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Being a Professional Nurse: Critical Analysis Essay of a Case Study Assessment Answer

Essay: Critical Analysis Essay of a Case Study

Type of Collaboration:
Case study - clinical incident
1,500 words

Word count 

There is a word limit of 1500 words. Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10% word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 1500 words plus 10%.

Aim of assessment

The aim of this assessment is to develop your understanding evaluating the professional conduct of a nurse/midwife in the case study provided. The case study provided is a decision statement selected from Decisions of the Professional Standards Committee from the Nursing and Midwifery Council New South Wales. You are to identify professional practice issues from the case study and then draw on the professional frameworks and regulatory legislation, to develop sound and appropriate responses to the clinical incident that will inform your future practice.


This assessment requires you to identify and summarise the professional practice issues in the case study from either a nursing or midwifery practice perspective. You need to identify and evaluate relevant professional errors identified that potentially contributed to the incident happening. Finally, discuss on how your future practice might change and develop as a result of this learning.

Students are to draw on the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, NMBA professional practice documents and NSW Health policy documents (where appropriate) to develop informed responses.

Students must refer to and use the case studies located on vUWS under Assessment 3 tab for this assessment. There is one nursing case study and one midwifery case study to choose from.


All assignments are to be typed.

Typing must be according to the following format:

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  • Font size: 12pt.

All borrowings from other sources must be properly referenced and a reference list must be included at the end.



There is heavy miscommunication between a hospital party and the patient party. One of the incidents which is very much important and a memorable incident too is when doctors and hospitals both make mistakes at the same time, which capture public attraction. These are next to impossible for patients and also for their family members. And such callousness can lead to an improper diagnosis, not properly taking care, and this might lead to the death of the patient .  It is important to continue or maintain good communication between the hospital authority. Every day it is necessary to keep a good check-up and forward that message with higher authorities for a balanced picture. As there are several shifts in a hospital or a nursing home for nights or the morning it is necessary to maintain the exact update  with the outgoing team to incoming team.


At about 3 p.m., one of the patient family members came to meet with her husband, who was admitted to a mental health facility hospital. When RN Sumintra Prasad was returning from the handover, she went to see the patient but did not find him as he was not in his room. In this specific example, RN Pandya's had been assigned to look at the patient, but he left the ward without informing anybody, and he left the ward half an hour before his shift came to an end. So, technically this is the fault of the hospital authority. The cause of the death of the patient was the matter for the corner. Here the death happened between the duty hours of RN Prasad and RN Pandya. The health care commission complaints in each case both the problems were registered on 1oth June 2016. In the proceeding section, Mr Matthew Byrne of NSW represented RN Harivadan Pandya when Mr Feneil Shah complained in front of the Health Care Complaint Commission.This case study is based on the judgement process on the alleged persons who are accused of irresponsibility, which caused death to a patient. Several witnesses were present in this case, and the case was closed with one victim being rebuked, putting his registration subject to conditions and another victim being alerted. It was a case of the demise of a patient due to the irresponsibility of the nurses and miscommunication. The act of keeping clinical notes was also violated. A nurse departed early without handing over his duty to the following person as his regular duty converged with the overnight shift. This depicts the internal picture of a health system upon which patients and their families keep the faith. The poor management of the rostering chart and the unprofessional behaviour behaviours of the victims brought this unfortunate incident. Necessary intervention must be taken for the betterment of the services. The training, making everyone aware of the policies, proper roster management and elaboration of the individual's responsibilities are some of them. The employee coordination must be enhanced as it results in miscommunications. The complaints against both of the victims were put under notice. The necessary steps to improve the services will bring the people's trust in the health services. 

The effective treatment is only possible when depending on the timeliness and right communication with the entire healthcare professionals who are involved. These often lead to serious effect causing death through hospitals, and the medical board try to play a safe side from this it is quite natural that the number is too high than what it shows. The number of deaths happening in America per year as a result of medical error is astounding. According to a study by an organization, it is estimated that due to medical error, almost 100,000 to 400,000 deaths happen in a year. But this is not the exact number; some say the number is lower than this and some say the number is higher.

The aims of NSW are the process for consultation with the media. The policy of the company clarifies respective roles, particularly related to patient privacy.

1.       With the help of the NSW (Dunn et al., 2016) communication it helps to identify, and helps to build individuals, patients will obey the requirements of NSW Health Privacy Manual for Health Information.  

2.       All the requests related to media are in the first choice which related to public health Information.

3.       This communication channel helps to promote the importance of public health.

4.       The NSW health candidates have the best practice to use all the communication channels.

The responsibilities of NSW health organizations are-

It ensures without exception, and patient privacy cannot be disclosed on any kind of communication activity like media, It also ensures that NSW health legislation will follow all kinds of protocol and policies to keep the patient secrecy. It monitors the use of social media to use it appropriately. It meets all legislative development and at the same time, the NSW (Hardy et al., 2017) Government and NSW Ministry of Health requirements (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2012).

In this case, it is observed that due to the miscommunications between the hospital, a demise took place, unfortunately. It was sheer irresponsibility and lack of commitment to their duties. That is so the intervention of higher officials is needed in this case for further practise of such activities (Schneider et al., 2016).In this case, the miscommunication between the team leader for the day and RN Pandya, the person in charge of patient A and his early leave from the duty caused the death. The instructions for the nurses were not followed properly. RN Pandya should also inform RN Khan, his co-worker in this regard. The team leader asked RN Pandya to reach for his routine duty at 3:00, and RN Pandya left for the routine duty at 2;30 considering the time to reach. First of all, if a nurse is charged with overtime duties, the place for the regular duty and overtime duty must be the same or must be adjacent to each other so that it takes less time to reach there. RN Pandya accomplished such duties before successfully. If a nurse has duties day around, she should properly maintain the roster. And the instructions should be given by the authority properly and clearly. RN Pandya should have also informed RN Prasad about his early departure and the time of the departure. Prasad also showed her irresponsibility by arriving late. A training and counselling program is required to be conducted on the employees of the Western Sydney Local Health District. It will convey the message of responsibilities, the personnel to report and inform about any issues regarding duties, the importance of keeping clinical notes, the possible punishments due to the irresponsibility, severeness of irresponsibility and miscommunication and lack of communication (International Council of Nurses. ,2012).The employees should be well aware of their responsibilities. The authority should prepare a well-organized roster chart for the distributions of their duties.  This will suffice the misconceptions about an individual's duties. The overtime shifts should be well organized and must not collide with the regular shifts. This will help to resist such unfortunate practices (Zeng et al., 2018).

The handover process must be accurate, the RN Pandya did not handover his duty properly, and RN Tint could not comprehend it as a handover. RN Pandya also did not make his observations correctly and maintain an observation form. Patient observation chart is so important, and without prior knowledge, it could bring accidents. RN Prasad also filled the observation form of RN Pandya. In a room, if two or more patients are in critical condition, more number of nurses should be allocated there as observing four patients at a time is not possible and challenges the professionalism of the nurses. Moreover, the information policies of the Western Sydney Local Health District must be conveyed to the nurses so that they could resist themselves from stepping any wrong step whose severeness could bring the unfortunate death of any patients("NSW Health", 2020).


Medical practitioners appear as the supreme being in the critical conditions of the patients by saving lives. But sometimes those practitioners become offenders by conducting any malpractice, unfortunately. A demise took place due to the irresponsibility and lack of professionalism. This depicts the gaps in the medical system. To be a medical practitioner, to be a nurse, anyone needs to undergo years of hard work and study. They take an oath of saving lives in any condition. Despite those, such acts are merely expected. Sometimes the person does not understand the severity of his or her misconduct or miscommunication, and the patient's family suffers, and that is the strange irony of fate. Allegations to medical management and services are not new. This accident enhances those. If the irresponsibility, miscommunications, lack of observations could bring death, not because of the patient's condition, then the question of the patient's security is likely to be embarking on the people's mind.

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