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BSBCUS401 Coordinate Implementation Of Customer Service Strategies Assessment 3 Answer

BSBCUS401: Assessment 3

What you have to do

In this assessment you are required to demonstrate that decisions to implement strategies are taken in consultation with your work team. You are required to consult with your manager prior to implementing further customer service strategies.


In Assessment 2 Task 1, you recommended strategies to improve customer service delivery. Then, in Assessment 2 Task 2 you compared survey results to identify areas with increased/decreased customer satisfaction.

Your role involves ensuring that decisions to implement customer service strategies are made in consultation with others.

Task 1

Consult with others

For this task you are required to consult with your manager about future strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

You can ask a work colleague or a teacher (by phone) to play the role of the manager. Remember to organise a specific time to meet/phone.

Step 1 - Before the meeting/call

Provide a copy of the following to the manager before your meeting:

  • The implementation plan you drafted in Assessment 2, Task 1 You will also need to familiarise yourself with this plan.

Practise and prepare the following:

  • How you will greet the manager and explain what the call is about
  • Talking about the strategies contained in the implementation plan
  • Explaining which strategy was successful/unsuccessful based on the Quarter 4 survey results
  • Asking the manager for their input regarding potential changes to the current strategies

You will be assessed on the effectiveness of your communication including: greeting, tone, clarity, seeking input and feedback on the plan.

Step 2 - During the meeting/call

During the consultation, remember to do the following:

  • Take notes of the changes/additions to the implementation plan
  • Provide the manager with the information you have planned
  • Seek the manager’s input/advice

Step 3 – Assessment submission

Following the consultation session, please upload evidence you conducted this session to the OLS:

  • If you completed the session with a work colleague, please upload the completed verification form. This form can be found on the OLS.

If you completed the session with a teacher, please upload the verification form the teacher emailed you after the session.

Task 2

Update implementation plan

Update the implementation plan according to the consultation session you took part in with the manager.

Below the plan provide a brief explanation of why those changes were needed.

Task 3


Following the consultation session, reflect on the experience. Include aspects of the consultation session which you feel went well. Also include areas you would like improve.

Consider how well/not well you were able to:

  • Prepare for the consultation
  • Communicate information clearly
  • Gain input from the manager
  • Identify possible changes to the implementation plan
  • Update the implementation plan according to the consultation Remember to indicate areas for improvement.


Task 1

Good morning Sir, 

I hope you are in the best of health and I am happy to contact you regarding the strategies that we need to work on for the future of Soaps and Suds. I had called to discuss changes in the strategy as noted in the implementation plan for addressing the gaps in the service still existing. Considering the Quarter 4 survey results, the strategies for waiting time and the comfort of the customers to wait have been successful. Moreover, strategies for Cost Management have also been successful. However I would like your input regarding any potential changes that can be made in the current strategies for further improvement. 

I would request you to consider the implementation plan drafted earlier for your valuable input. 

Eagerly waiting for your response

Thanks and regards

(Screenshot attached in the appendix) 

Task 2

Strategies for improving hours of operation
Action / TasksTimeline
(Human &
BudgetFollow up method
hours of service to be 24X7There would be need for dividing the work shifts into 3 shifts of 8 hours each
Discussion with labours for shift rotation and staff rotation based on their convenience 
6 months Staff requirement Staff wage Review and feedback
Chatbots for enquiryFor streamlining the operations of Soaps and Suds, a chat bots can be generated as part of the system of Soaps and Suds. The customers can enquire about the availability of time slots for car wash or paint service through such interaction platform (Adam, Wessel & Benlian, 2020). They can simply drop the query and then they can come for car wash at their own convenience without 6 months Establishment of chat bots as part of the website of Soaps and Suds

Training requirement for handling the chat bots

There shall also be need for a technical expert being hired for handling only the chat bots
Cost of managing the chat bots 

Wage for hiring the technical expert 
Review and feedback
Car delivery facility An online application can be prepared whereby the customers can book the slot for car wash.
They can also choose the time for car wash and also get information about the hours of information if they wish to visit the centre for car wash (Følstad, Nordheim & Bjørkli, 2018).
6 monthsApplication development and its management Hiring of staff for handling the requests and managing booking on the application Review and feedback

The implementation plan above had been updated for managing the dissatisfaction of the customers regarding the operation hours in Soaps and Suds based on the consultation with the manager. It was felt that the staffs might not be ready to work in a place with 24X7 and this might affect their health and work life balance (Batt  et al. 2019). Hence three shifts of 8 hours each had been suggested by the manager to ensure the well being of the staffs as it was felt by the manager that the staffs out of frustration and tiredness were not managing the hours of operation efficiently. Furthermore, the need for the online application and chat bots had been introduced based on the suggestion of the manager to give more convenience to customers and to involve them in making the hours of operation successful. 

Task 3

I was initially not well prepared for handling the consultation process with the Manager as I did not had idea about the suggestions that I would made regarding the changes in the strategies for improving the satisfaction of the customers with the hours of operation. I was also anxious at the preparation of the consultation s it was the first time that I was talking directly with the manager and so I was anxious if I would be able to interact with him and manage the situation on phone. Moreover considering I had limited time for preparation, I was not very confident about the preparation.

I had attempted to communicate information clearly with the manager as the manager did not follow up the reviews and feedback on the implementation plan. Hence for better communication and for exchanging all information clearly, I had made notes that I need to communicate and though of communicating through e-mail.

I found the manager to be very cooperative and he was also very responsive towards me and openly suggested effective strategies that I had not conceived. The input gained had been instrumental in the updating of the implementation plan. 

I had faced difficulties in indentifying possible changes to the implementation plan due to my limited knowledge ad lack of experience however I had received immense support from the manager that had been extremely helpful.

I believe that based on the consultation with manager, I had successful updated the new implementation plan and discussed the plan with the staffs in Soaps and Suds.


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