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BISY201 Case Study Analysis of Systems Development Project Assessment 3 Answer

Unit BISY2001-ISY2001-ISY201 System Analysis and Design

Assessment Type: Case Study Group

Assessment Number: 3

Assessment Weighting: 

Essay 30%

Alignment with

Unit Learning Outcome 

Unit and Course

LO 1: Describe and discuss concepts and principals of systems analysis and design. LO 2: Examine the stages of the systems development life cycle.

LO 3: Apply basic diagrammatic modelling tools to systems analysis and design.

LO 4: Use specifications such as user interfaces, databases, and systems interfaces to design systems to meet specific business/project purposes.



In this assessment, students must work in a group to prepare a case study analysis of a systems development project.

You are required to form groups of Three to Four (3 to 4) students.

Your group is required to research and analyze a real life situation and prepare a full analysis of a systems development project. Feel free to discuss your real life situation project with your lecturer before engaging in any work. Suggested topics below.

Your systems analysis and design project should include the following:

  • Executive summary (max. 1/2 page). 1.5 Marks
  • Introduction including description of the business, problem/opportunity identified and goal and objectives of this project (max. 1 pages). 1.5 Marks
  • Data gathering methodology and results (max. 1 pages). 2 Marks
  • Existing system including current system overview, FDD, DFD, and Data Dictionary diagrams. 6 Marks
  • Proposed system including system overview, system requirements checklist (input, output, process, control, and security), DFD diagram, Data Dictionary, Object relationship diagram, Use Cases, Class Diagram, and Sequence Diagrams. 10 Marks.
  • Submission of zip file with compressed diagrams files named as follow: SA&DGroupX-DiagramX.ext (e.g. SA&DGroup7-UseCase.drawio). 3 Marks
  • The organization of the report for example indenting, caption for figures, uniformity of the text and content etc. 1.5 Marks
  • Conclusions and recommendations (max. 1/2 page). 1.5 Marks
  • Group reflection on Assessment 3 (max. 1/2 page). 1.5 Marks
  • Referencing using IEEE style (minimum 5-6 good references) 1.5 Marks

Detailed Submission Requirements

Suggested topics (list is not restricted):

  • Peer assessment system
  • Video attendance system
  • Crowd control system
  • Car Rentals System
  • Online enrolment System
  • Real Estate System
  • Parking lot booking system
  • Student information chat bot

Detailed Submission Requirements: 

  • This assessment must be submitted by one student per group through the link on Moodle page for this unit.
  • A zip file with compressed diagrams files named as follow: SA&DGroupX- DiagramX.ext (e.g. SA&DGroup7-UseCase.drawio).
  • Include a cover sheet that has students’ name, subject, date, report title and WORDCOUNT.
  • The assignment should not exceed 1,200 wordsDiagrams, charts and Data Dictionary do not count towards wordcount.


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