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BSBADM506 Developing a Personal Contacts Database Description Assessment 1A Answer

BSB50215 - Diploma of Business

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Assessment Task 1

Part A: Develop a Personal Contacts Database Description:

Microsoft Office Access, previously known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system from Microsoft. MS Access stores data in its own format based and can also import or link directly to data stored in other applications and databases.

This is a computer-based activity using Microsoft Office Package. Ensure that Access is installed on the machine you are working on. Using Microsoft ACCESS, create a database of your personal and/or business contacts (Approx. 20 names). Save the database in appropriate format and folder for later use. Then, query a certain group of contacts based on relevant fields and print a report.

Assessment Criteria:

The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task. Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work.

  • Created a database using database wizard or custom settings
  • Created a table (Design View or Wizard) specifying “Fields” and “Records”
  • Correctly defined Field Names, Data Types and Descriptions
  • Demonstrated skill in adding, deleting and modifying data records in rows
  • Generated a report using the Report Wizard
  • Printed a copy of the report on a A4 sheet, fitting with the data

Submission Guidelines:


  • Soft copy of the database file


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