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BSBADM506 Designing and Presenting a Newsletter Description Assessment 1B Answer

BSB50215 - Diploma of Business

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Assessment Task 1

Part B: Design and present a Newsletter Description:

This project is aimed at developing and enhancing key competency elements of this units as well as underpinning the required knowledge and skills as part of overall learning outcomes. This project simulates a work environment and provides the trainees with an opportunity to link conceptual ideas/elements with real- life situations.


In this project you will play the role of an administrative assistant working for an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. The institute has a policy of publishing (in-house) a monthly newsletter that goes out to all the enrolled students and staff members. Your trainer/assessor will fulfil the role of your supervisor.

You have been given the responsibility to plan, design, develop and publish the newsletter each month accordingly to organisational policies. In this project, you will use the MICROSOFT OFFICE package to produce next month’s newsletter. You will be undertaking and completing the following tasks in the process;

Project Tasks:

  • Develop a concept for the newsletter and set documents standards (e.g. layout, margins, pages, colour scheme, graphics, font size etc.). Write design notes, if required, and finalise specifications.
  • Prepare a cost estimate using an Excel spreadsheet for production and distribution of 500 copies of the newsletter. Use MACRO function in Excel to check integrity of the data (e.g. checking a budgeting criteria and displaying a pop up message if not met, remove duplicate entries) as required and appropriate. You can be as creative as you want in your use of Macros. 
  • Produce the newsletter using Microsoft Publisher (or Word). The actual contents of the newsletter can be fictional. However, the actual layout, headings, columns, font size and overall structure and flow of the document should be realistic. Include any privacy or legislative information on the newsletter if required
  • Research and identify commonly applicable laws and regulations that may impact up on creation and distribution of the newsletter
  • Print a COLOR COPY of the final document (Newsletter)
  • Save the file as a template for future use
  • You will now create a Mail Merge documents using Microsoft Word for mailing out the newsletter with a cover note to a group of approximately 10 students. Save the files once created

Presentation: Using Microsoft PowerPoint, present your charter to the class when completed. Ensure that you obtain audience feedback on the presentation and contents. The presentation should be limited within ten

  1. minutes with five (5) minutes of question time.

Assessment Criteria:

The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task. Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work;

  • Conceived the basic design and produced design ideas and concepts
  • Set document standards/specifications and took design notes for reference and record
  • Prepared a realistic cost estimate using Microsoft Excel and developed a MACRO to test the data integrity
  • Produced an aesthetically appealing newsletter format/template using Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word
  • Set required standards and specifications for the document for consistency of layout
  • Included a privacy or information management statement and or a legal disclaimer
  • Designed a professional-looking newsletter with acceptable standard for use in a real-life situation and saved as a template for future use
  • Printed a colour copy of the newsletter as the final outcome/product of the project
  • Used Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to create a cover note for ten (10) recipients
  • Presentation summarises and covers all the major features of the newsletter
  • Presentation slides are audience friendly and structured
  • Audience feedback is sought and received


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