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BSBWOR404 Birthday Party with Hollywood Theme Assessment 1 Answer

BSBWOR404: Assessment 1

What you have to do

You can demonstrate your competency in this unit by completing the following assessment.

Task 1

Think of a specific project you have been or are currently involved with and give a brief description of the project as part of your answer. You can use an organisation with which you are familiar.

If you are not working you can assume that you are organising a 21st birthday party with a Hollywood theme for your best friend for 100 guests. You can decide how, where, and when the party will occur.

List and explain the main steps you will use in planning for the project. In your answer also consider the role of contingency planning. (at least two pages in length)

Task 2

Name and explain three types of technology you could use in scheduling and monitoring your work plans. (If you already use technology for this purpose, you can provide evidence of their use in support of your answer).

How should you analyse your work objectives and incorporate them into your personal work schedule? (minimum one page in length)

Task 3

Feedback is a powerful tool in the workplace or life in general. Identify three different groups of people that can provide you with feedback. Use specific situations to explain how feedback can assist in improving your performance. (minimum one page in length)

Task 4

Prioritising your work is important. Do you prioritise your activities or just do what you feel like doing?

Identify four tools/techniques you have seen in this unit or elsewhere that you can use to help you prioritise your activities.

Describe how you would apply these prioritising tools/techniques either by supplying evidence or by explaining from situations familiar to you. (minimum one page in length)

Task 5

Identify and describe three personal performance standards that relate to you in your workplace or a workplace with which you are familiar. (minimum one page in length)

Task 6

What self-assessment methods should you use to analyse your performance to ensure that you are achieving work objectives? Outline at least two self-assessment methods you would use to analyse your performance. (minimum two page in length)


I have:

  • Completed all the six tasks. 

If you are unable to complete this task for a specific reason, please contact your teacher to discuss alternative arrangements for demonstrating your skills and knowledge.


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