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Analysis of Different Initiatives in Context to Crown Resorts Ltd Assessment Answer

1500 words report

You need to select an Australian Publicly listed company/organization from one of the following industries: Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Mining, Agriculture, and Manufacturing. The list of companies is available via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Please note that Tourism is my preferable sector, but still, you are free to any other above-mentioned sector if you want

•  Using a Report Format, include the following components:

 o Introduction (150 words) 

o Performance Related Initiatives (600 words)

Identify how your selected organisation/company is seeking to improve the performance of its workforce? Using at least TWO performance related initiatives discuss the ways that the organisation/company might measure the success of the initiatives?

 o Culture Related Initiatives (600 words) 

Identify the key components of the “corporate culture” of your selected organisation/company and using at least TWO culture-based initiatives discuss how they are trying to improve its culture and how they might measure the success of the initiatives?

o Conclusion (150 words) o Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end) 

• You should refer to at least two theories to support your discussion of the Performance-Related Initiatives and at least two theories to support your discussion of Culture Related Initiatives. You should include a minimum of 5 references (contemporary business articles, news items and/or comparison websites). While many of your references will rely on the organization/company’s website, you cannot use this as your only source of information.

You are required to create a concept map. This map should be included as an appendix at the end of the report.



1.0 Introduction

The organization culture is defined as the term according to that an organization is composed of some rules and regulations in the workplace in order to maintain the health of the workplace. The motive of the organization is to keep the focus on the health of the working environment so that the selected employees should work comfortably in the organization. The organizational culture defines the discipline and the value of the organization in front of their employees also the culture helps to understand the working style of the top management in the organization. The report shall focus on highlighting key details associated with suitable performance initiatives along with culture initiatives and its influence in business by linking it with appropriate theoretical frameworks. The theories might help to improve analysis of different initiatives in context to Crown Resorts Ltd. Crown Resorts Ltd, is engaged in the tourism industry is the one amongst the largest entertainment and gaming groups of Australia with around $8.7 billion of market capitalization in 2018.

2.0 Performance Related Initiatives

The chosen organization has focused well over the productivity and the market growth that is needed for the business to survive in the market. It has been seen that in past few years, the organization Crown Resorts Ltd has faced a drastic loss in the rate of revenue of about 5.4% and the reason for this is the VIP programs (IAG 2020). A marginal issue has been noticed in the case of Crown Resorts Ltd that the poor performances by the 15600 employees, as they have been failed to satisfy their VIP Gamblers. It has caused to get the deduction of operating profit by 8.6%, which has been further influenced by the high labour cost in the external market (Crown Resorts 2020). Due to these factors, the chosen organisation has failed to meet its common goals in the market. The organisation is needed a plan to develop the performance indicator in future.Performance-based initiatives

Figure 1: Performance-based initiatives

Source: (Hlee, Lee& Koo, 2018

2.1 Synthesis sessions

It is being defined that in the month-based session, the role of the leader is to discuss the current challenges facing by the organisation in the market. In addition, the leader also mentions the opportunities and the changes that are needed to grab those opportunities. According to Hlee, Lee& Koo (2018), the first 15 min of the session is used by the leader for explaining about the available opportunities in the market for the organisation. After that, the explanation is presented by the leader about how to achieve those opportunities in the organisation. Boley, McGehee & Hammett (2017) added to the discussion that if the organisation focused on the size of the employees it might be beneficial for them to increase their productivity. The leader is explaining the same in the meeting or session.

2.2 Transparency report

It is being sated that the organisation is needed to maintain the level of transparency in the organisation so that the workers or the employees could feel safe in the organisation. Sarrico, Rhodes, Halligan & Hawke, 2012) stated that in an organisation when the low level of managers and the department would be added in the organisational planning session, it will help the organisation to make a better plan from the root. Therefore, it could help in effective resources allocation for catering to employees needs and getting productive work results. However, this process could be quite cost-consuming as it might involve specialists to analyze the report including figures of ROI.Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Figure 2: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Source: (Soni and Soni 2016)

The Maslow’s Hierarchical need theory has been described as an initiative that is taken by the organisation to improve proficiency as well as the productivity of the organisation. The motive to follow such kind of theories in the organisation is to increase the moral values of the employees so that they can perform their part of role or job in the smoother way (Soni and Soni 2016). It has been seen that in the chosen organisation Crown Plaza and subunit Crown Resort, the top management has been well focused over the training and development session of the employees (Crown Resort 2020). It has helped the employees to develop their skills. Along with this, the motivational theory is suggesting that, if the top management focuses on the basic needs of the employees and tries to fulfil their needs than it might be beneficial for the entire organisation, as the employees will work positively from their previous performance level.

The other most effective theoretical process linked to the performance-based initiatives beneficial for developing the overall financial performance of Crown Resorts Ltd is the use of McClelland – Need for achievement, affiliation and power theory. Any employee who wants to achieve something in life tends to work hard and take care of the opportunity. Secondly, having strong affiliation always tend to make good relationship and therefore, there are higher chances that those employees can improve their performance if given chances for achievement, affiliation and power (Khurana & Joshi, 2017). The Crown Resort can consider this theory for this aspect as well. 

3.0 Culture-Based Initiatives

Crown Resorts Ltd is emphasized on the provision of supportive and favourable workplace culture via proper communication and training, and it works directly with productive staffs for ensuring possession of accurate support mechanisms in the place. Crown Resorts abides by10 principles ensuring its responsibilities towards anti-corruption, environment, labour and human rights. (Crownworldwide 2020). These principles are always transparent and upheld. The staffs of the company are offered with 2 paid volunteering days each year. The culture of the organization ranges from the initiatives to develop diversity and inclusion like Crown Coronets in business. The role culture of the organization helps the management to administer performance and behaviour of staffs based on compliance of ethical rules and norms. It provides sound educational facilities through Crown College to over 8500 trainees and apprentices from a different culture that are recruited and placed to the company at key job roles (Crown resorts 2020). The company’s leaders are engaged in the delivery of packaged tourism and entertainment services to its customers worldwide that helps in catering to the diverse, especially psychological needs of its guests. The work-life balance imitative helps the company provide holidays, work from home facilities and flexible working hours leading to the fulfilment of workplace needs of staffs. Focus on more initiatives could help the company improve its organizational culture in the future period.    Culture-based initiatives

Figure 3: Culture-based initiatives

Source: (Costigan, Gurbuz & Sigri, 2018)

3.1 Shadow Initiative

It allows staffs to represent their peers for a specified period. Often, business departments have little knowledge regarding what other departments are doing. Therefore, this initiative might provide the Crown Resort’s employees, an opportunity to understanding their colleagues’ roles thereby observe how their positions could work jointly for achieving better results. As argued by Costigan, Gurbuz & Sigri, (2018) this initiative might create competition which could lead to workplace disputes and disrupt the organization’s functions. 

3.2 Employee health Initiative

This initiative might help the organization to focus on the health of the staffs by providing them with organic lunches, organization fitness sessions like yoga for the employees in the office. The company could provide fitness trackers as rewards to encourage the employees to develop sound sleep goals to maintain their health effects. However, it is a cost-consuming process, which could affect the financial performance of the organization’s business.Schein’s model of organizational culture

Figure 4: Schein’s model of organizational culture

Source: (Costigan, Gurbuz & Sigri, 2018)

With regards to use of Schein’s organizational culture model, it could be analyzed that use of appropriate technologies and coding languages could be helpful for the organization to improve communicating and understanding at the workplace (Costigan, Gurbuz & Sigri, 2018). The organization for developing diversity in business provides key programs towards disability training. Furthermore, the establishment of teamwork along with the arrangement of health programs is helpful for the company to develop an inclusive workplace environment, which could support the company to ensure ultimate service excellence and strong corporate governance.

 As stated by Beugelsdijk & Welzel (2018) applying the Hofstede's model in the business could be helpful for the organization to focus on workforce belonging to the different cultural background concerning collectivism, gender, power, risk avoidance and orientation irrespective of short or long-term. The company organizes education and rewards programs for many apprentices across the globe that helps it to manage cross-culture at the workplace (Crown resorts 2020). Furthermore, using the theory is helpful for the company to invite innovative ideas to the business. Development of shadow initiative is helpful for the employees of a different culture to communicate with each other, understand their opinions, ideas thereby develop an environment of diversity and inclusion. 

4.0 Conclusion

In confirmation to the analytical decision made above, it could be concluded that application of relevant theories highlighting culture and performance have helped in analyzing the most effective actions to be taken for implementing the initiatives in business. The Hofstede culture model is helpful for the management of Crown Resorts to focus on cross-culture management by maintaining an environment of diversity and inclusion. The award and recognition status of the company has reflected its successful performance in the competitive market. With respect to it, conclusions can be made that the theories mentioned are helpful for the organization to improve its culture for ensuring sustainable growth in the business. Use of motivation theories is helpful for the organization to identify the needs of the employees and develop a performance initiative accordingly to improve their productivity and motivation. It might help the company to gain strategic targets within a stipulated frame of time.

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