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7ME052 Current Strategy by UK-Based Construction Industry Assessment 2 Answer

Module Title: CPD and Strategic Management

Module Code: 7ME052

Coursework Assignment No: 2

Title:Sustainable Ethical Organisations

Weighting: 60%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assignment, the student should be able to:

  1. Utilise appropriate methodology to forecast future trends and analyse their impact on your industry/specialism worldwide.
  2. In depth preparation and justification of a coherent ethical business and marketing plan for an organisation. 

The Brief

You have gathered as a group who are interested in developing sustainable & ethical organisations.  You can choose any industry/market in your area of interest. You need to research the industry/market currently and decide on future forecasts for the growth of the market and technology to determine what might be the best possible scenario for its future exploitation.  Identify and appraise current market research / forecasting.

You then need to prepare and justify a business strategy.  The strategy should cover the current market and the forces affecting it.  Who are the key players, what technology is being utilised, what strategies are they adopting?  You should use techniques developed earlier in the module.  Your strategy should include forecasts of technological and market development possibilities within an appropriate timescale.

This is a group assignment where you should allocate tasks accordingly. You will be working in groups of 3-5 people.

Marking Criteria

  1. The level and depth of market research and forecasting across an industry / sector.  25%
  2. The quality of argument for sustainability and ethical organisation ideas.  25%
  3. Evaluation of current strategies and the justification and detail of a business strategy.  25%
  4. The report cohesiveness, presentation, layout, citations, references, spelling grammar etc.  25%




Construction is a sector in Britain which has a strong competitive edge. The construction sector of Britain has expertise in the design, architecture and engineering. They have effectively applied different strategies to improve the outcome. this assignment is intended to describe the current strategy followed by UK-based construction industry. After that, this assignment develops strategy from the shortcomings of the existing strategy. This assignment is one of the group assignments. Therefore, for developing the group assignment, we have identified the existing strategy that is following by the government and the construction companies in the UK. For developing an effective business strategy that can help construction companies in the near future, we have developed a better team work. With the help of this teamwork, we have decided various future strategies and discussed it in the assignment.

Evaluation of the current strategies:

For reducing the carbon footprint, increasing the efficiencies of resources and developing a globally competitive economy, three strategic priorities have been selected that can offer sustainable economic growth and improve the lifestyle of the citizens.

Digital design and smart construction:

The utilisation of the technology will be helpful in constantly monitoring the performance and gaining substantial efficiencies in asset management and facilities. The digital design makes it possible in iterating, assessing as well as optimising characteristics and the building configuration which resulted in an inspiring structure which is buildable, sustainable and economical (Lloret et al. 2015). Digital design can exchange information seamlessly which can ensure interdisciplinary collaboration (Yao et al. 2015). Digital design is highly effective in identifying the detection of clash in no time which increases efficiencies.

Smart construction helps enable better decision making in construction (Merschbrock and Munkvold, 2015). Smart construction object can effectively link the modelling of building information with the internet of things that can enable more effective, greener as well as a more effective construction system. Modular homes, as well as prefab homes, have become a new construction-related concept that saves resources and time (Kochovski and Stankovski, 2018). It is possible in developing these types of home with the help of smart construction. Smart construction technique has made 3D printing possible for constructing homes. With the help of smart robotics, contractors have become able to develop homes in hours.

Government and the construction industry have developed a building information modelling program. Therefore, construction technologies are useful technologies for the construction sector. The main issues associated with the digital design and smart construction is making construction assurance, tracking the onsite logistics and handling smart worker equipment more effectively. This technology creates huge data which is difficult to maintain.

Sustainable construction and low carbon emission:

Transition to the low carbon economy creates terrific growth opportunities for the construction industry of the UK. Achieving resource-related efficiencies and dealing with climate change is the main opportunity for sustainable construction. There is a possibility that the global sustainable and green industry can achieve a growth of 22.8%. Sustainable construction can reduce carbon reduction target within 2050. Green homes can also save the energy-related costs which can reduce the fuel bills (Giesekam et al. 2016). Green building costs lesser than the normal building, therefore, sustainable construction can create a better return on investments. Green building is also beneficial for health. Furnishing and building materials such as cleaning products, paints along with the carpets are harmful to human health. Therefore, the utilisation of the sustainable material, in that case, can ensure better health and well-being for people. sustainable buildings utilise water more efficiently because the sustainable building has the technology in recycling the water which protects the scarce resources more effectively (Ye et al. 2015). The sustainable building utilises sustainable material for developing building which increases the protection of the environment and reduces the wastes.

Government has developed a green deal for facilitating consumer protection. The government has offered £540 supports for the household with low income so that they can make their home warm. The green deal initiated by the government has transformed the energy efficiencies which has created billions of pounds private investments for improving millions of draughty homes in the UK. Therefore, sustainable construction is one of the effective techniques that can help the UK construction industry in securing effective growth (Maddalena et al. 2018). However, without proper training among the employees, it is really difficult in applying sustainable construction. 

Improvement in the performance of trade:

There is an opportunity that the global construction market is expected to grow by 4.3% due to the substantial growth opportunity in the emerging markets. Therefore, the construction industry of the UK has the opportunity regarding global trade. The UK-based construction organisation has a reputation regarding engineering, design and architecture (Li et al. 2015). They have also efficiencies regarding the digital design technique. They have also a reputation regarding the collaborative form of the contract. Therefore, there is an opportunity for the UK construction company in doing overseas projects with efficiencies. The high-value opportunity program of UKTI can help the organisation in performing an overseas project which can improve trade. Therefore, it is one of the effective strategies that have helped the UK Construction Company in securing effective growth. Improvement of construction-related trade can reduce the safety of employees which can create difficulties. Detail and justification of a business strategy:

Though the above mention strategies are the winning strategy for the UK construction sector the sector can achieve more efficiency with the help of below-mentioned strategies. 

Using proper analytics:

By making the utilisation of existing information and analysing the data with efficiencies, it is highly important in using appropriate analytics so that it can ensure appropriate decision making. From the designing process to the implementation, the digital design creates a huge amount of data which need to be handled with efficiencies, otherwise, it can create confusion. Data analytics is helpful in those contexts. An effective data analytics is also helpful in tracing as well as tracking the onsite logistics which can optimise an effective flow of equipment as well as materials on the sites. Data analytics is also helpful in harvesting different information regarding indoor and outdoor logistics.

Developing smart worker equipment:

For the improvement of the safety of employees in the workplace, smoother planning, operation and construction is necessary. For ensuring the effective health of the employees, it is important in using proper technologies so that unwanted incidents in the workplace can be avoided. For avoiding accidents in the workplace, smart technology such as sensors, wearable and connectivity must be implemented in creating and integrating it with IoT products. This technology must be implemented among employees in the construction sites. Moreover, employees must be properly trained in using the technology. 

Investments in training:

Training is critical for ensuring efficiencies especially for the project managers of construction sites. For ensuring sustainability standards, selection of sustainable materials and the implementation of the materials in the sites, the project manager must be effectively trained.


The above discussion has concluded the fact that for creating a better future for the society and environment, sustainable construction is highly important. Moreover, utilisation of appropriate technology is highly important so that it can improve the construction. The above-mentioned recommendation helps secure more advantages in the construction industry; therefore, it must be implemented with efficiencies.

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