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BSBADM506 Knowledge Test Assessment 2 Answer

BSB50215 - Diploma of Business

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Assessment Task 2: Knowledge Test


Knowledge Test – This is a research based task. Students should research the following questions from the resources provided and online resources and answer in their own words.

Q1. Identify, list and briefly describe at least TEN typical business documents (Tax Invoice is one such example) commonly used across an organisation in various departments

Q2. Describe the computer software or platforms that could be used to produce the documents identified in Question1.

Q3. What are document standards? Provide examples of some of the standards that may be required in producing a company brochure

Q4. List at least five legislative or regulatory requirements that may be applicable in creation and distribution of business documents.

Q5. What are MACROS? Write the steps to record a MACRO in MS Excel. Assessment criteria

The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task. Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work.

  • Test completed in presence of an assessor
  • All the questions are attempted and answered
  • Questions are consistent with model answers


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