitation in those training program and identification of these limitations can help to remove them. 

All the digital documentation of the training programs should be kept in the safe database of the business for at least three years, which should be accessible to only some authorized people. Also, the physical documentation should be kept in the data storage room in the organization and there should adequate security process in these storage systems and should be accessible by human resource department and some other management personnel. These records should also be kept for at least three years(Occupational Health & Safety, 2020)

The type of training documentation which should be kept includes the details of the training programs which include what the training program entails of, duration of it, who attend it, etc. Also, this documentation will include the feedback of the employee and trainer about the training programs about how useful it has been and how it can be improved

The digital and physical training documentation security is different in some way, but one aspect which should remain i both types of documentation is proper clarity about who can access the data and also accountability about who has accessed the data and the reason for using those data. This will lead to clarity and better tracking of the training documentation Also, in the digital documentation, there will be three layers of the security will be kept in the database so that there is a breach in the system and also if any change is made in the system, then the system will automatically record which changes when and by whom. In the physical documentation, the authorization will have to take from before accessing these data and also a person will be given the responsibility to check that the records are in place after and has not been harmed in any way. 

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