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BHM203 Recruitment Through Online Portal: Case Study of Westin and Taj Assessment Answer


Course Name: Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Course Code: BHM16

Subject Name: Human Resource Management in Hospitality

Subject Code: BHM203

Assignment title/Item: Ass4 Case Study Analysis

Word Count Limit: 1500

Aim: Organizations have to be responsive to the changing business environments. In order to stay competitive, the role of the Human Resource Manager is to have the right people, in the right place at the right time; hence effective recruitment is an important focus in the hospitality industry with high turnover and constant staff shortages. Consideration of the concepts of 'strategic recruitment' and 'war of talents; will focus their attention on effective recruitments methods. This assessment will encourage students to evaluate the strategic recruitment of two large hospitality organizations. 

Assessment brief:

In the ongoing 'war for talents', one of the key responsibilities of an organizations human resource management team is the attraction and recruitments of talented employees who might make a contribution to the organization and its goal. With most businesses and potential applicants embracing e-recruitments and organizations online career and employment presence is vital, and can be the first contract in branding the business as ‘employer of choice’.

 Select two large hospitality organizations with a strong corporate website presence and compare the employment/job/career section of the website and any other employment focused presence on their business/social media sites (Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter); and any other e-recruitment methods. Drawing on HRM theories and the information you have gathered, write a report (1500 words) on how the organizations use theory online presence to effectively attract and recruit potential suitable talent.

Your task: 

You review should include:

1. A comparison of the information that each site provides. 

2. A comparison of the functionality of the two sites (e.g. can potential employees apply for a position online? Can potential employees 'register' with the organization to be considered for multiple positions?). 

3. A comparison of the content provided to inform employees about the range of positions and career available

4. A comparison of the content provided to make the organization appear attractive to potential employees, and hence an 'employer of choice'. 

5. Recommendations for each organization on how better represent itself and its employment opportunities online. 

As a starting point, you should read Chapter 6 of the prescribed textbook. You are required to have relevant, credible and academic sources. The sources must include the prescribed textbook, at least a relevant journal article and three other relevant sources. Use APA Referencing style. 


Human Resource Management in Case Study

The case study is about the two hospitality organizations with a strong website presence and to compare the employment/jobs/ career section of the website. The first section would draw a comparison in between the employment business-focused presence on the e-recruitment methods. The main aim is to understand the recruitment through the online portal and how the organization places them as attractive for the potential suitable talent. The two organizations which has been taken are the “Westin” and the “Taj” Hotel which is leading hospitality management. While for the individual would, like to associate with the company, for the long term benefit and the higher derived goal, but the organization by using the e-recruitment, the main purpose to focus on the hiring, scouting, and even retaining the employee. The main war is how to attract global talent and help them visualize, in positioning themselves within the organization hierarchy (Pant, 2019).

Comparison of each information  from business site 

Westin   HotelTaj   Hotel
Jobs It is well constructed and short (Ahram, 2017)The   Taj Hotel has a detailed job structure, company values, and how the employee   would be placed at what functionality and the section.
Career   SectionIt   does not detail, how the employee would be placed in what hierarchy, growth   plans, benefits, and long term plans.The   career section is complied with the job values, expected performance from the   employees, career growth plans, and how the employee can derive the long term   benefits, once the employee is placed. On the one page, the employe can feel   belong to the company, by positioning themselves, understanding the diverse   culture, and the detailed content structure of how the employee would benefit   in the short and the long term (Andre, 2017).
HierarchyThe   company has cut it short, simple, and precise and does not detail any   in-depth insights into the hierarchy and the functional levels (Chung, 2017). This gives a signal as to how   the employee would be placed in the organization without any disparities and discrimination.The   company does not directly distinguish the hierarchy levels, but it does not   even detail the flat hierarchy levels. The company discusses in detail how   every year the employee benefits hierarchy wise and personal level-wise (Pant, 2019)

The functionality of two sites

Both the sites ask the employees for the personal login websites and create their active summary of the present, past details, including the current salary details, expected, and the job location.

The Westin website and the taj Hotel website are user-friendly websites and can be used at ease. The option to change the website content to the native language is also available (Ahram, 2017). The functionality of the two sites, is easy to check as through the drop list or by sending the resume to the common website the employee can apply to the multiple job domains and even consider for the multiple job position and sections.

The employees are given the easy keywords such as the "Jobs" and the "Email Id's", for the ones, who would like to drop resume and do not wish to fill the details within the online job portal. The employees can scout suitable jobs and apply as per the candidature, experience, and specific domains. The websites also help the employees to help understand, that each of the companies is free from the hiring discrimination policies and they offer equal employment opportunities (Andre, 2017).  

Range of position and career available

While in the Westin job portal, it is direct and even helps to access the information of the candidate through the easy direct link of the job portal (Ahram, 2017). The website includes the detailed testimonials of the hired employees who have shared their insights about the company working and how they are happily placed in the organization (Pant, 2019). The Westin hotel job portal also guides the candidate to simply click on the job listing, based on the region-wise search and can simply apply. In case the candidate does not wish to go in-depth about their candidature and detail from their CVs, the company portal also provides the two email links, which the job candidature can send their updated resumes to the respected ID’s. Further, the company job portal also shows the diverse cultural background, as one can see from the testimonials how the different employees are hired from which region and on what position. It shows that employees can be hired at any position from the top to bottom, after simply searching the job skills, filling the drop-down list and further apply with their resume and the cover sheet (Chung, 2017).

In the case of the “Taj hotel”, the hotel job page, firstly details how the company core values are places along with the centric image, which shows the smiling and presentable employees who belong from the diverse background and are working collaboratively under one platform (Andre, 2017). Apart from this, the job portal also details through the customer testimonials, as to how they are happy to be hired, and how they think, the company has helped in the overall learning and development.  The company further highlights, how the employee would get benefit, growth, and the long term mobility, that can help to expand their career, once they are associated. On the one page of the job portal section, a detailed synopsis of the insights is discussed as to what the company desires, how much they are willing a good candidate to place themselves within the organization and visualize themselves. Apart from the CEO comments, core values, the company also details personal good factors like "joy", " Awareness: and the "Trust". The company also helps the employee, to note, that they are working with the company which is the global leader (KANNAN, 2020).

Attractive to the potential employees and hence an employer of the choice

In the Taj hotel site, the link provides a detailed synopsis of the company expectations and the cultural attributes (Gaikwad 2017). The company details how each of the employees would have to understand the company's core values and fine-tune with it (Raheja, 2018). So when a candidate is exploring the site, the first thing after the smiling face of the employees, the candidate can see what would be expected out of the employees after they are getting hired, a brief discussion about the company CEO and also how the employee would transit over the period. the jobs section age, details, the long term benefits, work along with the leisure incentives which the employee would get, after getting hired, and the detailed feedback is given from the existing employee testimonials. In one of the sections, the employee would not only feel motivated to apply, understand the job criteria,s where they would be positioned, but also what they can expect, after they have been hired. The job search and categorization have been user friendly for the new candidature (Pant, 2019).

The Westin Hotel has a short and simple site of dropping the candidature to the direct two email IDs and only details how the employee would be placed through the employee's testimonials and helps the employees simply search the jobs (Ahram, 2017). The candidature can create the logins and drop the detailed synopsis of the information along with the reference ID (Chung, 2017).   The company only details, what their vision is and how the company looks like. It does not show and represent the company culture, by showing any employee phots. The employee would understand their diverse culture, only if it reads carefully the employee's testimonials, rest the company has only shown how the global MNC is placed and highly expensive company. So globally it would appear to be dynamic and progressive, but it would not look very lucrative to apply thinking about the challenges, consequences, and safety factors (Andre, 2017).


The Taj hotel company can place the video recording, showing the authenticity of the information of the various employees’ friendly policies, the company culture, and the detail about the company background. the company can even place a small employee's feedback positively, for the new candidates to connect instantaneously (Sharma 2018). The company can also provide a helpline number, in case of any queries or further information, to get immediate assistance. 

The Westin job section page has to be more innovative, containing many different sections, such as the employee's expected cultural values, the company's values, how the company has a formal structure, hierarchy, and culture (Mihaljević, 2019). The company can also show the pictures, albums, and videos as an insight into the company culture and how the candidate can feel connected with them (Chung, 2017).


To conclude, every company has the e-recruitment tactics, to attract the global employees; it can be through the more positive social videos, through the shard workplace culture or simply showing himself as the open responsive and even holding an integral value system. The company can show how the candidates would be placed once they would be hired, and can grow. As each process and the procedures are integral and vital for the organization, for the Hospitality sector, the main strength lies in the customer satisfaction and having a better customer experience, which can be done through the better-hired employees. In the hospitality sector, the employees are the face of the hotel industry, which represents the culture, etiquette, values, and the services which a hotel can offer.  A customer, while interacting with the employees of the respected hotels, can distinguish the services, provision of the better services, and what kind of the culture each of the hotels would hold. 

Customer Testimonials