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BIZ104 Customer Experience Strategy: Research Outcomes Assessment 2 Answer

Subject Code and Title
BIZ104 Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Strategy: Research Outcomes
Group Report (2 – 3 Members)
1750 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
  1. Compare and contrast the emerging concepts and practices that shape the customer experience.
  2. Explore customer differentiation in service delivery and identify customer’s critical touchpoints that influence an organisation’s customer experience strategy
  3. Research a customer problem and develop an appropriate customer experience
  4. Develop and communicate a customer experience strategy
  5. Analyse and apply tools to monitor and evaluate a customer experience strategy
Total Marks
100 marks


Customer experience is the perception of an organisation’s experience in the eyes of the customer. Building a customer experience strategy to improve customer experiences is important to strengthen and build long term customer relationships and align the organisation with the needs of the customer This assessment task is designed for you to apply your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts that shape the customer experience.

You are required to conceptualize customers interacting with a product or service across several touch points such as in-store, website, mobile, social media and e-mail and will then analyze and communicate how your chosen organisation will manage customer experience(s) towards achieving customer loyalty. Your aim is to illustrate and communicate a CEM strategy proposing a better service offering

This assessment task provides you with an insight into an activity that maybe part of your job roles in the future.


You are to take the role of consultant for your selected organisation and prepare a report to persuade the management staff to adopt a better approach to managing their custumers’ experience(s).

Choose an organisation / business that is:

  • Of a reasonable size (30 or more employees)
  • Has a store or sell their products through other retailers/ online sales
  • Has a website
  • Uses social media to advertise/ communicate with customers
  • Uses other communication elements  mobile / email

Look for an organisation that has a number of touch points for you to be able to develop a customer journey / have enough touch points to write about etc. You may want to use an organisation / business you are personally familiar with.

This assessment involves the following activities:

  1. Introduce briefly the organisation you have chosen: the industry it competes in, its background, its service offering and your research objective to improve the customer experience.
  2. Describe and discuss your primary research method for your online survey i.e. its planning, design, how you recruited your participants for your online survey and implementation. (You will need to have at least 10 completed customer surveys).
  3. Describe and discuss at least 3 secondary research methods carried out (i.e. academic journal articles, book chapters, business reports, organisation’s website social media reviews).
  4. Apply CEM concepts to identify the challenges and opportunities for achieving a customer experience that is in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives.
  5. Identify and differentiate 2 customer segments from research undertaken using personas to illustrate and communicate their unique customer perspectives
  6. Take the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer feedback obtained from primary and secondary research into account in forming the customer experience strategy.
  7. Connect customer experience maps and alignment diagrams with a business value proposition for the 2 customer segments identified above.
  8. Write a conclusion summarising how your CEM strategy will offer a better service to your organisation’s customers.
  9. Add your evidence of research data as an appendix, including the link to your survey with at least 10 completed customer surveys and if applicable screen shots of current social media reviews.




  • Thai La-Ong is directly linked with the research study of customer experience management.
  • The specific style of cuisine helps to provide direct feedback from the customers.
  • Customer Experience Management involves direct dealings with the customers, knowing their needs and striving to achieve their satisfaction with related products and services. 

The group presentation includes Muhammad Rizwan and me as Alicia allocated with the research on customer experience management. The selected organization is Thai La-Ong from Sydney Australia, which was inaugurated for Thai cuisine experience for the customers in 1999 (Company Info, 2020). The industry-focused in this research is relevant to direct customer experience. The restaurant can achieve prompt feedback since the company belongs to the Food and Beverage industry.

Comparing and contrasting the emerging practices and concepts of Customer experience 

  • The emerging concept of customer experience is to understand their pain point and addresses them accordingly.
  • The structures of service are refined to attend the satisfaction of the customers.
  • The options of customer choice must be given when selling specific products.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) relates to the products and services offered by the restaurant Thai La-Ong (Ma & Hsiao, 2020). CEM practices also enhance the point of choice for the customers which helps in mitigating their pain points like the price of the menu offered, waiting time in the restaurant, menu served must fulfil the needs of the customers, language to provide comfortable interaction to all the clients. 

Exploring customer differentiation in delivery of service 

  • The differentiation of the customers is made according to their demographics.
  • The purchasing habit, the purchasing pattern, taste, and preferences of the customers must be studied for better experiences (Chylinski et al. 2020). 
  • The differentiation of culture and integration in different culture must also be well-thought by the organization before offering their products.

Researching a customer problem and developing the experience of a customer 

  • The organization Thai La-Ong is operational in the provinces of Australia, which needs to take into consideration the customer problems.
  • A major problem seen in this context of CEM is the price point of the menu.
  • Customer experience can be developed with reasonable pricing of the menu as well as retaining the customer by making them visit repetitively.

Developing a customer experience strategy

  • Thai La-Ong can adopt the strategy of organic ingredients used in the menu while highlighting traditional core value in a different location.
  • Emotional connection serves the companies best since they develop customers to be loyal to the company.

The price point is the major issue faced by the restaurant, which needs to fix the prices, which can attract the customers repetitively (Johnson, 2020). The retention of the customers, enhancing the food quality and ambience of the restaurant will help in providing a better customer experience. The price of the menu must align with all the stores, which enhances the credibility of the restaurant irrespective of the factors which may enhance the price of preparing (Nemeschansky et al.2020). The customers rely on the restaurants, which has similar pricing at different stores as the price-sensitive customers will compare the price while purchasing the products offered by the organization. 

Impromptu surprise with gifts, hampers, and discounts may be created by the management for the customers to give them a delight of the restaurant’s value and service (Tivasuradej & Pham, 2019). The service team must follow quality, ensuring the hygiene and safety in the restaurant, food quality, and immediate response to the feedback or query of the customers. 

Proposition on customized products and recommendation for the organization 

  • The customized products like seafood or veggies must make into the menu list of the restaurant to help gain different experiences on tailor-made requests.
  • The restaurant when in operation must have the chefs who are better in serving the impromptu request of the customers.
  • Thai La-Ong can customize its menu as per the bulk order of the corporate offices.
  • The menu-list carries the huge number of variations which offers the guests to customize their own menu.

The restaurant can appoint chefs who are well-known with the preparation of the cuisines with the available resources and ingredients. The products offered by the restaurant must keep in consideration of preparing the food as per the authentic taste of the menu (Chetthamrongchai & Saengchai, 2019). The menu must change every month for daily doing business. The daily meal platter must be different than the previous day, which will promote variety. 

The customer-centric approach by the organization

  • The restaurant can study customer behaviour to apply a customer-centric approach.
  • Collecting the feedback after a meal helps in gaining customers attention.
  • Sample testing by the customers helps in gaining the loyalty of the customers.
  • The managers must meet the customers, which help in creating a bond towards the customers on their experiences.

Outlining the preparation by the organization for better future management of the customer experience  

  • The new protocol is to ensure safety and hygiene, which must be followed by the restaurant by cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Promotional offers, rewards, and rewards on referral must be provided to the customers.
  • Emphasizing and appreciating the customers on social media platforms which strengthen the bonds with the customers for future implications. 

The motto of the restaurant business needs to be driving value through the menu offered and repeat customers to enhance the brand image, goodwill, and revenue of the company. Home-delivery options may also be kept by the restaurant to serve different demographics across all locations (Furtado et al. 2020). The advanced digital technology must enhance the experience by giving a glimpse of the menu, easy payment process and providing practical feedback for the services offered by the restaurants. 


  • In conclusion, it may be recommeded that the customer experiences can be enhanced when their pain points are reduced, and their feedback is responded in a positive and resourceful way. 
  • The management must take the suggestion, feedback and survey the responses of the customers to improve their business for a long-term. 
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