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401372 Project Plan For Issues on Health of Australian Aboriginals Assessment 3 Answer

 The Social Determinants of Health Autumn 2020

Proposal: Project outline

Type of Collaboration:
12 June 2020
Word file
1,500 words
Curriculum Mode:

After reviewing your Policy Brief, policymakers within the Ministry of Health are seriously considering allocating funds in the Federal Budget to action the recommendations outlined in your Brief. The Minister now requires a clear Project Outline (Implementation Plan) for implementing your recommendations.

Your Project Outline must include the following:


  • Background (the health issue)
  • Why identified social determinants need to be prioritised
  • Goals/objectives
  • Alignment with Government and global health agenda

Priority actions (your recommendations)

  • Description of tasks to implement recommendation
  • Responsibility or owner(s) of tasks
  • Timeframes /milestones
  • Metrics to monitor progress
  • Evaluation criteria




1. Introduction

Within a country, different populations face health constraints in different manners. Similarly, individuals from Australian aboriginal groups face different types of constraints related to health and wellbeing. Among these constraints, lack of physical inactivity and lack of nutritional habits are primary. Hence, it has been decided that providing job opportunities to aboriginals can be effective to resolve concerning health issues in a genuine manner.  

The following discussion has involved the strategies to implement a project plan for mitigation of the issues based on social determinants of health of the Australian aboriginals. In this respect, the project theme has been chosen to be focused to provide job opportunities to aboriginals in different fields. 

Project rationale 

The health issue and the concise background

Different surveys have revealed that people from the communities of Australian aboriginals are facing health problems due to lack of inactivity. Along with this, the rate of tobacco consumption is also higher among them. As a result of this, the average lifespan of aboriginals has been decreased at a rate of 8-9% in some years (Australian Institute of Health, 2020). In addition to this, the lack of healthy nutritional foods is also affecting their health status in a negative manner. Therefore, the concerned project is based on providing job opportunities to aboriginal’s health issues in the aboriginal community to improve these aspects.

Needs for prioritization

These social determinants such as managing funds and policies to mitigate these health issues in the aboriginal community need to be prioritized to support the growth of aboriginals and helping them to live in a healthy way. As mentioned by Stenberg et al., (2017), a health project is based on improving health facilities for a specific community along with the proper management of the monetary fund. Similarly, this project for addressing social health determinants of an indigenous population can be based on providing them job opportunities in different big businesses and corporate businesses for healthy living. It can be mentioned that if the social and economic position of the people can be developed.


Developing job opportunities of aboriginal as well as Torres strait islanders’ people 
  • To increase the rate of employment of aboriginals and Torres strait islanders’ people from 5% to 10% within 2022

Supporting parents to lead a healthy life by earning from communities 
  • To reduce the rate of unemployment among men and women in the aboriginals and Torres Strait community from 30% to 5-10% within 2021

Supporting people by making the scopes of job opportunities fair in different fields 
  • To assess general living conditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders and encouraging them to lead a healthy life within the end of 2020

Developing economic sustainability which can be effective to support aboriginal and Torres strait people to earn a healthy livelihood
  • To increase the scopes of employment among the people of aboriginals and Torres strait islanders to enhance the knowledge of environmental sustainability within 2022

Table 1: SMART goals and objectives

(Source: created by author)

Alignment with Government and global health agenda

These objectives can be met by means of adopting Government priorities and sustainable development goals in the process of developing the employment scopes of aboriginal individuals in different corporate and business fields. Australian Government has focused on implementing “Indigenous-money smart” for the people like aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders (Barani, 2020). Besides, following the guidelines of Global economic policy will be effective for assessing economic requirements of the targeted community as well as meeting the needs through making an effective implementation plan (The United Nations, 2020). In this respect, sustainable development goals by the Australian Government will also be considered. It can be mentioned that until or unless an effective link has been made to the implementation of The United Nations sustainable development goals, project objectives can never be properly successful. 

Implementation and evaluation plan 

2. The priority actions 

Range of tasks to make the recommendations successful 

The following discussion has involved specific tasks for meeting project goals in a successful manner. In this respect, it can be mentioned that conducting a community survey will be effective to highlight different social determinants of health such as lack of job opportunities in community. In the views of Bonner, A. (2018), development of health qualities of community people can be initiated by making direct communication with them. As a result of this, the basic functions of this project will be started. Thereafter, the need for economic growth needs to be addressed by the project management team within the concerned community. Therefore, it will help to design the activities based on the required deliverables. Next, the project team can focus on implementing a policy that will be helpful to increase job opportunities for aboriginal communities and Torres Strait islanders. Additionally, the frequent conversation needs to be made with the Ministry of Health for making proper use of the monetary fund. At last, the overall progress of employment within the community needs to be checked based on the fact that if 5% of aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders have got job opportunities in fields or not. 

Responsibilities of the owner 

In case this project goes off track, the owner needs to take effective steps to keep the rate of project progress on track.

Related activities 
Time frame 
Maintain effective communication with stakeholders  
Daily basis conferencing 
Communication with stakeholders through online of face to face discussion daily 
3 days 
Prior identification of risks 
Development of risk matrix (Aven, 2017)
Analysis of the concerned project environment
Alternate one week 
Improving project deliverables 
Managing risks through the risk register
Discussion to apply effective mitigation strategies 
One month 

Table 6: Responsibilities of the owner

(Source: Self-developed)


Formation of project time frames helps to have an idea regarding a tentative date to complete all activities (Thomas, 2017).


Figure 1: Milestones

(Source: created by author)

Risk and mitigation strategies 

In order to handle this project, the owner may face issues based on a range of project risks.

Project risks 
Mitigation strategy 
Responsible body 
Time frame 
Shortage of time to include all of the targeted people in the plan 
Making a plan for each project phase
Project owner and manager 
5 days 
Lack of effective assistant within the team
Supporting with monetary support
The financial manager of the project
Absence of required monetary budget 
Making the budget list and reducing cash flow 
Owner and managers
3 months 

Table 7: Risk mitigation method

(Source: As influenced by Muriana & Vizzini, 2017, p. 322)

Metrics to monitor progress 

The project will be implemented in order to address the economic issue of the Australian aboriginals. In every project, there is a need for supervising the progress of the project as in this way; organizations can implement their project successfully. There are several metrics to measure the project progress such as the return of investment, ‘employees’ satisfaction score, gross profit-margin, cost-variance and others. Among them, it is recommended that they can utilize the ‘gross profit margin’ metrics to evaluate the monetary things of the project as to whether it is being used properly or not. Gross profit margin metrics will be helpful in this case.  Gross profit margin enables to measure the profitability of the project by calculating the gross profit as revenue percentage (Investinganswers, 2020). The Gross profit margin metrics can be used effectively in this project as it will evaluate the spending of the financial resource of this project. Gross profit margin defines the direct cost from earning revenue. Therefore, it will be possible to know the gross profit by deducting the costs of goods that will be used in this project. Gross profit margin calculates the leftover money from the product sales by subtracting the costs of goods sold. In this way, with the help of gross profit margin, the financial health of this project plan can be monitored properly. 

Evaluation criteria 

In order to analyse the project criteria as to where they meet the project requirements or not, the project plan can be implemented properly. Below a table is provided to evaluate the project criteria:

Goal: To develop the scopes of job opportunities of aboriginal people in the Torres strait islanders, supporting the people by giving food and shelter, providing support to lead them healthy life from the earning of communities.
Objective: To increase the rate of employment scopes aboriginals and Torres strait islanders at least 5% in businesses, to assess general living conditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders and encouraging them to lead a healthy life 
Policy: To reserve at least 5% employees in the giant business and corporate business for the self-identified Aboriginal Torres strait islander people in order to improve their health and nutritional factor.
Implementation Plan
Monitoring and evaluation plan
Task description
Key performance indicator
Data Collection methods, frequency and sources
Task 1: To mitigate the issues based on the social determinants of Australian aboriginal people. 
The project management team will work with Aboriginal people and Torress strait islander people. 
Records of the rate of employment improvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia and comparing it with previous records.
Reports from the business organization regarding the Torress strait islander people recruitment will be the source of data collection. Through the website of the organizations, data will be collected.

Table 2: evaluation criteria

(Source: created by author)


This paper has discussed the strategies in order to implement a project plan properly in order to mitigate the employment issue of the Australian aboriginals which may help them to lead a healthy life. A range of tasks is recommended in this paper that could help this project plan to be implemented successfully. However, time management is very important in this project that needs to be maintained in order to complete this project within the given time. Along with that, the recommendation is provided through which it will be possible to measure the progress of this project plan. 

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