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5NH027 Discussion on Complex Health Needs of Patients Assessment Answer

5NH027 Assignment brief

Assignment brief

You will engage in a patchwork assessment which comprises of a series of connected patches. 

Each patch will comprise of 500 words, then you will connect the patches with 1000 words stitching together (3000 words total).

The patches will then be connected and submitted on the specified date as one complete assessment.

Use a case study approach to critically analyse an episode of care in which you were involved. 

Identify the roles of the professionals involved and the importance of interprofessional collaboration when prioritising care.

Do not escalate concerns in this assignment that have not already been identified and dealt with.

  • A case study is an episode of practice that you have been involved in or observed.
  • Your assignment will be written in the third person.
  • You will need to draw on all module content 
  • Wide reading will need to be evident, references and evidence to support your critical discussion is crucial 
  • Please ensure that you are familiar with the level 5 descriptors for your academic writing.
Patch one (500 words)Introduction to Hub speciality and case study
  • Here you should include a description of your patient, such as their age, gender, relevant medical history, home and family circumstances. 
  • The case study should give an indication of the current health status of the chosen patient. 

 Discuss the complex health needs of your patient, their families and carers across the lifespan continuum.

Patch two (500 words)Critically examine the evidence based frameworks that underpin your practice.
  • Introduce the frameworks
  • Do they meet the needs of the patient?
  • How up to date are they?
Patch three (500 words)Critically discuss the Principles of Care organisation, leadership and management of your patient.
  • Outline the approach to care (identify nursing models utilised, care pathway or philosophy of care) 
  • Critically analyse this approach and the care given. 
Patch 4 (500 words)Critically discuss the principles of teamwork, decision-making, delegation and conflict resolution
  • Person centred care
  • Family centred care
Stitching of the patches (1000 words).

  • Critically reflect and discuss how working in partnership with other professionals might enhance the impact of care across a range of diverse settings. 
  • In this section you need to critically analyse the care given. 
  • Provide literature and underpinning evidence for the planned assessment, monitoring, on-going management or intervention for the patient should be included.
  • You should identify issues related to inter-professional working and collaboration; i.e. who was/should be involved and why. The role of the specialist health professional should be explored with reference to the local structures.


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