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BSBWOR404 Project Planning for New Office Assessment 1 Answer

BSBWOR404: Assessment 1

What you have to do

You can demonstrate your competency in this unit by completing the following assessment.

Task 1

Think of a specific project you have been or are currently involved with and give a brief description of the project as part of your answer. You can use an organisation with which you are familiar.

If you are not working you can assume that you are organising a 21st birthday party with a Hollywood theme for your best friend for 100 guests. You can decide how, where, and when the party will occur.

List and explain the main steps you will use in planning for the project. In your answer also consider the role of contingency planning. (at least two pages in length)

Task 2

Name and explain three types of technology you could use in scheduling and monitoring your work plans. (If you already use technology for this purpose, you can provide evidence of their use in support of your answer).

How should you analyse your work objectives and incorporate them into your personal work schedule? (minimum one page in length)

Task 3

Feedback is a powerful tool in the workplace or life in general. Identify three different groups of people that can provide you with feedback. Use specific situations to explain how feedback can assist in improving your performance. (minimum one page in length)

Task 4

Prioritising your work is important. Do you prioritise your activities or just do what you feel like doing?

Identify four tools/techniques you have seen in this unit or elsewhere that you can use to help you prioritise your activities.

Describe how you would apply these prioritising tools/techniques either by supplying evidence or by explaining from situations familiar to you. (minimum one page in length)

Task 5

Identify and describe three personal performance standards that relate to you in your workplace or a workplace with which you are familiar. (minimum one page in length)

Task 6

What self-assessment methods should you use to analyse your performance to ensure that you are achieving work objectives? Outline at least two self-assessment methods you would use to analyse your performance. (minimum two page in length)


Task 1

The project with which currently involved in is the development of a new office in the organization in which I work. Under this project, I directly involved in the preparation of the new office room for new employees and the process. In the process of preparation of the office, I am involved in the renovation and repair of that office space, interior decorating that space and also setting all necessary office equipment in that office space. Although the office space which will be used is already constructed but as it has not been used for a long time, therefore, it needed renovation and repair to make it bring up to the working condition. All these have to be done within two-and-a-half-week time, and therefore, time management becomes a significant part of this project. 

There are certain steps which will be needed to be taken to finish this project of development of the new office room, and these steps will be discussed here. The first step is to find the right carpenter who will do the repairing of the office space. Then the second step will be finding an electrician who will check and repair all electrical connection and also set the necessary electrical equipment like a fan or air conditioning or lights. 

 Then the inquiry will be made about the job position and role of the employee to understand what office equipment he will need in his daily working routine in the office and the list of the office equipment which will be required will be made. The supervisor will approve that list, and then the research will be made about the cost of each equipment from the supplier. 

Then the budget will be prepared for the purchasing the supervisor and financial department will again approve that budget of the equipment’s. Those equipment’s will be purchased and set in the newly renovated office space which will be inspected by the supervisor and also the help the electrician and carpenter’s help will be taken wherever needed in the setting of the office equipment. Then it will be checked whether all part of the newly renovated office is working properly or not. The last step will be to clear the dues of the carpenter and electrician or adding it in their account with the company. 

Also, there will be the significant role of the contingent planning in this project as there is always a chance of some of the planning not working or some of the part of the projects being behind the schedules. Therefore, for all these reasons, it becomes important to make some contingent plan to fall back on. 

Some of the contingency plans of this project include finishing the project in 2 weeks although the deadline of the project is two and half week time so that there is still time left if there is any unforeseen trouble arise in the project. 

Also, another contingent plan of this project is to find any working used office equipment that is needed for the office if the approval of the purchase of the new equipment is not approved. Therefore, it can be stated that contingent planning plays a significant role in all projects, including this project. 

The deadline of the project is 31st December 2020 which is approximately one and half month from now. The action plan of the project is given below. 

Task Objective Criteria Time frame Resource Responsible party 
Making  a budget To complete the project with the given fundThe total cost of the making the office being in not more than the given budget 2 week or around 30th November Microsoft project Team member 1 
Making an effective schedule To make a time effective schedule The schedule should ensure that every activities is given appropriate time and all activities are finished by 31st December 2020. 2 days or by 2nd November Gantt chart, Microsoft project and other project management tools. The learner herself 
Negotiating and finalizing the contractor’s  contract To ensure that the cost of the contract is                                                    reasonable. The cost of the contractor should be below the budgeted amount 3 weeks time or by 7th December 2020Legal and technical expert Team member 2 and team member 3  
Procure the supplies To get the high quality supplies at reasonable price The total cost of the supplies should be below the budgeted amount within 3 weeks or by 7th December 2020Fund of the project allocated for supplies Team member 1  
Monitoring the activities To ensure that the project finish on schedule. All activities should be finished by 31st December 2020Till 31st December 2020Microsoft project and other monitoring tools  The learner herself 
Inspection of the office To ensure that the quality of the office is high Able to pass all standard quality control test in end of every week Technical expert help The learner herself 

Task 2

There are three types of technology which will be used to monitoring and scheduling of the work plans that will be discussed here. The first such technology is workflow automation which will make the reporting of the project to the supervisor easier as all will be done in an automated process. Also, I will not have to send the work schedule to the different individuals separately as I will only have to input the schedule in the system one time and it will be automatically sent to the related person whenever required. This technology will also report the work of the different individuals in the project automatically when they input it in the system. Therefore, monitoring and scheduling can be done effectively using this technology. 

The second tool is Gantt chart in which the time by which the activities should start and end is given and this technology can be used to monitoring and scheduling he project as the project schedule can be made effectively using this technology and then it can also be used to monitor the project by assessing whether the activities are being started and completed with the given deadline or not.

The third tool is Microsoft project which can be used for not only developing the schedule and budget but also automatically tracking whether the activities are being fulfilled according to the developed schedule and budget or not. 

I will analyze work objective by trying to identify the goals or objective that I will have to fulfil to achieve to be able to finish the work given effectively and also Iwill look to incorporate work objective into the personal work schedule by following the same principle as followed in the work objectives like always being on time or giving full effort to achieve the goal, etc. This makes sure that Ican fulfil my personal work schedule. 

Task 3

The three groups of people whose feedback can be used in this project are management of the company, the existing employees who are working on the same or similar work profile in the company as the new employee will do and the suppliers of the project including the carpenter and electrician in this case. 

The feedback from these groups can help to better project and help the project achieve its goal more efficiently by bettering the different aspects of the project, which will be discussed here with an example. 

The first group who is the management of the company can help to ensure thatunderstand what types of the facilities should be there in the office according to its job responsibilities and duties so that he can finish all duties on time. For example, the management of the company told the employee will need a high and very efficient computer in its workspace which does not easily hang as most of the work of the employee will be digital and therefore high workload will fall on the computer. On the other hand, the management told there is no need for the printer as most of the work will be done digitally, and a very few works will involve printer for which office common printer is adequate. 

The second group which is employees in a similar position can help to identify those technical or nontechnical areas which can directly impact the productivity of the employees so the project can look after those areas and ensure no negative impact fall on the productivity of these employees due to these areas. For example, some of the employees explained the air conditioning in their space does not work properly and this lead to the employees become tired more easily and not able to do its work properly or in time. Therefore, the project looks to ensure that air conditioning which is used in the office space is of high quality.

The third group, which is the supplier of the product, can give effective advice about which brand to use for the office equipment or how the office space should be designed so that the workplace has high productivity. For example, the carpenter suggested the certain design of the office which will ensure worker working in the office space will be able to reach all switches in the room from its seat and does not always have to get up. Also, the supplier gives feedback about which brand and model to use for the computer than has minimal chances of hanging. These feedbacks can improve the design of the office significantly. 

These feedbacks are used in different ways to improve the work performance of mine in different ways. The feedback of the management can help me improve my work performance by helping me identify the critical goal of them which I should be able to meet to be able to consider successful in this work.  Therefore, this feedback from the management will give better direction to my work which will result in better performance. Secondly, the other employees can give constructive criticism to the current work and also tell the method by which the work can be improve. Therefore, using this feedback, I can make my work performance more effective which will lead to improvement in my performance. The feedback from suppliers can be used to identify the way by which the value of the work can be improved  using different products in the market. therefore, this lead to better work performance. All these are the ways by which work performance can improved using these feedbacks.            

Task 4

I always priorities activities according to its significancein the overall project, and also according to the constraints given in the project. 

The four tools have been identified that can help me prioritize my activities, and these tools will be discussed here. 

The first tool is the action priority matrix in which the activities will be prioritized according to their impact and effort took by them. Therefore, the activities which have a high impact and take high effort will be prioritized highest(Holtzman, 2020). For example, in this project, the highest effort and impact is found to be depending on the designing of the office. Therefore, it will be given the highest priority. 

The second tool is critical path analysis which I used to priorities the activities by understanding which work has to finish by what time or on which activities other activities are dependent on. Then by understanding which tasks to perform in what order, I priorities the activities in a project to successful complete the project. For example, creating budget is found to activity of the project which has to be perform first through the critical path analysis and therefore, this activity will be perform first. 

The third tool which is used is Microsoft project which help me making the schedule, allocating the resources to different activities, creating budget and tracking the progress of the different activities. This help me understand how to prioritize and manage the different activities successful. For example, the Microsoft project will be used to create budget and time schedule of activities and also monitor the project. 

The fourth tool which us used is Microsoft outlook calendar to schedule and remind me what activities I have to do in each day which help to not only prioritize the activities but also implement that prioritize those activities.  For example, Microsoft outlook calendar will be used to schedule to do list of each day and also to remind me which activities, I have to perform in each day. 

Task 5

The five personal performance standards that I am able to relate to will be discussed here. The first personal performance standard is punctuality in which the worker should try to finish the work in time. Therefore, under this standard, the employee should meet the deadline given for each work to finish and also under this standard, the worker should also come in the organization and meeting on time. This is also another important standard according to me astime management has become highly significant for the business and its projects. 

The second personal performance standard is being flexible, and under this standard, the employee is expected to bring a certain level of flexibility in which he should be able to adjust with the different project team as for different project completion effectively, the different teams are needed to be made, and if the employee is not able to work with the different project team, then he might losethe opportunity to work in a different significant project. Also, the employee should be flexible as much as possible regarding its location as sometimeshe might get a brilliant work opportunity in the most undesirable place.  Therefore, these are the standards that I can relate to in my workplace. 

The third personal performance standard is knowledge about the products or service. Under this skill, it is expected that the employee should have certain level of knowledge about the products or services or its technicality. This skill is needed as to understand the customer need or issue, having technical knowledge is important so that the product or service which can solve its problem can be identified easily. 

The fourth personal performance standard is time management skill. Under this skill, it is expected that the employee is able to not only fulfill its entire tasks within its deadline but also will be able to fulfill the queries or issue of the customers. This is standard which I can relate to the workplace as to succeed, it is important to manage the time efficient. 

The fifth personal performance standard is ability to understand the customer need or issue. Under this skill, it is expected that the employee has certain level of understanding about what customer need is or what issue the customer is facing so that the customer service is efficient.  

Task 6

The Reflective logs and weekly self-evaluationare the two self-assessment methods that will be used to analyzemy performance. 

In the first self-assessment method, which is a reflective log, I after each day of the project will reflect on the work done by me and assess the performance of mine in the activities of that day. 

Also, in these reflective logs,I will assess my performance based on the fact whether it has been able to achieve all those standards and requirements set for those activities or not. It will also be judged whether there is any way that the performance of mine could have been better in those areas or not. On the other way round, it can also be assessed whether there is any area in which I had performed better than the standard given and if yes, then the steps which have been taken to which is resulting in better performance should also be recorded(Self-Assessment Methods, 2020). Therefore, by in these reflective logs, I will evaluate my daily performance critically so that the mistake in each day’s work is identified. 

Also,if there are some good steps taken, then also it becomes paramount to record it so that these good steps are also taken in future operation. Therefore, in these ways, the reflective log will be used by me as one of the self-assessment methods in which the performance of mine in the project will be analyzed. 

 In the second self-assessment method, which isweekly self-evaluation, I will try to evaluate my weekly performance through acritical way.  In the weekly self-evaluation, I will assess the progress of the project and assess whether the project is going as per the schedule or not. 

I will also assess whether the quality of the progress has been adequate or not. The quality, in this case, means whether the standards and requirements of the project have been met or not.  Also, in the weekly self-evaluation, the reflective logs will be referred to assess the daily work performance done of mine in this week. Then the mistake that has been done by me will be recorded in the weekly self-evaluation and also the good steps which have been taken by me in this work performance. 

Then a brief summary of the overall work done by me will be given in the weekly evaluation. Then at the end of the summary, a rating will be given to my weekly performance. The bases of the ratings which will be used in this self-evaluation are below average, average, good and excellent. Then, in the end, the recommendation will also be given about how I can better my performance in the future period. 

Therefore, in the above-stated ways, the two self-evaluation methods, which are reflective logs and weekly self-evaluation will be used by me to analyze my performance in that method so that I can get monitor the development of my skills from both my perspectives and also from other relevant parties’ perspectives. Although there is two and a half weeks in this project, therefore, the last or third weekly self-evaluation will happen after four days in the third week of the project. 

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